My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 69

Standing at the end of the park the water is coming down hard. I swear the bug better be ready tomorrow because I fucking hate this waiting around for other people bullshit.

Just as my hair is at its maximum water retention capacity I spot Josh’s car pulling up over the hill. He barely has time to stop before I rip open the door and throw myself inside. “What kind of fucking time do you call this? I’m so fucking wet.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve realised that about you, stranger.”

Flipping my dripping curls out of my eyes I turn to see the driver is far from my being my favourite queen. Fuck, Steve. How are we going to play this? The last time I saw this guy his fingers were inside me and then he ran off.

He smiles at me and I decide we’ll just pretend it never happened. Ignoring his comment I crank up the heating, my body still shivering from standing in the cold for so long.

I’m suddenly embraced by warmth as Steve lays his leather jacket over my body like a blanket, his own body heat still radiating from the fabric. I pull it up to my chin, rubbing my hands along my arms to try get rid of the goosebumps that cover them.

A single drop of water runs off the tip of my hair and down the back of my neck, my body trembling at the sensation. “Fuck Brie, what were you doing out there in the rain? You’re going to catch pneumonia or something.”

I shake my head. “I’m good, I just need a hot shower or something and I’ll be golden. Where’s Josh?”

He pulls off in the direction of his place. “He’s still unpacking so I said I’d come get you, Aleah’s there too. You sure you want to go there? I can take you home instead?”

The last place I want to be right now is home. May is at the Manor and Granny will be out like a light in an hour, I don’t want to be alone. “No I’m good, I’ll help unpack.” My teeth won’t stop fucking chattering.

He continues on the trip, my head spinning with everything from today and my body quivering despite the heat blowing into my face attempting to dry me.

There’s still water running down my back as we pull into the driveway, my mind and body numb as I step inside the house to be greeted with Josh and Al having a coffee break in the kitchen. Al takes one look at me and knows I’m not right, my eyes threatening to spill tears but I refuse to let them leave, I’m not a crier.

“Brie? What the fuck happened?” She pulls me into her arms, my head landing on her shoulder as she squashes me against her body. I arch to avoid hurting the bump but I can’t help letting myself melt into her hold.

“I did what I always do Al, I fucked up.” My voice weak as I speak directly into her skin.

I feel a hand run down my back soothingly and I know it’s Josh, his touch almost as familiar as Al’s at this point “Fuck Brie, you’re drenched through. Go have a shower and I’ll get you some clean shit to wear.” I nod, looking back at Josh and giving him a gentle smile, Al never removing the hands she has around me. “My stuff is still packed, use Steve’s one.”

Steve nods and gestures for me to follow him, Al finally letting me go. “Is it a coffee or wine talk? Do we need ice-cream?” I love this girl.

“Gin. Definitely gin, maybe whisky.”

She laughs. “We’ll pop to the shop now, have you eaten? Want pizza?”

Nodding I take the hand Steve has extended to me and watch as Josh grabs his keys from the counter, taking him and Al to get me a much needed drink.

Steve’s bedroom is on the ground floor, it’s just as nice as the rest of the house. There’s a modern white leather bed and black gloss furniture, the solid wood floor from the living room extended through here as well. I could’ve decorated this place and it wouldn’t be any nicer, he has good taste.

Standing at the entrance of his bathroom I almost gasp, the shower is bigger than the one Al had at the Manor! A giant waterfall starts streaming from the top shower head and fills the room with steam as Steve digs around in the vanity. “Shit. I threw all Chrissy’s stuff out that she left here or I’d let you use that.”

I smirk. “It’s okay, I’d rather not smell like cheap hooker anyway. Can you help me with this?”

He looks at me struggling to grasp the zip at the top of my dress and tries not to laugh. “Always needing me to get you out of one bind or another huh?” I glare at him and he laughs again, I swear he better not have told Josh about what happened between us. “Turn around.”

Holding my hair up I feel Steve grasp the zip, his other hand resting against my hip as he pulls the zip down slowly. I expected him to stop at the point I could reach it but he doesn’t, instead continuing to follow the trail all the way to the bottom and exposing the top of my underwear.

I let my hair fall, the steam filling the room creating a barrier in my vision as I stand in front of the mirror. I can’t see Steve’s face in the reflection but I know he’s still standing close.

His breath tickles my shoulder as he talks. “Did he hurt you?”

I shake my head. “No, I hurt him... Look, what happened between us Steve... I shouldn’t have let you do that. I’m sorry I put you in that position.”

His hand slides up from my hip, delicately grazing against the skin of my exposed back. He takes a deep breath, letting it out again against me and sending the shivers to run over my body. “I’m not.”

Before I have a chance to react he steps out of the bathroom, letting the door pull shut behind him.



This shower is so fucking good. I can’t stop playing with all the jets, each one powering on and hitting my sore muscles. I use the products that are in here and they all smell of Steve, a mixture of citrus and peppermint that energises me as I soak it through my curls.

There’s a knock at the door but before I have a chance to answer it swings open, revealing Aleah, holding the giant bag of chips that seem to accompany her everywhere at the moment. “Bitch I know you have a lot of hair but you’ve been in there forever!”

“It’s the jets! I swear if I lived here I’d never leave this thing, look there’s even one right here that if I point it in the right direction I can get it to hit me right in the clit!”

She rolls her eyes at me, shovelling more chips into her face before handing me the towel as I knock off the water.

I feel more human now, the hot water eliminating the chill so finally I can breathe again without shaking.

Sitting down on the end of the bed I see a large black t-shirt and basketball shorts folded and waiting for me. “Steve left those for you, Josh said you could have some of his stuff but he was pretty insistent.”

I couldn’t help the small smile that made its way to my lips, I always like stealing guys clothes. The only hoodies I own come from guys stupid enough to let me wear them home. When will dudes learn that if you lend a girl a hoodie you ain’t getting it back? They’re too damn comfy!

Al sits behind me and starts combing through the nest on my head, Josh stepping into the room quickly to say the pizza is on the way. I’m so lucky to have them, they don’t even know what’s happened yet they’re being like this. I could’ve killed someone for all they care, they just want to be here for me.

I slip the t-shirt over my head and attempt to wear the basketball shorts. They’re bloody massive but I pull them tight and luckily I have an ass bigger than the empire state building to keep them up too.

Al sniffs me. “You smell like you’ve been living inside Steve for a week... Oh shit! Is the first time you guys have seen each other since he-”

I slam my hand over her mouth, glancing back at the slightly ajar door. “Al! Josh is literally right out there! Yes, but we’re good. I think we’re just going to do the ‘it never happened’ thing... although he said he didn’t regret it...”

Her jaw falls open under my hand. “whaydsbnsj?”

What the? Oh yeah. I remove my hand from her mouth and she smiles before speaking again. “He doesn’t?... Josh said he asked about how things were between you and Connor the other day...”

She just had to mention his name...

Falling back on the bed I close my eyes, trying to stop myself trickling back into the darkness. “I need a drink.”
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