My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 71

Note to self – Never ever get into a drinking competition with Steve the night before work EVER again.

I was supposed to pick up the bug this morning but considering I woke up an hour ago on Josh’s bathroom floor after sleeping with my head down the toilet all night, Al didn’t think it was the best idea I drove.

Steve wasn’t much better, him and Josh were still passed out together on the couch when we left. Although me and Al did get some super cute photos of them both having a cuddle before we snuck out.

I was on my third coffee and I still felt like I could die at any moment, little miss slut-face was enjoying my miserable state far to much as she sat behind her desk grinning every time I gagged on my drink.

Al had to go meet her Dad to take him to see the house they’re thinking of buying, Jayce loved it as much as she did – or maybe because she did. They’re going to put in an offer if it passes the Cole test and I’m buzzing to possibly have them moving in so close.

I check my phone again for the hundredth time today but there’s still nothing from Connor, not that I can blame him. I’ve come to the conclusion we might never be able to fix this, and maybe we’re not supposed too. I really like Connor, I’ve just never been able to shift this feeling that I’m not what he needs. This could’ve been the sign that it’s just... that I’m not... that I’m not good enough for him.

I’ve never been insecure in who I am, but right now I just don’t see what I have to offer him.

“Brianna, do you have those spreadsheets? The bill from the caterer isn’t coming to what it should.”

I dig into the folder whilst Sonya snaps her fingers at me repeatedly to hurry up, my hung over state is making it harder to take her shit today. She’s not been right lately, her usual bitchy attitude is still there but there’s been something distracting her too. I’ve not missed how often she’s been shutting her door to talk in private or how she keeps disappearing.

If she wasn’t still so angry at the world I’d think she has a man finally, but there’s no way a woman getting laid would still be this frustrated.

She doesn’t acknowledge me as she snatches the chart from my hand before slamming the door of her office once more.

Does she have to be so fucking loud?!

The elevator at the end of the hall opens and I spot a familiar face smiling out at me, waving her to walk through, she scans around the office in awe. “Helena, what are you doing here?” She looks so cute in her jeans and little white off the shoulder top, I’d gotten so used to seeing her in her maid gear I’d forgotten she had a life outside that place.

As she steps closer I realise she’s carrying a large folder. “Clarisse needed these brought here, she asked one of the other girls to do it but it’s her Dad’s birthday so I said I’d drop them off. This place is incredible!”

Scanning the office I guess she’s right, I’ve been here so much lately I’d lost sight of how beautiful this place really is. The first time I sat at this desk I couldn’t believe it, I never thought a girl like me would be working out of a high rise in the best part of the county. Even sitting here now I can see the whole town through the floor length windows. I’m in a different world from anything I could’ve ever imagined growing up.

“Yeah it is. I’ve got my lunch break in five if you’ve got time? The coffee at the place on the corner isn’t bad.”

She smiles and takes a seat on the couch in reception, flicking through one of the magazines as I finish up with the emails I was just sending.

I buzz Sonya to say I’m going for lunch but she doesn’t say anything, hitting the reply button twice and filling the air with the sound of static as her version of a response.

No tits gives me a fake smile and I shove my middle finger up at her as I walk away. Helena doesn’t see me coming, too engrossed in her copy of... Modern Bride? “Something you need to tell me there babe?”

Her attention floats from my eyes to my glare on the cover of the magazine, her cheeks going the cutest shade of pink despite her chocolate skin tone.

She shakes her head nervously. “Not really.” Oh, that means there definitely is.

Linking my arm with hers we make our way to the coffee shop for some liquid gold and some over priced pastries. We pick one of the tables at the back, avoiding the abundance of unemployed hipsters typing away some nonsense onto the blog they think is important but we all know no one but their mum reads.

I inhale half the rocky road brownie before I say a word, Helena’s little glowing face making me smile involuntarily. “Okay bitch, spill. What’s got you all happy?”

She quickly scans the room before shuffling closer to me and talking in a hushed whisper. “Christopher is telling everyone about us.”

“Shut the fuck up!” The whole room turns to face us at my unintentional scream and Helena sinks into her chair to avoid their gaze. “Shit, sorry. About fucking time though. What happened? Is he doing it now?”

She shakes her head. “He said that he just can’t do it like this anymore, he wants us to be together. Something about us not being old and grey when we’re still sneaking into closets for a moment alone together.” Damn, the boy listened. “He’s got a friend from boarding school that started a business a few years ago and Christopher invested in it, it’s really taking off now so he wants Chris to go in with him full time. It’s his way out from under his Mum. There would be nothing holding him to this place, we said we’ll wait until the day after the engagement party when they’re having the after party lunch to tell everyone.”

Well damn, I didn’t give this boy enough credit. “Babe, are you sure this is what you want? It might not be easy for you guys, Clarisse isn’t going to let him go without a fight.”

She nods and smiles. “Positive, he’s all I want. He’s hired a private investigator to track down his ex-wife so he can get the divorce through quickly as soon as they find out too. He says... he says he wants to marry me.”

Oh bless her heart, I can practically see the veil around her perfect black curls now. “I’m so happy for you babe. He’s really going to put you first, finally. Have you told your Mum?”

“Not yet. Since what happened with my sister she’s been so protective, not wanting to let me go or risk me getting hurt. I know she’ll be happy when she meets him, he’s so amazing how could she not fall in love with him?”

Well I have to admit that short of anyone in the Mafia, Christopher is definitely the most charming guy I’ve met in that house. “Of course she’ll love him babe, he loves you and wants you be with you. That’s all Mums want for their kids, to be with someone who cares about them.”

We finish our coffees, keeping the chat light. It’s times like these, very rare times, when I wish I had a mother of my own. I love Granny but she grew up in a different generation, it’s impossible to talk to her about these things. If Heather was still here I know she’d tell me what to do, she’d probably give me a speech about following my heart or living my truth – some crap like that. I’d pretend it meant nothing but later that night her words would run around and around in my head until the world made sense again.

Unfortunately I got a deadbeat nothing who’s rotting away in a cell somewhere after pimping me out. Do people still seriously wonder why I’m damaged?
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