My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 7

Ten minutes later and I’m finally done. Most of what used to make up Helena’s outfit now sits on the sidewalk as she stands in her jeans cut down to sexy little hot pants, the baggy t-shirt now a tied up crop top and my heels that she’s already complaining are ruining her feet. Kallie had to remind me I couldn’t keep telling people I’d only just met to suck it up.

I pulled her hair out of the up tight ponytail she had it in and backcombed it to death, now she was ready to actually be seen in a club.

“Damn girl! You actually got shape under that! Come on, I’ll do your make up on the way.”

Woods was the only place I could actually stand around here. Most of the clubs on the lower side were only good for picking up hot gang banger wannabes and most of the places on the top side had wines I couldn’t pronounce never mind afford.

This was neutral ground.

Justin, my bouncer friend, was at the door when I got there, eye fucking me long before I got to him. He was a fun guy and we’d been fooling around since high school but lately he seemed a bit more committed to that girl of his so I hadn’t actually seen him in a while.

He knelt down into my ear as we walked straight in, missing the queue entirely and getting evil looks from every freezing girl outside. Haters gonna hate bitches.

“You look unbelievable, as always... Fiona’s away this weekend...” He lets out breathlessly before placing a tiny kiss on my jaw.

Well. It’s always good to know I have the back up plan good to go if there’s nothing better inside.

“Easy tiger, I haven’t even tried to get my claws into any other pray yet.” I cup him gently through his jeans, honestly I couldn’t give a fuck who saw and I know he doesn’t either. “Sure you can still handle me? I thought you had been tamed?”

He smirked, darting his eyes from mine to my hand on his crotch and back again. “Brie baby, there’s not a woman on earth that could tame me enough to keep me away from you looking like you do tonight...”

Yeah, I looked damn fine so I couldn’t really blame the guy. I leaned up to kiss his cheek and end our little front door banter.

Helena shuffled in nervously behind me, talking to Kallie. “Is she always like that?”

Josh rolled his eyes. “You get used to it.”

The bar was packed but as always when I entered a room, they cleared a path for me. “Shots! Now!”

So five drinks, two hours and one punch to some numb nuts dick who tried to grab Kallie’s ass later and I was actually having a really good night.

Helena had been quiet to start off with but get a few shots in that girl and she became a whole different person. She was currently whipping her long obsidian hair whilst I taught her how to rock that body of hers, completely unaware of the following she was gaining for herself.

I’d avoided the topic of Christopher but through her rather drunken state I’d learnt they’d been practically dating for over eighteen months and had what I’d consider very vanilla sex but she seemed extremely satisfied with the situation.

Kal and Josh were deep in conversation about some college shit I didn’t understand but they were smiling and drinking so as long as they were happy they could be speaking Klingon for all I care.

The dance floor was still full for a weekday but there must be a pussy convention in town because everywhere I looked were chick’s. All buns no hot dogs tonight.

“I think I need some water...” Helena slurred holding onto me to stay upright, poor thing had only had four shots but I guess not everyone has been building their tolerance from thirteen like me.

I pull her back to the table and lean her against Kallie’s sympathetic shoulder, who started stroking her hair like the little mother hen she always is. Why did Drew let her go? She was beautiful, funny and from what I understand a complete freak in the sheets. Most guys would kill for that, something still didn’t sit right about the whole thing with me.

Walking up to the bar I’m greeted by the cute barmaid. “What’ll it be gorgeous?” Her short pixie cut slightly spiked at the back and the rainbow flag pendent hanging from her necklace showing she probably batted for team Josh.

My lips curled up in a smirk. “Water and a shot of whatever you recommend beautiful.”

Her gaze fell down my body and I made sure to arch my back enough she could get the full view. What? It wouldn’t be the first time I’d decided it wasn’t a night to play it straight.

She turns and makes me a sunset looking shot before placing it on the bar in front of me. “On the house for you.”

“Jesus Christ Brie, leave the poor girl alone. She isn’t anywhere near aware of what she’s getting herself in for with you, isn’t having every guy in here looking at you enough?” Josh asks, taking my shot from the bar and downing it himself.

“Okay first – rude! Second, she’s cute and unlike you I’m not afraid to play the hand I’m dealt.”

His face falls from its smile. Shit I shouldn’t have said that. “Josh I-”

“It’s okay, I just... I just can’t get there, I want to but every time I try it’s like I feel like I’m cheating on him some how... There’s a part of me that still expects him to walk through the door like nothing happened and it was all a bad dream Brie... Pathetic I know.”

Harley. I’d be lying if I said I still didn’t sometimes expect to see his bouncy little face come bounding up to me and filling me with that contagious energy too.

“Not pathetic at all hon. I miss him. I miss him so much I can’t even think about it... I don’t know how you’ve survived this Josh but you have. He’d be so proud of you.”

Placing my hand on top of the one Josh has on the bar we just sit for a moment in silence, the way we always did when we talked about our lost light.

Harley was special but so is Josh. This boy has grown from egocentric narcissist to compassionate prince. He held Al together when her whole world fell apart, he embraced all of my crazy and always turns up whenever any of us need him. He deserves happiness and a life alone is not what Harley would’ve wanted for him.

“Do you want to go? You can crash at mine and I’ll watch that stupid sports centre shit you like so much? I’m pretty sure Helena’s on her last legs anyway.” I glance over at where Kallie is holding the poor girl up as she talks loudly about her hot sort of boyfriend.

“I’m good. Honest, but maybe we should get her back though?”

I sit down next to Helena and giggle as her drunken ass can barely form a coherent sentence. “My mum... I can’t go there... Christopher... I want Christopher...”

Kallie pulls Helena’s phone out of her bag and I have one of the most awkward conversations of my life as I explain to the future billionaire how I, the girl who caught him fucking the maid yesterday, now need him to come pick up that same very drunk nineteen year old sorta-girlfriend.

I manage to sober her enough to the point she can actually stand when he pulls up outside, looking completely conspicuous in this part of town being driven in a chauffeured limo.

He steps out and his eyes completely run over Helena as she leans against me, the poor things eyes nearly falling out of his head as he takes in the complete hotness of his woman.

She spots him and runs, throwing her arms around his neck as he catches her. “Do you like my outfit?”

He smirks, letting his hands run down her back and over her ass. “You look incredible.” His eyes flash to mine as I step forward and pass him her handbag. “Thank you for taking care of her, she needed this... and for your discretion the other day. It’s much appreciated.”

His features are soft and as he holds Helena to his chest and pushes her hair back behind her ear, I can see there’s a genuine care there between them. “You’re welcome but if you want my opinion... a girl like that shouldn’t be hidden away.”

He looks back at Helena who is gently falling asleep standing up against him with a smile filled with adoration. “Trust me, I know.”

Nodding towards me he slips Helena up into his arms and lowers her into the back seat before taking off.

I just know that poor girl is going to get her heartbroken there isn’t she?

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