My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 75


Racing through the streets I was desperately trying not to be late. The cool air fanned through the open windows of the bug as I tried to use it to calm my erratically beating heart, how the fuck was I supposed to go back to work tomorrow after seeing that? Antonio may have been trying to protect me, and I was grateful don’t get me wrong, but tomorrow I didn’t know who would get the chance to kill me first – Clarisse or Sonya.

There was a slight chill covering my body as I pulled into the school car park, the feeling of being back here again sending my heart to the pit of my stomach. I hated this thing, I really hated it. I came every year to pay my respects but it never got any easier.

I smoothed down my long sleeve deep purple dress, my boots clicking against the ground as I followed the noise of the crowd to the field behind the gym hall.

Cole caught my eye first, standing there with one arm around Tara and the other around Elizabeth. They both already had tears in their eyes and we hadn’t even started yet. Coach always missed these events, I think because he still worked here he just had to separate what happened to his son from the school. I’d often wondered how he could even stand to walk the halls but I guess in a way it was the closest he got to Chad anymore.

Granny was standing near by with May and Milo, it was their first year coming. Milo wanted to come last year but Tara didn’t think he was ready yet, I guess he wore her down.

I scanned the crowd but I couldn’t see Al, Jayce or Josh here yet. It was going to be starting in a few minutes so they should be here by now. Approaching Cole I spot Helena in the distance, I give her a gentle wave which she returns but she’s a bit preoccupied trying to keep her sobbing mum on her feet to do much else. That night robbed so many people of so much, too many parents here tonight without their children.

Approaching Cole, I don’t get far before Elizabeth pulls me into her arms. I can feel the tears already leaking into the shoulder of my dress but I don’t care, she can cry on me for as long as she wants. Looking up at Cole I can see he’s trying to stay strong but what happened really affected him, he watched Chad die protecting Aleah and I don’t think he’ll ever entirely forgive himself for letting it happen.

“Where is everyone?” I asked gently, trying to keep the hold I have on Elizabeth.

He sooths Tara’s back as I see the tears start to leave her too. “Josh wasn’t doing too good, they all went to the oak trees to give him a minute. It’s going to be starting soon though if you want to go get them?”

I gently transfer Elizabeth from my shoulder to Cole’s, making sure to cuddle May quickly before making my way through the crowd towards the treeline. A few people nod or offer small waves as I walk through, I spot a few of the dancers along with Fiona at the back, all wearing the gear they had made with Harleys initials on.

It’s dark now, I use the light on my phone as I guide until I step past the large Oak and spot six shadows come into illumination. Al is in Jayce’s arms, the tears still wet on her cheeks catching the glow of my screen as she tears free and runs to me. I wrap her up tightly in my arms, holding her to my body as she weeps uncontrollably. Josh spots us and steps away from his place next to Steve to fall onto my other shoulder, his face placing into the crook of my neck as I lay my head on his. The pain coming off them both is enough to make my soul buckle and I hope they know how much I love them.

There’s nothing else I can do, I just hold them. We stay there, my eyes closed as I let them pour the hurt out into me. I wish I could take it all from them, from everyone. I would happily bare this burden alone if it meant I could spare them this agony.

Jayce prises Aleah from my grip and returns her to his own, it’s only then I see Kal is being held up by Drew. She’d spoken to us that night at Steve’s before we all got too wasted, informing us about what happened between the two of them. I was still unsure, I think after watching your friend experiencing so much hurt it’s always going to be hard to look at the person that caused them that hurt the same way again.

I know she’s happier having him in her life though, that’s what matters really. It won’t stop me slitting his throat if he ever hurts her again.

Josh tries to straighten himself up, Steve coming over and checking on his brother before laying his arms around me. He holds me, taking the weight I took from everyone else and letting me crumble. I suck in the tears, if I start now I’ll never stop. Even as he pulls back his hands don’t leave me, his fingers running soothing circles along the bottom of my back. It’s comforting to have someone just be there for you, it’s a bit of a foreign feeling to me if I’m honest. I’m so used to being there for everyone else but Steve has always had a way of making me feel like I can depend on him.

“Guy’s it’s starting. We have to go.” Josh nods, taking one of my hands whilst Steve takes the other. Jayce holds on tight to Aleah whilst Kallie makes sure to keep hold of her hand as we all climb back up the hill and re-join the crowd.

We squeeze our way through until we’re standing next to Granny. The kids rush from her, Milo taking hold of Josh’s spare hand and looking up at him with tears already in his eyes. I realise now how much he’s grown, that night he seemed so small but now I can see the man that boy will become. Josh seems grateful for the comfort, Milo’s hand in his forcing him to remain strong.

May extends her arms up to me, I don’t get a chance to disconnect before Steve scoops her straight up into his hold, balancing her like she’s weightless on his hip before she buried her face into his shoulder. I’m surprised she’s doing this, she’s never even met Steve properly before. I think she’s just grateful someone can take her weight so easily... just like that night. They always say you should trust the instincts of kids, if they think someone’s good or bad then they probably are. May thinks Steve’s good, that’s enough for me.

I don’t take the candles as they pass them around, I don’t trust my hands not to drop it with the way I’m shaking. Instead I keep hold of the boys hands, Steve squeezing mine reassuringly every time he can sense I’m a moment away from breaking down.

It takes me a minute but as I open my eyes fully I realise I’m standing directly opposite the doors of the gym, in the exact spot I was that night. The fear over takes me as I stare down at the ground and the memory resurfaces...


“Holy shit they did it! They fucking told everyone!” Kallie is bouncing around in front of me as I watch Jayce and Aleah’s dripping wet forms sprint from the hall out the door. That girl is about to get the fucking of a lifetime.

Most of the faces around us are still in a state of shock but I’ve never been prouder of the two of them. They are perfect together, I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.

Pushing through the crowd me and Kal make it to the drinks table, me spiking our glasses if punch with something a little stronger before passing it to her. Drew walks up behind us. “So Jayce and Aleah huh? Guess you two knew about this then?” He eyes us and we both burst out laughing.

“Yeah, for a few months now. Not our secret to share beaut.” Drew nods, taking the drink from Kallie’s hand and finishing the contents, earning him an onslaught of slaps to his chest as they both giggle. “Have you seen Josh and Harley?”

Drew nods. “Pretty sure they went off to the toilets.”

Ah, well we won’t be seeing those two again for a while then. The one thing you know about that pair, as long as they’re together they’ll be okay. They may be the only couple I know more in love than Romeo and Juliet out in the hallway. I need to find me a guy, all these loved up couples are making me sick... and horny. “Okay well I’m going to go scout the talent, maybe there’s a-”


I hit the floor, growing up where I did I know that sound all too well. My head spins as the piercing screams around me drown out the pounding base of my own heartbeat. I don’t have time to react, a hand taking hold of mine and pulling me to my feet as we start to run.

The bodies pile out of the open doors onto the fields, I don’t even realise who has a hold of me until I spot the mess of auburn curls on the head running in front of me. She doesn’t stop, pulling me until we’re deep down into the trees with everyone else.

“Brie? Brie!” Kallie grasps my shoulders, shaking me free of my daze just in time to hear more shots ring out. Each one is followed by howls of agony.

I turn to face the school, my blood running cold as it hits me. “May...”

My legs work of their own accord, running back towards the school and not caring for all the people that I knock over on the way. The shots continue to ring out and I feel the tremble ricochet through my body as I scan every face I see for hers.

She’s not here.

Rushing past everyone I feel my body want to collapse, what if somethings already happened to her? What if she’s terrified and alone, what if she needs me? The tears fall from my eyes, blurring my vision as every possible scenario runs through my mind until I bounce off a wall I didn’t see.

His strong arms catch me, my body tumbling into his grasp. Through my haze I just make out his unmistakable chocolate brown eyes, the terror in them clear. “Brie, what the fucks going on?”

The sound of another shot barrels through the air, my mind snapping back as the water continues to pour from my eyes. “Chad... May...” The realisation hits him as well and he scans the crowd behind me for her face.

“Fuck...She’s still inside... Brie stay here, I’ll get her.”

No, I need to find her, she’s my sister. Pushing past him I try to run towards the door but he pulls me back, grasping my face in his hands tightly and staring directly into my eyes. “Brie listen to me. I’ve been sneaking around this school with girls for years, I know every way in and out, I know all the best hiding spot. I will get her. I promise you I will get her. Just stay here.”

Kallie’s arms wrap around my waist, her body keeping me in place and preventing me from running. Chad let’s go of my face and bolts down the side of the school towards the junior hall.

I don’t realise what’s happening behind me until I see Drew and a few guys from the teams chase after him, he’s always had that thing about him, the kind of man boys would go to war for.

Swinging around I pull Kallie to my side, her shaking arms never letting me go as I scream out in pain. I should’ve gone. I should be there with them, what if they can’t find her? She’s hides when she’s scared, she could be anywhere.

Time moves so slowly I feel like it’s rushing in reverse, my knees give way as my chest caves in. Another shot fires, further away this time than before and I bolt upright as I scan for signs of them but there’s nothing. I’ve never felt fear like this.

“Kal, what if they..?”

She strokes my hair, cradling my head to her chest so I can hear her heartbeat trying to escape her ribs. “They’ll get her Brie, Chad won’t leave without her, you know how much he loves her.”

He does, for all his faults that boy has treated May with nothing but love. I always thought it was for Al’s benefit but he just ran into that school knowing he might not come out just to get her, if that’s not love I don’t know what is.

A rumble stirs throughout the crowd and I spin my head to see some young kids running out into the field. Older brothers and sisters start searching frantically through them all for their siblings but my firecracker is nowhere to be seen.

The cold chill runs over me... He couldn’t find her... He’s not even here...

Just as I step up to my feet I see Tara racing with a group of kids, Milo wrapped tightly around her waist and bleeding from his head. I run to her, holding Milo’s head I check him over for the cause of the injury. “He’s okay Brie, he smacked his head on a table after the first shot, threw himself on top of May to protect her.” Tara’s broken voice so full of fear.

“Where’s May?”

“Beebee?” Whipping around Tara I see Chad ushering the last of the kids onto the field, carrying my beautiful baby sister in his arms. The fields became illuminated with the blue flashing lights of the police but I hardly noticed as I ran forward and pull her into my arms, sobbing as I hold her tighter than I thought possible.

“Sorry, she was hiding under a table, it took me a minute to find her.” Chad runs his hand over the back of May’s head and I grab hold of his shirt, crying endlessly into the material and refusing to let him go.

His arms hold me and May together, the fear I thought would never leave disappearing as I embrace his hold. “Thank you.” The words more of a sob but he still accepts it.

“Damn Brie, if I knew this was all it took to finally get some physical affection from you I would’ve saved May years ago.” I try not to laugh, his charming personality is sometimes too much for even me to resist. Suddenly his body stiffens below me. “They should be here by now... Brie where the fuck is Ally?”

Fuck. Al. I’d been so caught up with getting May I hadn’t even realised she wasn’t here. “Shit. I don’t know, she was with Jayce. I don’t think they came out with us.”

Oh crap, should I be telling him that? Jayce’s name is probably the last thing he wants to hear right now. “I know, he was in the hall when I went for the kids. Him and Cole went to get her from the storage cupboard. Fuck, they’ve probably been cut off by that lunatic... I’ll go get her.”

Chad turns to run just as another shot fire’s out and the people around me scream. Officers start pushing people back as they attempt to assess the situation.

May leans past me and takes hold of Chad’s arm, attempting to pull him back to her. “Chad don’t go, I scared without you.”

He steps back, holding her hand and placing a gentle kiss on the palm. “I promise you I’ll be right back. Me and you still have a wedding to plan bellissima.”

She chuckles as he pulls away from her, turning and laying his lips against my forehead. “I’ll bring our girl back.”

Looking into those beautiful brown eyes of his it’s now so simple to see how easy it was for Al to feel the way she did about him. He’s special. “Chad, don’t you dare let her die.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

I stand on this very spot as I watch him run away, dodging the police as he scurries past the wall and out of sight into the darkness.

No matter what I had to say about Chad Wilson in the past, that boy did exactly what he said he would that night.

He kept his promise. He kept her alive.

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