My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 73

I hate this day. Even Sonya is giving me a wide berth. I’ve had messages from everyone to make sure I’m still okay, Al even called to say Josh couldn’t even make it into work so he’s with her attacking the wallpaper at the new house to keep busy.

Last year me and Al stayed in bed with him all day, he cried nonstop and refused to eat. He’s so strong most of the time but on this one day he allows himself to feel every inch of it, all the pain and all the hurt. For a single day he lets the loss take over his entire being. It’s hard to watch.

I was just packing up my stuff to leave when my phone started ringing, Clarisse blowing up my screen. I swear if this bitch wasn’t the reason I was going to be able to pay for May’s college I’d ignore it. “Hello Clarisse.”

Her overly sweet voice responds but it’s sharp. “Brianna, I need you to come here now. I’ve just checked over the table plan and it’s a mess. I’m very unhappy to have to do this, I hire professionals so I don’t have to worry about these kind of things.”

What is she talking about? She checked it a week ago and said it was fine. “I’m so sorry Clarisse, I’m not actually working this afternoon but I’ll be happy to come by first thing in the morning and look at everything again.”

I can practically hear the shock on her face. “The morning?! THE MORNING! That is completely unacceptable, I want you here immediately or you can all kiss goodbye to this job!” She hangs up before I have any chance to respond and I find myself hurling my phone across the room. I don’t need this shit today!

Queen of the flat chest jumps out if her skin as my phone shatters to pieces against the wall. Thank fuck Sonya isn’t here because she’d have my head. For fucks sake! Why did I do that?

I collapse down onto my chair and grip my hair in my hands, pulling at the roots as I try to breathe myself back into a state of calm. Checking my watch it’s only two, the memorial isn’t until six but I wanted to be with Josh first.

Fuck! Is she doing this on purpose?!

Hearing rustling around me I look up to see Miss perfect picking up the shattered pieces of my phone, taking them with her to her desk and pulling something out if her bottom drawer. “I don’t think you’re going to be able to fix it. Or do you just want the evidence so you can use it against me, getting me out of the way to make room so you can shove your tongue even further up Sonya’s ass?”

She doesn’t respond, removing the sim card from the old phone and shoving it into a new one before walking over and dumping it on my desk. I look at it in shock. “What, you just keep a stack of brand new iPhones around the place?”

She smirks. “Have to, Sonya is a clumsy drunk. I’ll need that one back before her next drunken trip but you should be good for a few days until you can get a new one.”

Okay, did someone replace this bitch with a clone or something? Because she’s never shown this kind of compassion before.

Shoving the phone into my bag I finish packing up, ready to go face the mansion and see what that rich cunts problem is. “Thanks.”

She nods. “It’s okay, today is a hard one for everybody.”

I freeze. She knows? “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

The girl doesn’t take her eyes off her laptop but I see the tension in her shoulders. “It’s just... with the anniversary and stuff. I know you were there and that you lost friends. Just don’t make a big deal out of it, I still can’t stand you.”

I throw my bag over my shoulder and walk to her desk, pushing her laptop closed and forcing her to face me. “How the fuck did you know I was there?”

She falls back in her chair, crossing her arms over her non-existent chest. “My cousin went to school there. She actually told me about you, and your friend Aleah, years ago. She... She was difficult but she was a good person... She didn’t make it out that night.”

Standing back I let my eyes run over her, then it finally hits me. The cheap blonde extensions, overdone tan and preppy little attitude. “You’re Brittany’s cousin.”

She nods. “The one and only. I know you guys hated each other, that you and your friend jumped her in the toilets for no good reason. She was a nightmare most of the time don’t get me wrong, she actually bullied me so much growing up... but she didn’t deserve to die like that. She had reasons for being the way she was.”

I may not have liked Brittany but I wouldn’t have wanted her to go out like that. “I’m sorry, for your loss. No one deserved to lose their life that night, not even her.”

Leaning back her lips curve ever so slightly before returning to their usual placement of a firm line. “Thanks. Now fuck off, your cheap perfume is making me want to vomit.”

Seriously can’t believe I didn’t guess those two were related earlier.


I’ve been sitting in this mansion for two fucking hours and Clarisse still hasn’t been in. There is fuck all wrong with this seating plan so why am I here?

Helena has the day off, obviously with everything today must bring up for her she wants to be at home with her Mum. I told her to find me at the memorial later.

I’m not staying here all night, I don’t even want to be here now. Fuck it, let her fucking fire me.

Throwing everything back into my bag I make for the door, just to have it swing open on my face as Clarisse steps in. She’s dressed much more provocatively than usual, her tits pushed up to her chin in a dress that’s, quite frankly, something I would buy if I could afford it. “You weren’t leaving were you Brianna? You know we have work to do.”

Bite me bitch. “I’m sorry Clarisse, as I informed you earlier I have somewhere I have to be tonight. I will be back first thing in the morning to correct whatever mistakes you’ve found.”

She smirks. “No. You will fix them now. I don’t care if it takes you all night, you are not leaving this place until I’m satisfied.”

Walking over to the display board that shows the table plan, she stares at it for a moment before digging her nails into the card and starting to rip off the place names, tearing them to pieces as she goes.

“No! Clarisse please don’t-”

She ignores me completely as she continues to tear through the plans, ripping to pieces work it will take me hours to recreate. “Wrong! Wrong! All wrong!” Her screams only serve to spill over my already bubbling anger, my body shaking as the floor becomes coated in a confetti of torn card.

There’s a smug smirk on her face as she looks at the plan she’s destroyed. The tattered pieces enough to make me want to scream. “There we go, a clean slate. I want to see the new one before I go to sleep, I suggest you get to work quickly.”

Like hell. “Fuck you.”

She spins on her heel, facing me through eyes seething with fury as she stares me up and down. “I’m sorry Brianna, I must have misheard you. What was that?”

You can’t lose this job Brianna. You lose this and Granny is back to food shopping in the church donation cupboard... “Nothing Clarisse. I’ll get started right away.”

My voice breaks slightly despite my attempts to keep it strong and I see the pleasure on her face when it does. “That’s what I thought. It would serve you well to remember your place here Brianna. Now be a good girl and get it done right this time.”

I grip the edge of the desk, letting my nails dig into the wood so hard I wouldn’t be surprised to pull them back and see blood. “Yes Clarisse.”

She saunters back towards the door, her hips swaying in victory and all I can imagine is me taking her by her scraggy ponytail and launching her through the fucking window.

My body breaks just as she steps through, my knees feeling weak as I fall to the floor, letting myself wallow in pain for a few minutes before I start picking up the pieces. I have another copy on file but it was saved to the phone I just smashed to pieces so it’s no good to me here.

I was so distracted I hadn’t noticed the door was still open, or that somebody had stepped through it until his scent hit me. Antonio crouches in front of me, taking some of the crumpled pieces of paper and placing them into his large palm. “Amore, why are you here? Why did you do this?”

Sniggering I can’t even bring myself to look at him. “Ask your fucking soon-to-be wife.”

He scans the floor, his eyes growing with fire as he realises the scene before him was not if my making. “Clarisse made you come here tonight? But she knows tonight is... Helena told us... You may leave Brianna.”

I scoff, shoving what’s left if the torn card into the pile on my desk. “No I can’t, I need this job Antonio. It’s fine, I’ll get it done.”

Standing up I feel the pain wash over me again, I promised I’d be there. Reaching to grab my phone to call Josh and apologise my hand is snatched back until it is placed firmly in Antonio’s. “You will not lose this job Amore, I shall see to that. I know today... it is a difficult day for you. Leave and be with your family, I shall take care of Clarisse.”

I hesitate, my eyes scanning from Antonio to the door and back again. We’d spoken that night he took me for food about Harley, only briefly. He knew he was lost at the shooting and considering it’s the anniversary it’s all that’s been over the local news today.

If he can get me out of here, I’ll take it. It’s the least he owes me. Leaning forward I place a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.” As I attempt to pull back his hand reaches up to the back of my neck, holding my forehead to his for a moment.

Antonio has never been this gentle with me, his touch is so soothing. Today I have been more stressed than I’ve felt in years bit right here in his hold I have never been more contented or relaxed.

Eventually he lets me go, his touch holding against my skin until he is forced to cease it. I take a final look at him, letting the air that’s filled with his musky scent hit the back of my throat in a deep breath before leaving.

Scurrying down the stairs I fumble trying to find my keys and am so preoccupied I miss the figure standing at the bottom entirely until I walk straight into her. She stumbles back but doesn’t lose her composure for a second. “Finished already Brianna? I find that hard to believe.”

Fuck you Clarisse. Standing tall I refuse to cower before this woman. “Mr Romano has excused me for the evening Clarisse, I will be back in the morning.”

Her eyes shoot wide at my tone but she doesn’t actually seem surprised, like she was expecting this. “You do not work for Mr Romano little girl, the name on the contract is Vanderbilt, remember that.”

“Let her go Clarisse.” Antonio’s thick Italian accent comes from behind me, his towering form next to me in an instant. I’ve never heard his tone this vicious, almost as vicious as the look he’s giving his future bride. There’s definitely more going on here but I don’t have time for it.

Clarisse’s lips curl up into something reflecting a dangerous predator, I can almost see her gums as she snarls at me. “So it is her.”

What’s me? She reaches out her hand like she’s getting ready to snatch hold of my head but she doesn’t get the chance before Antonio has her gripped firmly by the jaw. He walks slowly, keeping her in his grasp until she is held up against the wall, his fingers digging so hard into her flesh I know she’s going to end up with bruises on her face.

Looking at Antonio she’s seething, her body standing on her toes just to have a part of her still touching the floor. She’s not afraid of him but I can’t imagine why not, I fucking am. His eyes don’t waver from her own as they stare off in a battle of wills before he talks again. “You may leave Brianna.”

I don’t hesitate this time, pulling open the door quicker than my racing heart and diving out into the early evening air. Just as I pull the door closed behind me I catch him speak once more.

“There is a monster in your bed Clarisse, do not ever forget that.”

Slamming the door closed I race to my car, my heart still hammering in my chest as I’m locking the doors and getting the hell out of here, before I’m pulled back into their nightmare.
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