My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 78

Fuck, I can’t move.

My whole body is a dead weight outside of my control, I’m not even sure I’m still inside it.

I feel freezing cold yet scorching hot all at the same time. Attempting to wiggle my fingers a searing pain launches from the movement straight up into my shoulder causing me to scream out in agony... but there’s no sound.

The only thing I hear is the incessant beeping behind my head. Will someone turn that fucking thing off?! I don’t know what’s more annoying, that or the putrid smell of bleach filling my nostrils.

Wait, bleach? Where the fuck am I?

Fluttering my lashes I immediately have to slam them shut again as the bright light pierces straight through my corneas and only adds to my pain.

“Brie? Fuck, Brie?! SHE’S WAKING UP!”

The howling scream of my favourite bitch snaps me back to reality and I force my lids to stretch and become accustom to the light. Her terrified face blocks out the florescent strip above my head and I watch as the tears trickle from her cheeks straight down onto my own. “Brie? Babe, can you talk?”

I open my mouth but my breath alone claws at my throat, the dry surface refusing to comply with my desire to speak. Glancing to my right I spot a jug of water, Aleah following my gaze and immediately grasping the cup with a straw before placing it to my chapped lips.

This stuff really does taste like piss.

I keep pulling down the liquid in an attempt to soothe my parched throat even though as it hits my stomach all I feel is sick. Finally Al takes the straw from my mouth just as someone else enters the room.

A man in a white coat hurries to my side, checking the monitors before shining a fucking light in my eyes. I swear if I could lift my arm I’d slap him. “Brianna, I’m Doctor Woodburn, you’re at the hospital.” No shit Sherlock. “Do you remember what happened to you?”

Yeah, my car went off a fucking cliff.

I try to speak but the words don’t come out, instead I nod which only causes a bolt of pain to shoot from my bobbing head to my shoulder.

As I wince Al comes immediately back to my side. “Try not to move beaut, you dislocated your shoulder. It’s back in now but it’s still going to hurt like fuck for a bit. They said you’re really fucking lucky, if you hadn’t been wearing Steve’s jacket when you hit the road you probably would’ve ripped your whole body to pieces.”

Fuck... Steve.

I gather every ounce of strength I have to force the words to leave me lips. My raspy croaky voice coming out barely above a whisper. “S-Steve?”

Al’s eyes fill with tears as she strokes the hair that’s matted to my face away from my eyes. No..

The door swings open, smashing into wall next to it. My heart almost springing from my chest when I see Josh standing there, his whole body shaking as the tears fall from his eyes as soon as they spot me. I want to cry too, I want to ball my eyes out and punch a wall as the pain tears through my chest but I can’t do anything as I just stare at him.

I expect him to come and hit me but instead he practically hurls the doctor against the monitor in his attempt to get to me quickly, before grabbing my head and smothering my face in kisses. “You scared the fucking crap out of me.” I don’t show the pain his hold is causing on my face, I’m just so grateful he’s here.

Why is he not killing me right now? “S-Steve..?” I can’t seem to say anything else as the dehydration finally makes way for the tears that fill my eyes.

Josh strokes my face as he studies what I’m sure are some pretty killer bruises on my head. “He’s alive.” Thank fuck. “Barely. It took them a while to find him so he’d lost a lot of blood. Some kids that were camping on the beach saw your car go over the cliff, they called the emergency services and you were found pretty quickly. Steve didn’t get out as quickly as you and had slipped over the side. I don’t know who the fuck was watching out for him up there but he somehow managed to land about ten foot down on one of the only flat surfaces of cliff. He still hasn’t woken up.”

He’s alive. He hasn’t woken up but he’s alive. “W-will-” I cough and splutter, causing Al to feed me more piss juice. “W-when will he wake u-up?”

Josh takes my hand as the doctor excuses himself from the room. “We don’t know. There’s no guarantee he will, but these people don’t know him like we do. He’s strong. His overall injuries weren’t that bad considering, he’s had worse in some of his fights, but he took a bad blow to the back of his head that’s causing some issues.”

I can’t talk anymore, my body exhausted from the physical and emotional toll this has caused me. I can feel sleep calling to me again, my lids closing of their own accord. “Sleep Brie, the more you rest the quicker you’ll heal. Steve is on the floor above you, I’ll be there if you need me, just get someone to call. I’ll come check on you later.”

My eyes were already closed before he spoke the final words, the darkness I’ve become so fond of calling me back.


I know people have been coming and going for the last few days. I’ve begged Al not to stay in her condition bit apparently the main side effect of pregnancy is being a stubborn ass bitch. I’m not sure when she inherited my ability to get exactly what she wants but somehow she managed to convince them to put an extra bed in the room that she is currently snoring away on.

May wouldn’t leave after she came, Milo had to practically drag her away and offer her half his video games just to make her go home with him to eat. Tara did her usual trick when seeing someone in pain, cried like a baby whilst I held her telling her it’s going to be okay. Granny has made so many brownies over the last two days I’m sure there are staff here coming in on their days off just to get their daily fix.

Opening my eyes I’m greeted by the face of my favourite oversized basketball player, squirming uncomfortably in the seat that’s too small for him. Furniture isn’t made for giants like this guy. “Hey, you just missed Kal. I think she’s going to see Josh and Steve before she goes if you want me to call her back?” I shake my head. “How you feeling gorgeous?”

I smirk at him. “Gorgeous? Really Romeo? Your pregnant girlfriend is sleeping right there, stop hitting on me.”

His smirk matches my own as he takes my hand and pulls it to his lips. “What can I say Brie? I always assumed it would be the three of us for life.”

As I gag profusely he chuckles. “Any news on Steve?” He glances down at the floor before shaking his head and avoiding my eye-line. Why isn’t he awake yet? It’s been nearly three days... Everything still hurts as I move but at least I can sit up by myself now.

Grabbing the energy drink off the side I swallow half the contents, trying not to spit it back out whilst laughing as Aleah stirs in her sleep, muttering something about Captain Crunch giving it to her harder. “You got competition.”

Jayce rolls his eyes. “He can have her right now. I thought pregnancy was supposed to put you off sex? I’m raw! She’s an animal. I swear you’re lucky there’s a supply closet at the bottom of the hall or she would’ve been kicking you out of that bed so we could have the room to ourselves multiple times already.”

Jesus Christ, nympho much? “Oh poor baby! Romeo can’t keep up?”

Jayce’s eyes glare at me. “Never been a problem for me... although don’t be surprised if she’s dragging you to that toy shop you two are so fond of every week whilst I’m gone. She’s going to need it.”

Damn, let’s not think about that shop shall we? I swear sometimes I can still feel Steve’s fingers inside me, pushing that egg further and further... “Brie?” Oh shit, yeah don’t touch yourself with basketball players in the room Brianna.


Jayce rubs his hand along the back of his neck, staring at his watch. “Look Brie someone’s coming now but I don’t want you to get mad at me for telling them where you are.” Shit, what did this tall fucker do now? “I got you a new phone earlier like I said I would after yours got shattered. When I put the sim in it started to ring, I thought it was that bitch boss of yours because she wasn’t really happy when Al told her what happened to you and that you wouldn’t be coming in, but it wasn’t.”

Oh fuck. “Okay, who was it?”

At this moment the door to the room creeps open, Aleah wakes just as my latest visitor steps into the room. Her eyes grow almost as big as mine before she greets him. “Hey professor green eyes.”

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