My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 74


“There is a monster in your bed Clarisse, do not ever forget that.” Of course she shows no fear, it is what I like and loathe most about Clarisse. She knows who I am, where I come from, and yet it does nothing to instil fear into someone like her. She may be the only person I’ve ever met with a soul darker than my own.

“I just had to prove it. She’s the one isn’t she? The one that broke you.” Her voice barely audible as I hold her jaw in place, not letting her open her mouth enough to spew her bile. “You talk more openly when you’re drunk Antonio, you told me all about her.”

An unfortunate truth, one that has got me in trouble many times.

Loosening my grip I let her support her own weight, she tries to keep her stoic appearance but we both know she will crumble when I leave her, I’m sure her jaw is pained already. I cannot have her use Brianna in her game of merciless satisfaction, taking her shoulder I force them back against the door before I slam my lips into hers, holding her in place as I explore her mouth.

Clarisse is a beautiful woman, when father first informed me of my duties here I was pleased that I would at least be tying myself to a handsome creature of blackness. Now as I look at her I see nothing but the evil in her eyes, yet here I am.

Plunging my tongue deep into her mouth I feel her resistance melt, Clarisse’s first husband did not know how to satisfy a woman and I’ve found she is much more susceptible to my will when I treat her this way.

Pulling back I look deep into her eyes, her lips still pleading for my touch before I run my tongue up her neck until I reach her earlobe, sucking it into my mouth and biting down gently until she releases a moan. “If you wanted my attention Clarisse, you did not need to involve the help. I am here for you bella, no one else.”

Her legs part as I slide my hand up under her dress, moving the material up roughly to her hips and exposing her to me. She’s changed the way she’s been dressing lately and I know why, although if she thinks she could ever be a replacement for Brianna she is sorely mistaken... Time to do that thing she likes...

Taking hold of her underwear I pull it down sharply until it lands around her ankles, my fingers sliding between her wet folds as I start to circle her bundle of nerves. Touching her does nothing for me anymore, not since I saw Brianna again. I can’t even fuck Clarisse without picturing my Amore’s face in her place, the way her eyes roll back and her body arches is something that unfortunately cannot be replicated. Making Brianna cum is like looking at an expensive masterpiece in a museum, you just can’t stop watching her.

It doesn’t take long for Clarisse to start moaning, her legs shaking as I hold her against the front door. Taking her clit between my fingers I pinch it in a very uncivilised manor. She yelps as the pleasure mixes with the pain and becomes her undoing, I figured out quite early on in this relationship that she was a woman that likes it rough.

I barely let the orgasm run it’s course before slamming two fingers into her, not caring when I feel her still so tight from the first orgasm. I don’t build, instead slamming into her again and again until she becomes a screaming mess. I can hear the staff scurrying to hide away in the kitchen, the last time she caught one of them looking at us like this she fired so many they’d learn never to do it again.

That revolting son of hers is here somewhere and I hope he can hear everything I’m doing to his mother. “Fuck me Antonio...” There it is, exactly what I was hoping for. I fill her with my fingers one more time, stroking at the spot inside her that makes her scream before tearing myself from her body and stepping back.

It takes her a moment to realise I’m not coming back to finish the job, leaving her on the edge of euphoria as I make my way back up the stairs to my office.

Clarisse hates to be embarrassed, she hates to lose control. This is the ultimate punishment for her. Well, at least a punishment a part of her wouldn’t enjoy. Her eyes glance open and stare back at me, my face not hiding my satisfaction with the smirk I know she hates.

She tries to compose herself but her legs are wobbling so much she’s hardly able to keep herself on her feet. I watch amused as she regains her underwear and attempts to straighten out her skirt. “You will regret that Antonio. You are not the only monster here.”

As I am fully aware bellissima. “Leave her be Clarisse, or you’ll regret it.”

Walking straight to the bathroom off my office I cleanse my hands of her scent, had this been from Brianna I would consider licking them clean. I’d been so distracted I hadn’t noticed my brother laying down on my couch when I walked in.

“Finished so soon fratello? It seemed you left your future bride unsatisfied.” I smirk, pouring two glasses of whisky and handing him one before sinking myself into the large leather chair behind my desk.

“She needed to be reminded of who I am, of her place here. I will not let her use the people I care about against me.” Especially not her...

Jordano chuckles. “Am I starting to see the old you come back out there Uccisore? I’ve missed him.”

I shall never be him again. “Old habits, I don’t think father would be disappointed should I return to those ways though. It took him five years to find a use for me again after I stopped being his soldier.”

My father was not an easy man, his expectations of his sons too much for any one man to bare. I’d only recently returned to his good graces, I fit the role he needed here with Clarisse perfectly so he ‘saved’ me from my life as a whore.

“Brother, I don’t believe that played as much of a role as you fucking the daughters of all his rivals did. You were never good at controlling yourself around beautiful women...”

Another unfortunate truth. Women have always been my downfall, I love them all so passionately but often as quickly as it comes it disappears again... until her.

Brianna. Her name rolling off my tongue almost tasting more perfect than her cum. Never have I met a woman like her before or since, she is so pure in her adoration of the people she loves. It makes her different to all other women, her affections are without limit.

The night I first saw her I couldn’t believe my eyes. Never before had I seen someone so beautiful, so encompassed I’m energy. I had been given her background but the story didn’t match the woman in front of me, I had no reason to distrust the information I’d been given but looking back at it now it’s so obvious that she was not what I had been told.

It was supposed to be a job, nothing more. Her body to be mine for a fee just like so many women before her, yet it was not all I wanted. I found myself craving her company, craving her touch. I tried to keep it professional but I just couldn’t stay away.

The night I made love to her I lost all control, I couldn’t stop. Hour after hour I found myself needing more, needing to be inside her again and again. Her body was made for me, it had restraint that I enjoyed pushing but her mind was so open. I knew I could do as I pleased with it yet what I wanted to do most was please her.

I didn’t sleep that night, when she gave in to her exhaustion I watched her in her slumber. A part of my soul screamed out to hold her but I knew if I cradled her in my arms I’d never let her go again, she didn’t need that.

Leaving her in that bed killed me, but not as much as finding out later on about what that night did to her.

I don’t hate myself for a lot of the reasons I should, many of the things I’ve done would appal the common breeds but for me, the worst thing I’ve ever done was hurt her that way. I’d never stopped thinking about her, I’d thought of finding her so many times but what would be the point? I was just a whore to her, or that’s what I thought.

Then I saw her again, my Destiny. Her beauty just as radiant, her glowing soul just as pure. I believed it to be a vision until she spoke, her voice reminding me of the sanctity of her moans that night. I could not keep away, I haven’t been able to since.

I know I should, I know I will only drag her into this merciless world that she deserves to stay away from but I cannot stop myself. Being around her forces me to lose all grip on my paper thin resolve. She is what I wish for, she is what I need.

Yet I am here, at the behest of a man who’s approval I still cannot seem to go without. I shall marry Clarisse, I shall unite our families, but I shall never be hers. I belong only to one.

“You cannot have her fratello, your Brianna. I know what you wish but Clarisse will not stand for a mistress, she would sooner see her dead before she’d let herself be humiliated by that girl.”

I have never kept secrets from my brother, he is like a son to me, I raised him after his mother died at our father’s hand. He knows me better than I know myself, and I know he is right here also. “It is not so easy to let her go, she is not like the others.”

He nods, running his hand along the cheek where she slapped him. “I have seen that, she is still alive despite laying a hand on me. It makes her a very unique woman.” I can’t stop the smile that spreads across my lips at the memory, my amore has always been so full of fire.

Although the fact she hit him in defence of another man was not lost on me. I saw the way that brute looked at her that night at the fight, the glint in his eye that I knew meant he wanted to know her as I do. There was a satisfaction I cannot explain when I saw my baby brother slide that blade into his side, a punishment I saw fit for looking at something that does not belong to him. Until I saw the pain it caused her, I never wish to be the one to cause her pain.

I have to stay away, a promise I make myself every time I am away from her yet one I break every time I find myself in her presence again.

Brianna Parker. She will be my undoing. Yet, I shall enjoy the fall.
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