My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 84

I look like damn fire right now.

Turns out Helena is a bit of a miracle worker when it comes to hair, my curls decided to take on a life of their own today so she took every bobby pin she could find and moulded them into a gorgeous twirled up-do. I hardly ever wore my hair off my face like this but hell did it show off those perfect cheekbones of mine.

She'd decided to go simple with her own hair, taking her usual wavy locks and straightening them until they were pokers that brushed against her peachy behind when she walked.

Make up was a whole other story, we'd both decided that more was more in that department. I'd given her a perfect deep smoky eye with winged liner so sharp she could stab someone with it. Her rosebud pout coated in a glossy red with exaggerated highlighter on all those beautiful high points.

She thought I was mad when she saw all the tiny gems I'd brought for my own look but now it's complete it was worth every second. I knew I needed to go big or go home with this killer dress of mine so I added tiny glistening gems all over my eye lids that captured the light with every movement. I debated for a while on going full goth with the black lip but decided I couldn't be in the bathroom checking it wasn't on my teeth all night so opted for a slick nude instead.

Helena didn't bring any jewellery so I lent her my crystal necklace and bracelet to complete her look whilst I stuck with coating every finger in an abundance of gold rings and these cute black and gold dangly earrings Al got me for Christmas last year.

Stepping into the large bathroom we looked ourselves over in the floor length mirror.

"Brie, I didn't think it was possible for me to look this good. Especially next to you looking like that! Could you send a picture to my mum?"

Bless her sweet and innocent heart. I'd just sent the image of her to her mother, knowing she'd probably be crying as she opened it, when there was a knock at the door. Opening it I was greeted by my favourite Vanderbilt, who smiled in a way his whole face lit up when he saw me.

"Wow Brie, you look wonderful." What? He couldn't even drool a little bit? I know he's all besotted with Helena but it's kind of hard for my ego to have a guy practically look through me to see someone else.

Damn loved up rich boys. Chris looked good in his tuxedo but most guys usually do. "Thanks beaut, but wait until you see-"

I don't need to turn around to know she's there, as I'm talking his eyes almost pop out of his head they grow so wide and I stand aside to let him get the full view of his gorgeous girlfriend. I can't believe that dress fits her so well, her long dark locks only adding to the glamour of the skin tight dress showing off every curve.

He's frozen, his eyes looking over every inch of her and still not being able to settle on the bit he loves most. She's stunning.

"Chris? Do I.. Is this okay?" Her voice shakes slightly at his silence but despite his inability to talk he runs to her, pulling her tiny frame into his arms and holding her close. His hands running all over her hips and waist as he keeps their bodies in contact.

"Helena... you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Fuck, I'd give anything to walk in there with you tonight."

If it were me I'd say fuck it, I'd snog his face off in the middle of the dance floor and laugh as their world burnt around them but Helena is too kind for that. She doesn't want to ruin his mother's night no matter what a bitch she is.

"One more night baby..." God these two could put Aleah and Jayce to shame with the cuteness overload. She pulls back, they both can't stop smiling at each other and his hands are still to leave her body. She gives him an almost pitiful look. "Have you decided what you're going to say about Emma if they ask?"

"Who's Emma?" I say, rummaging around in my bag for the headset I know I'll be needing tonight.

Christopher turns to face me, keeping his arm around Helena's waist but looking a bit put out now we're on the subject. "My soon to be ex-wife. People still don't know about her leaving me, Mother refused to let me tell anyone so most people will be expecting her to be with me tonight. I'm going to just say she's sick or something... suffering from poor taste in tennis coaches."

Both me and Helena give a little giggle at his witty remark. I can't believe she'd leave this guy, or that Clarisse allowed it honestly. She seems the type to lock the girl up and keep her in a dungeon before letting her run off with someone else.

Sonya barges in through the door and Christopher jumps so far away from Helena he almost falls into the wall. "There you are! What took you so fuck... Oh Mr Vanderbilt, I didn't see you there." This bitch changes personalities quicker than Al's pregnant ass eats chips. "I'm so sorry but I'm going to need a moment with Brianna, maybe you could escorts Aleah here downstairs?" Oh we're back to this again?

Christopher looks slightly confused as to who Aleah is until Helena links her arm through his and smiles at him. "Of course Sonya, I'll make sure to take good care of Aleah here until you come down."

He's desperate to laugh at the drunken fool but I know her being like this will only make my job harder. Hopefully she'll come up here and pass out soon so I don't have to take care of her.

Christopher and Helena leave as Sonya starts digging through the boxes. "Where the fuck is the guest allergy list? Some English fucking Earl has just informed me his child-bride of a wife has a peanut allergy and I don't fucking remember seeing that on the list!"

I stand, pulling the slip from the correct box and checking it. "Yes, Lady Delilah. It's here but I'll confirm everything with the kitchen again so there's no mix up."

She relaxes, her shoulders letting go of their pent up energy and sinking into the red silk gown that hangs from them. Sonya had professionals in to do her hair and make up, she looks a knock out as always but no amount of concealer could hide the bags under her eyes. She's exhausted, she looks worst than me and I almost died five days ago.

Reaching into the mini bar I take out a bottle of water and hand it to her, which she takes gratefully before glugging down a good third of it in one go. "Better?" I ask, not really caring but feeling like I have to anyway.

"Yes. We'd better get down there." She stands back up, smoothing over her skirt and double checking our headsets are working before we head towards the door. As I reach for the handle she takes my wrist to stop me. "Look Brianna I'm only going to say this once and after we leave this room we're going to pretend I never did, do you understand?"

I nod and her eyes locked with mine. "I appreciate you being here Brianna. I know you're in pain and you should've told me to go fuck myself when I made you come tonight but you didn't and I'm grateful. I need you here, you're my right hand." I think that's the closest thing Sonya’s ever come to giving me a compliment.

Sonya isn't good with the physical affection thing so I just give her a nod of acknowledgement which she returns quickly. "Fuck, I better pee because I probably won't get another chance tonight. Go down and check that shit with the kitchen. If the fuckers mess up and she goes into anaphylactic shock or something then just shove her under a table until she's finished. We'll deal with the body later. I won't have anything ruining tonight."

The bitch is back.
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