My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 80

I have never been happier to be leaving anywhere in my life! The doctor barely got out the words “You can go home.” And I was already making a dive for the exit.

My legs haven’t been used much since the accident so Jayce is taking most of my weight but at least I’m on my feet. “Should I get you a wheelchair to take you up there?”

“Only if it’s for your poor dick Romeo, try pushing me in a fucking chair and I’ll rip your balls off.”

The elevator door opens and Aleah tries not to laugh as Jayce moves his crotch slightly away from me as I step inside. Cole had taken all my stuff with him to go back to Granny’s, they said about me staying at the Manor for a few days but I really just want my own bed after all this time.

There was someone I needed to see first though.

Coming out of the elevator the vibe was very different up here, the ward I was kept on was constantly busy but up here was a lot quieter. Josh said his Mum told his useless prick of a father that the least he could do is pay for the best care for his son. I’m sure it costs less than one of the idiots over the top holidays to keep Steve here but I’m glad he’s getting the best treatment.

I smiley receptionist greets us, recognising both Aleah and Jayce from their time up here over the last few days. Neither of them have barely left the hospital since we got here.

Jayce takes my waist as my legs almost buckle and I look up to him with a smile. This boy has always got me. I envy May sometimes, I would’ve killed to have a brother like him.

We follow a red line across the floor until I see a familiar body leaning up against the wall, his head looking down at his phone with clear pain in his eyes. Josh senses our arrival and makes a poor attempt at smiling towards us. “Brie you shouldn’t be walking. Do you want me to get you a wheelchair?”

Jayce shakes his head as a warning whilst I shoot Josh my best death stare. “My shoulders fucked not my legs, I’ll get a wheelchair to shove you in after you start getting railed again.” Josh shuts his mouth but the smile isn’t forced this time, we both know he missed me.

I try to pry a look in through the window of the door but there’s someone blocking it.

“Doctors are just checking him, they said his injuries are healing well, his ribs aren’t fucked anymore but there’s been no change to the bleed on his brain. They’re talking about surgery now but there’s risks so we’re still weighing up the options. Mum practically tore the last doctor a new arsehole when he said nothing could be done so these ones are being more cautious.” I always knew I liked Denise.

Al pulls Josh into a cuddle, his arm staying around her shoulder even as she pulls away. That bump of hers is growing by the second, or maybe it’s all the chips...

Jayce has to pull me back as the door comes open and the doctors all come out, they chat amongst themselves until they spot Josh. “There’s been little change since this morning but I still think our best option is the wait it out for the time being. The bleed isn’t currently doing any lifelong damage but it isn’t slowing either. If he is to come out of this I’d rather he do it on his own, preforming any operation around the brain always runs the risk of the person waking up not being the same one that went to sleep. I’ll be back this evening to check again.”

Josh nods, his voice is probably too shaky to say any actual words. Guilt pours over me as I finally turn to look through the door... I broke him.

Steve lays there, hooked up to more machines than I can count, the tubes shoved into his battered and bruised arms making my heart clench. All the hours of pouring ink into his skin ruined by my incompetence, a daily reminder if he wakes up of how much just being close to me can fuck you up.

It’s my fault he’s here. He stayed at the beach because of me, he didn’t want me to be alone. I should’ve made him go with Josh, I should’ve left when they did. I just... I wanted to be alone with him.

I’m so fucking stupid. Of course that knackered old bug was going to give out on me one day, it’s the story of my life. I get attached to something and it picks the worst possible moment to let me down, making sure to take out all the innocent bystanders in the process.

Josh steps inside with Al, immediately going to Steve’s bedside. There’s not a single mark on his face, if there was a blanket covering the rest of him you’d think he was sleeping peacefully.

Jayce presses gently against the bottom of my back to instruct me to move forward but panic overruns my body. “I can’t go in there...” I don’t take a second to remember my legs are so screwed before bolting away from the room. The doctors are all gathered by the reception desk but I don’t want them to see me so I whip right, stumbling and grabbing onto anything I can reach to balance myself as I fall into an empty room.

What the hell is this feeling? I’ve never had this before? My heart is pounding, there’s a black hole in my stomach and my hands are so moist I could swim on them. I’m not like this, I’m a master at keeping my shit together. Right now I feel... weak.

I pull myself up onto the small sofa they have in here, grateful the lights are off as a thumping pain makes its way into my head. This is too fucking much. Too much.

“Brie?” Jayce’s voice so gentle for a man of his size, his colossal frame filling the seat next to me with ease.

His arm comes around me and pulls my head to his chest as his form of comfort, my cheek laying gently over his heart as it beats through his stupid sports meme graphic t-shirt. I refuse to cry but if there was a time I was going to then it would be now.

“We don’t have to go in there Brie, Josh gets it. It was a traumatic experience for you and seeing Steve like that could-”

“It’s my fault. It’s my fault he’s like that.” I can feel Jayce shaking his head but he doesn’t know what I know.

“It’s not Brie, it was a fucking accident. Neither of you could’ve done anything.”

I can feel anger bubbling up inside me but it’s not directed at him, I’m furious with myself. “You don’t understand Jayce.”

I keep my words sharp so I don’t lash out at him but I can’t stop myself pulling back from his hold, I don’t deserve to be comforted right now. Jayce gives me a moment of quiet, he always did this when we went to the support group together. He’s got a knack for realising why somebody is reacting with anger irrationally, probably through his own personal experience. He always knows when to keep his distance.

Finally as the anger disperses he talks. “Explain it to me, explain how it’s your fault because I don’t understand how you can think any of that.”

Fine you want to know? I’ll fucking tell you basket-nuts. “I should’ve got the car checked properly but I was in a rush to get it back so it wouldn’t fuck with my work schedule, that night Steve was supposed to go back with you guys but of course I had to fucking stay at the beach, then when the brakes failed I freaked! He stayed calm, he made me wear the coat that should’ve protected him and he made me jump first! I should’ve done that for him but no, I got us into the fucking mess and made him sort it out! He did it all, he stayed and he made sure I was safe all because I had to fuck Josh over and kiss his fucking brother! Because I can’t possibly let there be one fucking man who I don’t get my fucking claws into!”

Shit. Fuck. I didn’t mean to say that, I only told Al about me and Steve because I wanted to talk to Josh first.

Jayce doesn’t seem fazed, he’s actually smiling. “You’re so fucking dumb Brie.”

Excuse me? Jayce pulls his head back from its place leaning against the wall to come face me. “Brie of course he did that, because he fucking likes you. You’d have to be stupid, blind or both to not see how that guy looks at you. Take it from an expert, guys do some pretty stupid shit when they’ve got feelings for a girl. They punch random drunks in parks for stealing a girls hoodie or sketch every inch of her face when they get home from school after a nice long day of bullying her. It’s just what we do.”

I small chuckle leaves my lips as I think back to those times, damn I really fucking hated this boy back then. “What I’m saying is, it didn’t make a difference that you kissed him Brie. He would’ve still made all the same choices in that car because you’re special to him, he still would’ve got in the car with you even if we all left together just to have those few extra moments in your company. You could never have known the car would do that Brie, sitting here right now an air conditioning unit could fall through the ceiling and crush us but we can’t live life by what ifs. It wasn’t your fault Brie, any of it.” He lets out a deep breath. “Although I am surprised you only kissed the guy, I thought you’d at least make it to third base against the rock pools.”

I smack his solid pec so hard I know he’ll be looking at my handprint for a week. Bursting into giggles he tries to escape but I just keep hitting him until my shoulder can’t take it anymore. Finally I relent and he sits back down in the seat next to me, his giant ass dipping the cushions so much I almost fall into him. “Are you guys gonna tell Josh?”

Oh god I don’t fucking know! “I’m not sure there’s much to tell at the moment, it’s not like we’re a couple or anything. We just kissed and I agreed to go on a date with him, but I guess I’ll have to see when he wakes up if he even still wants to do that.”

Jayce smirks. “Brie, he’s definitely still going to want to do that. I can’t believe you agreed to go, isn’t dating like against your personal guy code?”

Jesus, has this guy been watching the view or something? He’s being such a fucking girl right now. I shrug and he leaves it for a minute before getting all Jerry Springer with the questions again. “What about Connor? And that Spanish guy? I swear I recognise him from somewhere.”

“Italian.” Yeah you recognise him, from the photos of him fucking me senseless against a window. My head falls back against the back of the couch, my eyes glued to the ceiling fan whirling around and around above me since Jayce put the lights on. “I don’t fucking know. This is why I stay away from guys, I never know what I want so I just have nothing... What’s with you pricks anyway? It’s like your buses – I don’t stumble across a decent one forb ages and then suddenly three options come along at once!”

He laughs from his belly. “Well firstly, I’m offended. You’ve known me since I was four Brie so you’ve always known at least one decent guy.”

I scoff. “Yeah and you were a dick back then too. Remember that time I took your lunch and smothered it with-”

“Secondly!” Oh yeah, he remembers. “Secondly, it’s okay to not know what you want and to take the time to figure it out. The right guy will show himself... I knew this girl once, figured out she had feelings for two guys – best friends in fact. One of the guys was ridiculously handsome and talented, the other one was a little shit who was too charming for his own good and did a pretty good fake Spanish accent.” Those bloody accents.

“Anyway, one was the better option. One of those guys would’ve treated her perfectly, exactly the way she deserved, but the other guy was kind of broken and fucked up a lot. On paper the choice was clear but there was just something she couldn’t shake no matter how much her head told her to. She took her time, let it all sink in and in the end her heart told her where it belonged.”

Those two really do have the most beautiful love story. “Yours will do the same. Be honest with them Brie, as long as they all know where they stand then it’s their choice if they want to keep trying. You can only do what your heart tells you to, nobody else can do that for you.”

He’s right, I can’t force myself to get there, I have to let things run their course or I’ll never understand. “Damn Romeo, you been watching a lot of Dr Phil?”

There’s a loud clatter from outside in the hall and Jayce pulls me up as we spring outside the door only to see Josh holding some guy by his collar against a wall. Jayce runs ahead of me to go pull his friend back as I stumble to catch up.

As I get closer I realise it’s not a boy at all, it’s Josh’s Dad.
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