My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 70


All three of them haven’t stopped staring at me since I started the story, I’d kept Steve’s knowledge of the events secret so he wouldn’t get into trouble at Paradise but otherwise I thought it was best just to tell them everything. “I know, it’s bad.”

Steve shakes his head. “Brie there’s no way you could’ve known who she was.” Josh and Al both nod as I down another glass of whatever cheap ass drink this is.

“I know. He was just so hurt. Now he’s saying that if he can get over this he wants us to be together but... I’m just not sure I’m ready for that. I’m not sure I ever will be. You know me Al, is settling down actually something you can see me doing?”

She takes a swig of her orange juice before answering me. “I think you deserve someone who will love you babe, I think that person is definitely out there. I know that when you find them... you’ll want to settle. It’s not fair of him to try to use this to pressure you into something before you’re ready though, you shouldn’t be with someone out of guilt.”

I don’t think that’s how Connor meant it but I can see why she would see it that way. “It doesn’t matter right now anyway, I’ve got so much work over the next two weeks I wouldn’t have had anytime for him. It’s probably best we’re apart until my head isn’t so full of engagement party crap, maybe then I’ll know what I want... Fuck okay, this is too heavy. Drinking game? Where’s Kal?”

Steve wonders off to the kitchen whilst Josh checks his phone. “She said she’d see if she can get here later, think she’s got her bro until her Dad gets back. She said she needs to talk to us all about something as well, and that I’m to keep you from freaking out.”

Me? Freak out? Never.

Steve returns to the room with a tray full of shots and a bottle of water for Al. “Want to play ‘I have never’?”

Oh crap. I hate this game. There isn’t a lot of shit I haven’t done so I always end up taking more shots than anyone else.

Al giggles as she sets up a line of shot glasses and fills them with water for herself, poor little preggers. Bet she’s going to love this though, she’s such a gossip whore.

Everybody grabs a glass and we all look at Steve to start, this was his idea after all. He rolls his eyes. “Fine, fuck. Okay... I have never... cheated on an exam.” What kind of boring ass question is that?

Downing my shot quickly I notice Josh doing the same thing, Aleah looking slightly appalled to find out Josh isn’t a goody two shoes like her.

I grab another shot and smirk as I stare at Aleah. “I have never had sex on Josh’s parent’s boat.”

Al’s face turns beetroot red and I know she wants to throw her shot at me so bad right now. As she swallows the shot both me and Steve burst out into laughter as Josh can’t quite bring himself to look at her. “I knew I should’ve never given Jayce the fucking keys!”

We all giggle as Josh grabs his shot for his turn. “I have never had a sexual fantasy involving the Lucky Charms leprechaun.”

Al starts slapping him repeatedly and I almost fall onto the floor in a fit of giggles. “I told you that in confidence! Is this pick on Aleah day?! Fuck fine... I have never... had a sex dream about someone in this room.”

Oh I’m going to kill her.

Placing the shot to my mouth I lock eyes with Steve, a gentle smirk on his lips as he swallows his own shot at the same time. The strong alcohol burns my throat on the way down but it’s kind of warming as it hits my stomach. The buzz left behind makes me giddy... or maybe that’s just the thought of Steve dreaming about me.

Josh and Aleah were in too much of a heated debate about the sexiest breakfast cereal character for them to actually notice mine and Steve’s little confession.

Steve grabs his phone out of his pocket and I feel mine buzz in my shorts.

‘Was I good?’

I smirk, not making eye contact before messaging back.

‘Who says it was you? Josh was pretty hot back in the day...’

He reads the message, the smile curling up on his lips.

‘I guess it was his name you meant to be moaning while I was inside you then?’

Fuck... I don’t get a chance to respond before another message comes through.

‘Do you always get that wet when you cum?’

Shit. Is he sexting me right now? While we’re in the same room as Josh and Al? It’s so... hot.

‘Careful... I’m still in your clothes without any underwear... keep reminding me of that night and we’re going to have a situation where I need to borrow fresh ones.’

I look up to see his head fall back against the couch across from me, a grin so wide on his face I can see the dimples deep in his cheeks. I’ve missed being around someone like him, someone fun who doesn’t take the world too seriously.

‘I may never wash those clothes again now.’

I chuckle, drawing the attention of my warring friends back to me. Al picks up another shot and gets ready for her next statement so I send a final message to Steve and try not to laugh as he reads it.

‘You’ll have to get them off me first’

“Oh I know! I have never... taken it up the ass.”

Grabbing another shot and downing it I settle myself in for what’s looking to be a fucking good night.
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