My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 8

Kallie and Josh had a new round in when I got back to the table and the room was starting to die down so we decided to make it the last. I guess I’ll be going home with the bouncer then...

We have a laugh, Kal actually looks less terrified of the world right now and I even manage to talk them both into dancing with me, of course Josh lasts all of five minutes before taking his usual spot leaning against the bar and completely ignoring the hot guy that’s been trying to get his attention not so subtly for the last ten minutes. As he walks over to the toilets the poor dude just watches him walk away, maybe one day mate but not tonight.

I’d almost forgotten all about Antonio until Kallie asked me. “So did you find out about Mr Mystery today after?”

Fuck. I can feel his cock inside me just at the mention of his name.

The whole point of tonight was supposed to be getting my mind off that guy, I was already hornier than a bitch in heat when I saw him earlier but now I’m practically a puddle. I never wanted the boyfriend thing, it’s just not me, but seeing Helena make one phone call and have some guy turn up all doe eyed and ready to pound her did remind me there were perks to the whole relationship thing sometimes.

A pair of hands circle around my waist and pull me sharply into a squishy body. “How about you dance with me now sexy..” Fuck how much beer has this guy had? I could get pissed off his breath alone.

“Get the fuck off me pig shit before I break what’s left of your fragile masculinity.”

The dick doesn’t take the hint, reaching his hand down and grabbing the hem of my dress. Kallie’s eyes widen but I just smirk at her before shoving my elbow deep into this pricks ribs.

“What the fuck is wrong with you bitch!” He screams clutching his throbbing side.

“It’s called consent fuck-wad! Maybe try getting some!”

He stands up straight and squares up to me, a bead of sweat dripping down his second chin. He didn’t look so tall crouching down holding his ribs but now I can see he’s a big dude, not that it fucking matters to me. He leans down so his nose is almost touching mine. “That outfit is all the consent I need.”

Yeah. Fuck you prick.

Just as his hand reaches out to grab my neck and I ready myself to duck and kick him right in his non-consensual jewels he is quickly pulled back and hits the floor with a thud. I’m not even sure what happened, I just see a wave of green eyes before suddenly Kallie is ripping me from the dance floor.

“Shit Brie, are you okay?” She asks, shaking slightly. I forget sometimes that not everyone is used to this type of shit, I’ve had these boobs since I was twelve and even before that... let’s just say guys haven’t always been great with the whole asking for permission thing. Shit... let’s shove that back in its box.

I look back to see the bouncers now have the half conscious man and are dragging his ass outside.

“Who the hell got him before I did?! Was it Justin?”

Kallie shakes her head and points to a guy taking his seat over the other side of the club, looking directly at his drink.

I storm over but am slightly taken aback when I actually see him up close. His face is completely unintimidating, soft even. He looks like a cute guy on a perfume advert that runs through the wild flower fields holding the hand of some little blonde in a flowy dress. If it wasn’t for the tiny layer of blood on his knuckles I’d probably think he was a teddy bear of a man.

His hair is a dirty blonde and his incredibly piercing green eyes are encased in thick black rimmed glasses. Honestly I’d also think he was a complete geek if it wasn’t for that damn body, even under the thick sweater I can tell what he has going on is fineee.

Not that it makes a difference, I’m no-ones damsel in distress so don’t fucking treat me like one. I step straight to him and grab his arm, only letting myself soak in the firm muscle beneath my touch for a split second before whipping him around so fast he almost falls from the stool.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I had that shit, I don’t need some guy to come fucking save me okay?!”

He stares at me dumbfounded. That’s right hun, if you thought that shit was going to get you into my overpriced skirt you thought fucking wrong.

A small smile edges its way to the corners of his lips. “You know most woman would just say thank you?”

I scoff. “Take a look babe, do I look like most women to you?!”

He leans back, his arm resting across the bar as his eyes run from my heels to my hair extremely slowly, it’s... sexy? Can I rethink that whole I’m not going to fuck him thing?

“Definitely not most women..”

Shit. Okay let’s get out of here before Clarke Kent turns back into Superman, he is fit this way though...

I turn back towards where Kallie now sits with Josh, catching him up on all the events he missed whilst taking a piss I’m guessing, when a hand takes hold of my wrist.

“Let me buy you a drink, to apologise for rudely saving a beautiful woman from a disgusting beast. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He adds a wink I’m betting works on a lot of the bimbos that pass him, although there’s an innocence about him too. I bet he hasn’t even done anal bless him, he’s got that vanilla missionary look about him.

I smirk. “You were thinking that pretending to be all alpha would finish with my designer panties around my ankles and your dick getting milked by my tight pussy.”

Okay so by the way he’s spluttering and choking on his drink right now I’m going to guess he isn’t used to women being this upfront with him. Most men aren’t in my experience.

He takes another sip to calm his choking. “Fuck... you don’t beat around the bush do you?”

I shrug. “What’s the point? I know what I want, I go for it. If everyone else did the same the world would be full of less pansy ass bitches who have mediocre sex and lives full of regret. Live for today and say what you think, it’s a better way.”

He smirks. “So much wisdom from someone so young... how old are you?” I don’t miss the way he’s trying to keep his eyes locked to mine so lean forward enough he has to let them wonder to my ass, men are too easy.

“Nearly Twenty-two, you?”

He smirks wider. “Older.”

Just as he takes another swig of his drink I can see the bruising that’s starting to form on his knuckles. “Shit, you should put ice on that or something.” Leaning behind the bar I grab a towel and a handful of ice from the bucket.

“You know you shouldn’t really be back there.”

I glance up at the barmaid who’s grinning at me across the bar as I lean over so far my tits are practically out of this top. “I don’t think she minds...”

Sitting in the seat next to him I place the towel filled with ice against the back of his hand, making him wince. “You always been a stickler for the rules?”

His smile is really cute. “What can I say, I’m a good boy.”

Damn. I’ve always loved a bad boy but if he keeps staring at me with those emerald orbs of his I’m going to say fuck it and join the Jedi’s.

The ice is so cold against my fingers but I don’t mind, I’ve always been someone that enjoys the feeling of something being slightly uncomfortable yet pleasurable. It makes up half my sex life.

“So can I buy you that drink now?” He smiles at me again with those perfectly straight crisp white teeth, I bet this guy is so good he hasn’t missed a day of flossing in his life. Oh babes you couldn’t handle me on your best night, sweet and innocent isn’t my forte but a free drink is a free drink.


He quickly glances down at my exposed legs until he reaches my rising skirt without trying to make it obvious but I catch it.

“But I’m just letting you know that whole my underwear being around my ankles thing definitely isn’t happening.”

He looks back at me with curious eyes. “And how are you so sure about that?”

I look him directly in his beautiful baby greens.

“Because I’m not wearing any.”
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