My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 77

“I want to take you on a date.”

A date? I’ve never been on an actual date in my life, I’m not sure dinner above a sex club with Antonio actually counts.

I smirk at Steve. “Damn you give a guy one kiss and all of a sudden he thinks he has the right to date you.”

Steve’s hands grab hold of my hips, spinning me in his grasps and slamming my body up against the bug before I even have time to get the keys in the door. His body presses against mine as his face smiles down at my own. “It was way more than just one kiss.” Damn right it was.

Leaning up I place another gentle kiss to his lips which he returns with passion, our fingers still interlocked the way they have been since we left the beach. I just can’t stop kissing him, is it weird it’s so satisfying? I mean I really want to fuck the guy but I think we both know that isn’t an option before we speak to Josh. Coming between them is the very last thing I’d want to do, if Josh isn’t okay with this it won’t happen, gays before lays every time.

I don’t know who wants it more though, me or him. His hands can’t stay off me, his lips have tasted every inch of my own and my neck is raw from the attention it’s received tonight.

Pulling back I smirk at him. “Come on I’d better get you home, I’ve got to get up for work in like five hours.” I didn’t realise how long we’d sat there until I saw how close the tide was to the rocks, we might have stayed there all night if it decided to give us the distance.

Steve walks to the other side of the bug before squeezing himself back in. “Next time we’re taking the bike, I swear it’s bigger than this thing.”

I laugh, stroking the wheel of my car. “Don’t listen to the nasty giant baby, you’re perfect just the way you are. It’s not about size, it’s how you use it.” Steve chuckles in the seat next to me as I start the engine. “Don’t know what you’re laughing about Mr ‘next time we’ll take the bike’. I didn’t actually agree to this date shit, so who says there will be a next time?”

His hands come out and grab hold of my head, pulling me towards him before I have time to take off. “Okay let me put it this way. Brianna Parker, you’re going on a date with me. I’m going to treat you exactly the way you deserve to be treated and when I’m done you’ll be begging me to give you a ride... on the bike of course.”

Fuck me.

No seriously, fuck me. This guy keeps talking like that and I’m going to let him do me every way I can fucking think of.

“Fine, one fucking date, but I don’t want any of that dinner and a movie crap you see in films. Oh and nothing with candles, I wear too much hairspray.”

His lips meet mine again quickly before falling back against the headrest laughing. “Okay so nothing cliché, got it. Try not to fall hopelessly I love with me when you go on it though, I know it’ll be hard”

I try not to burst out laughing as I follow the empty roads up over the cliff side. “Don’t worry, falling in love isn’t my style.”

His hand takes mine and interlocks our fingers once more. “We’ll see.”

I was right about the storm, as the car reaches the top of the cliff I large bolt of lighting shoots across the sky ahead of us, followed by the loud clap of thunder that rocks my body to its core. Starting to race down the hill on the other side the heavens open and the rain starts to pound down on the car.

We race down the road that travels along the cliff edge but we’re going a little bit fast for my liking.

Wait, what the fuck?

Pushing my foot down on the break there is no change in the speed, the downward facing hill only increasing our velocity. “Brie, I love a bit of a race as much as the next guy but don’t you think you should slow down a bit?”

I slam my foot down on this break but fuck all happens. “I’m trying, the brakes aren’t working!” Fuck, fuck, fuck. A sharp bend comes up ahead and I swing the car into it, the edges of the outside wheels screaming as I pull us back towards the road and away from the cliff.

“Fuck Brie, are you kidding?!”

Panic starts to roll throughout my body, my mind struggling to keep up as I try to control the barrelling car as it only gains speed. “No I’m not fucking kidding! Fuck! It’s just been fixed, everything was fine with it!”

Another corner, sharper than the one before, comes towards me and I swing the wheel until it locks to get us around, the car almost toppling to its side and over the side of the cliff.

“FUCK! Okay Brie we have to jump.”

“Jump?! I can’t fucking jump! I’ll get us down to the bottom and we’ll slow down once were on the flat again.”

Steve shakes his head. “Brie the next corner is killer, I’ve done it on the bike a hundred times and there’s no way you’ll make it. We’ll end up down there!” I glance quickly down at the drop over the side of the cliff, I can’t even see the bottom, we’d never survive that.

He leans over, doing up the zip on his jacket I’m still wearing. “What are you doing?!”

Another bend comes and I barely control the car enough to keep all four tyres in the tarmac. My heart is racing so fast I can hardly breathe let alone think. “It’s my bike jacket, it’s made to take impact, it’ll protect you.”

Protect me? “What about you?”

He shakes his head again. “I’ll be fine, I’ll be right behind you. After this bend is the longest stretch of flat road and there’s a grass banking so it’s your best chance. Tuck your head and don’t hesitate, okay? I promise you’re going to be fine.”

How the fuck is he so calm? Is this because he fights? He’s so used to the thoughts before extreme pain he doesn’t realise when he’s in a bat shit crazy situation!

“Steve don’t leave me.”

He squeezes my hand before kissing my cheek, removing my other one from the wheel whilst his own grip keeping it steady. “I’ll be right behind you, I swear I’ll be right behind you. Now when I say go, you go.”

I pull open the door and the cold wind whistles through the car whilst rain rushes in and pelts me in the face. We’re still moving so fast I don’t know if I can do this. The cliff side whips past me like the flash, my stomach doing summersaults as we approach the bend. “Don’t hesitate.”

My hands shake uncontrollably as I undo my seat belt, my nails digging into the fabric of the seat to stop me falling out before my time.

“Okay Brie, five.”

I don’t want to do this.


Please don’t make me.


Come with me.


...I lied, I could fall in love with you.


My body throws itself from the car, my leather covered arms instinctively wrapping around my head as I bury my chin into my chest... Then I hit the ground with more impact than I can even fathom.

I roll and roll without ever opening my eyes, pain ripping its way through my body quicker that the ground tears through the flesh of my legs. Screaming out in agony I hear nothing over the thundering beat of the rain hitting the road, the dark night blurring my vision as I attempt to open my eyes.

Two red lights are all that’s ahead of me, as I watch my baby roll towards the barricade that guards the cliff. The pain in my body so overwhelming I can’t even lift my head to see but as I hear the crash I force myself to my elbows just in time to watch her roll off the side of the cliff and down into infinity.

My eyes water, tears streaming down my face as I’m left alone in the darkness. The rain soaks into the open wounds in my legs like razor blades into my flesh, I’m trying to scream but I hear nothing as the anguish rips me from my physical body. I try searching for anything around me but there’s nothing. The blood rushing down from my head falls into my eyes. I search frantically around but there’s no one else here.

There’s no one...

I can’t take it, as the hollowing blackness overtakes my vision and I am sucked from this world I only have one thought.

He didn’t get out.
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