My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 76


It took a while for me to find about what happened to Harley and Chad that night. When I saw Josh screaming and crying I knew my world would never be the same. Tara took May from me when I saw Aleah, her body drenched in blood. The smell, the sight, the pain – it still haunts me to this day. I’ve never told her the last kiss Chad ever gave was the one he placed on my head that night, a final secret between me and chocolate eyes.

The service ends and everyone is done for, the tears drench the soil beneath my feet but most of it isn’t mine, Josh has been trying to be strong but the moment Harleys name was read out we were done.

I worried about the baby with Aleah being so upset but Jayce was doing everything he could to keep her together, his hands haven’t left her despite a number of the disapproving looks they were still getting from some of the people around here. I wish people would fuck off and leave them alone, like they need their ‘future stepsiblings shouldn’t be together’ crap on top of today.

May fell asleep on Steve, his jacket now covering her slumbering body as we walked her back to the car. I’d offered to take her home but apparently she’d already arranged with Tara for her and Milo to have a movie night. I’m not sure she’d watch much with how exhausted she is but I let her go anyway. Steve helped strap her into her car seat and Cole offered to take Granny home for me so u could head straight to the coast.

“Brie do you want me to drive? Josh is going down with Jayce and Aleah so I can come with you?”

I almost laugh. “Steve I adore you but I won’t even let Al drive the bug, I’ll still give you a lift though.” Nobody drives my baby but me, not even hot tattooed guys.

Settling into the bug it was quite comical to see Steve squeeze his giant shoulders into the tiny seats. He didn’t say anything but he was thinking the same thing everyone else does when they get in here – I need a new car. Not happening, this car is more important to me than any man could be.

We don’t say much as I head towards the beach, I know construction is bad on main street so decide to take the scenic route over the cliff tops looking down at the sea. It’s beautiful up here.

“We don’t have to go Brie, I mean if you’re not feeling up to it.” Steve’s voice is so gentle, it’s a stark contradiction to his rugged appearance.

“I’m okay, this is actually the best bit of today. The first anniversary I hadn’t seen Josh for a long time, it was right before him and Al moved in together so I hadn’t even seen him with her. We had never really been friends, just two people who knew lots of people in common. We’d both grieved Harley separately but then after the anniversary ceremony we both found ourselves on the beach where they scattered Harleys ashes.”

I smile letting the memory of Harley being set free into the world wash over me. “We sat on a rock, drank, talked, drank some more. We got so hammered we fell asleep on the sand and only woke up when the tide came in enough to soak our feet. Every year since we meet up there and do the same thing, our little time to unite. Although this will be the first time it won’t just be the two of us, or that I can’t get blackout drunk.” I chuckle. “Why haven’t you come before?”

He leans back against the seat, letting his eyes follow the rolling waves of the tide as it hits against the rocks. “I never wanted to intrude. I didn’t really know Harley, I just knew he loved Josh and that was good enough for me. I don’t think Josh felt it was okay to let me be part of the grieving process for him. He was happier with you and Aleah for that bit. Things have changed lately, he’s been more open.”

I agree, I’ve seen it too. I hope this only grows because nobody deserves to love again like Josh does, he needs to make room in his heart for another.

Pulling into the bay I see Al, Jayce and Josh already leaning against the Mustang. Josh looks better than earlier and I’m going to guess Aleah gave him one of her little pep talks because he has that ‘I’m going to be okay’ glow that only one of her talks can give.

“No Kal?” Jayce shakes his head as the cool sea wind catches his blonde hair whilst hitting me with its salty freshness.

“She had to get back for her brother but she gave us these.” He holds up the two packs of beers in his hands whilst I notice Al already sipping on her orange juice.

Taking a walk down to the beach I hold onto Josh for dear life as my heels sink into the sand with each step. Eventually he gives up, picking me up and wrapping me around his waist as he walks us over to my favourite rock. “Damn Josh, didn’t think you had it in you, kind of inappropriate to have me in this position don’t you think?”

He rolls his eyes. “Those boots are inappropriate, how do I end up carrying you over here every year?”

I laugh, going completely dead weight until Josh almost stumbles and falls before dropping me not so politely onto the rock. “Well I do tell you every year not to pick me up, not my fault you can’t keep your hands off me.”

Slumping down onto the solid surface of the rock I’m grateful I’ve got so much cushion back there to protect me. Jayce sits with his back to the sea, Aleah in his lap as he uses his body to shield her from the cool ocean breeze. It’s seriously brisk tonight and for once I don’t protest when Steve wraps his jacket around my shoulders, it still smells of May.

I don’t miss the look Al gives me when he leans his hand against my thigh but luckily the guys seem oblivious so I just shove my tongue out at her before grabbing one of the beers.

“Do you think sometimes about how different everything would be if they were all still here?” Josh asks as he takes a large swig of his beer.

“All the time.” Jayce responds whilst kissing the top of Al’s head and stroking her stomach. Without what happened to Chad they may not have lost all the time they did together, but maybe they also wouldn’t be this strong. Everything happens for a reason.

We continue to drink and reminisce, Al shares a seriously unfunny story about the time me and Harley pretended to be a couple at the mall to win a free spa trip but freaked the fuck out when we had to kiss for the photoshoot and couldn’t go through with it. I don’t think Steve even realises he’s doing it but he continues to get closer to me every time he senses I’m upset, his scent engulfing me and making me feel an almost uneasy sense if secure.

Josh drinks more than the rest of us, keeping quiet most of the time but still present. His eyes stay glued to the waves. I keep his fingers interlocked with mine, not pushing him to talk but making sure he knows I’m here if he wants too.

Eventually the conversation dies out, the laughter and tears come to an end as the moon reaches it’s apex. I watch as Aleah’s eyes fall closed, her head against Jayce’s chest, a gentle purr emanating from her chest as sleep takes her. “I’d better get these two home.” Jayce states whilst kissing her shoulder.

“Can you take me to my Aunts? I want to check on my Mum quick.” Josh is more than a bit tipsy, I love that no matter how big guys get they still need their Mum. Jayce pulls him to his feet without ever putting his perfect girlfriend down on hers, I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to be able to keep doing that with the rate she’s growing. That little princess in her belly will be bigger than her mama coming out if she carries on.

Steve jumps to his feet to steady Josh, who wraps his arm around his big brothers shoulder. He slurs something to Steve about how he’d need to make sure it wasn’t a hump and dump thing before he does anything, I have no fucking clue what he’s talking about but it made Steve smile before looking back at me. “I’ll help get him to the car, you good for a few minutes on your own?”

I nod, returning my attention to the sea as I listen to them walk away. I check my phone to see a message from Helena and Fiona checking in that I’m okay, I respond to both and tell Helena I’ll see her in the morning at work. I’m hopeful she can stay near my vicinity in case Clarisse decides to try behead me or something.

The ocean becomes more peaceful than it has all night, the calm before the storm I can feel is floating in the air. The grey clouds above me block out all the stars and I know tonight there will be thunder and lightning, I fucking hate thunder and lightning.

I sense someone approach, spotting Steve coming over the sand. My eye is caught by something behind him, someone standing by the bug in the distance but I blink and they’re gone again.

Steve steps through the water onto the rock, moving to sit behind me instead of next to me. His legs it either side of my own as he pulls me until my back meets his chest, his warm arms circling me as I continue to smother myself into his jacket as a blanket.

I’m not usually one for physical affection with guys that won’t lead to sex, even when I do it, it always seems forced or there’s a conscious effort on my part to remember to do it. Like that time with Connor in the classroom. It’s never like that with Steve and I don’t know why. I never back away from his touch, its always so... natural.

My heart starts to beat like crazy as I lean my head into his neck, his hands sliding inside the jacket and holding onto my waist. We don’t say a word, neither of us seeking approval for something that seems to come so genuinely to us both.

I can feel his heart beating faster now too, it’s pounding against my back as his fingers graze over my hip. I need to know, so I break the silence; “What are you thinking about?”

He takes a deep ragged breath, holding onto me slightly more tightly as I lift my head to face him. “I can’t tell you that Brie.” His gaze never leaves the sea as I stare up into his crystal clear, deep blue eyes. My phone buzzes in my pocket but I ignore it. “You have a message.”

“It’s not important.” I know it’s probably just Helena responding. “What do you mean you can’t tell me? You can tell me anything Steve, you know that.”

His eyes finally turn to face me, his face pointing down at mine as I look up into him. You could read his whole soul in his eyes, so much of him a mystery and yet completely open at the same time. He breathes deeply, our lips so close I can taste him on my tongue as I take in his air. “I can’t tell you this... Please stop looking at me like that, you’ll make me break a promise.”

My hand reaches up out of instinct, stroking his cheek gently. His skin is so soft, even the grizzly hair of his beard is like velvet as I caress it. His eyes fall shut as he leans into my touch and I know he’s trying to block out everything but the feeling of me against him. “Tell me.”

Guys don’t make me nervous, I know what I’m doing with them. I know how to turn them on, I know how to get them interested. I know all the right moves to make so they bow to my will but right now as I look up at Steve I realise I don’t know shit about what to do with him. What does he want with me?

Steve takes hold of my hips and twists my body, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling me in closer to him than I’ve ever been. He never takes his hands off me, we’re an inch apart and I can’t breathe anymore as his hands hold me against the lower part of my back, still comforting me even in this intimate hold. He stares deep into my eyes, one of his hands sliding up to the back of my neck and then into my hair as his eyes remain locked with mine.

There’s a moment, a tiny hesitation before his eyes drop to my lips. So much history, so many times we’ve found ourselves on the brink of something happening before pulling away. “Josh told me I couldn’t... he told me I had to stay away from you because we’d only throw each other away when we’re done... I don’t think he understands that what scares me most about being with you is that in the end I’d never be able to throw you away, that no matter how much I had I’d never have enough of you. You terrify me Brie.”

The most frightening thing about being with Steve... that there’s a very fucking strong chance I’d never be done either. He sparks something in me, something I can’t explain. I know he could be my best friend, that he would accept every part of my past and love me for it, but also that he would do things to me and make me feel things I never knew I could without fear. With him I’d never have to be afraid of being alone... he’d never let me go. “You terrify me too Steve. Everything about you. I’m terrified every time I’m near you because I know... you’re something I would never stop wanting.”

My hands weave into the back of his hair and I tug at the roots just like that day at the hospital, reminding us both of the comfort we found in each other that night.

“Fuck it.” His words are the last thing I hear before his lips are planted firmly to my own. My body explodes with desire as I finally taste something I didn’t know I had craved so badly. His lips are so soft but his intention is forceful, he moves in sync with me like he knows exactly what I’m going to do next. Fuck... I’m kissing Steve... and it’s so fucking good.

Our souls scream out with pleasure as our hands roam around each others backs, our desire to feel every inch of each other not stopping with our hands as his tongue teases at my bottom lip asking for entrance.

I take my lips and suck his tongue into my mouth, a moan escaping him before his hands grab hold of my head and force the fight for dominance back into his favour. His tongue explores my mouth before teasing my own, flicking and rolling over it in a tango of taste buds.

The effect this kiss is having on my body is like nothing else, I didn’t even realise I was grinding on him until I felt how wet I had become against the denim of his jeans. As he pulls his tongue back from me I bite down on his bottom lip, the desire to have a constant taste of him so much I want to tear my way inside his body.

His hand takes hold of my hair roughly, pulling me back from him slightly as he leaves deep sensual kisses against my lips over and over until neither of us can breathe anymore and have to pull away. Even as we gasp for air we find ourselves leaning in for more delicate kisses, our lips hardly touching by the end but still struggling to part completely.

As I place the final kiss on his lips he moves them along my jaw, down my neck before moving back up to my forehead, letting the weight if me lean against him as his arms hold me once more.

I’m not a cuddler, I’ve never been a cuddler, but right now I’ve never been happier to be in a man’s arms.

“Fuck Brie, what have you done to me?”

His hands move my head against his shoulder as he leans down and kisses along my neck once more, sending shockwaves of bliss throughout me with every sensual touch.

This is where we stay, neither of us moving as the bright white moon shines nothing in comparison with the gleaming smiles we both wear.

We’re going to do that again...

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