My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 85

The air out here was much colder than earlier, the wind seeping through the netted sleeves of my dress and piercing my shoulder. It still fucking killed from Clarisse’s minor attack earlier and the cold air hitting it didn’t help but I had to do the final check of the grounds before the first of the guests started arriving in a few minutes.

The outside was just as beautiful as the inside here, the rows of large pink blossom trees wrapped in twinkling fairy lights whilst lanterns hung on wire so thin as you looked up into the night sky it appeared they were just floating there.

One of the most beautiful things about this place were the gardens, despite the magnificence of the inside. My final spot to check was a towering white structure that sat in the middle of a hedge maze, Clarisse had been very specific that she wanted it layered with lights and petals so it would make the perfect photo backdrop to guests willing to brave the maze.

Luckily for me I scouted the place a few weeks ago so I just followed my own poorly constructed map to reach the centre. Wait, is there supposed to be a dead end here? Oh fuck, have I been looking at this thing upside down? No, it’s that way then two lefts. Directions were never my strong point, the first time I visited Al at college I got so lost trying to find her dorm I gave up and spent two hours in some random frat house instead. Those boys know how to drink!

Finally the pillars of the gorgeous greek-esk structure come into my sight, just as I hear the band off in the distance begin their sound check. Another thing to check off my list complete.

This thing is gorgeous, I walk up the limestone steps and stand in the middle of the platform. Should I do it? Yeah fuck it. The petals at my feet scatter as I twirl and twirl to the music, letting the skirt of my dress fly out to the max. I’ve never been one of those little girls that wore big puffy dresses and wanted to be a princess, I actually always related more with Ursela than Ariel, come on King Titan there’s definitely a story there with you two! Right now however, I can’t stop the giggles that escape me as I stop and let the dizzying haze take over my mind for just a moment.

“You look unbelievable Amore.”

How does he do that? It’s like he has the superpower to just appear from thin air at any given opportunity.

Wow, okay forget what I said about all men looking the same in tux’s. He looks incredible. His jet black hair is slicked back, the tuxedo moulded to his body like it was painted on and even from here I know he smells divine. As he walks up the steps to join me I can’t bring myself to move, the intense glare I find my eyes locked too giving no wiggle room for me to leave.

His expensive watch catches the moonlight as his hand comes up to cup my cheek, his body only moving closer to mine with my lack of resistance to his touch. Why does he do this to me? I’ve watched him hurt people, I’ve watched him show no mercy to people he’s supposed to love. I should be terrified of him but he never makes me feel that way, I know the only violence he’d ever use in my presence would be in my protection.

I need to say something. “Is everything to your liking tonight Mr Romero?”

He chuckles. “What’s in front of me is very much to my liking Miss Parker.”

His fingertips glide from my cheek and slide down to gently tickle against my neck, causing me to shudder without control. As he reaches my shoulder he grazes over the spikes that coat my arms. “So dangerous... just like you Brianna.” Finally he reaches my hand, taking it in his and pulling it to his lips. I should move, I should run screaming but as his lips remove from the skin of my fingers all I want to do is force them somewhere else.

This is a pretty big skirt, I bet no-one would even notice him under there if I kept still...

The band stops the upbeat music it has been testing and moves to a slow melody, something so foreign about eclectic sound of acoustic music in a place this glamorous. Antonio still hasn’t put down my hand as he pulls it and me into his grasp. His hand slipping around my waist and his skin radiating fire as it places firmly against on of the cut outs of my dress.

He leans into my neck, not caring for how the spikes dig into his chin, his breath fanning against my dermis. “Do you remember the last time we danced amore? I didn’t think you could look more beautiful than you did that night but yet here you are, more magnificent than I could’ve ever imagined.”

We start to rock gently to the music, our bodies connected at every point so his overwhelming warmth scares away the chill of the evening air. How could I forget that night? It was one of the most magical of my life. Of course it’s now tainted knowing Meg was there but everything before we entered Paradise was complete bliss.

I don’t want to, I want to smack him and tell him to go fuck himself but as he lifts his head from my neck I miss his touch so much I let my head rest against his shoulder.

This isn’t like the last time we danced. It’s not heated or passionate, there is no lustful need here, it’s just two people enjoying the feeling of being in each others embrace. I miss dance, even this bare amount of movement makes my body alive with happiness. I know Public Relations is what I’m supposed to do, my skills at manipulating people into the palm of my hand shouldn’t be wasted and I know I can do some good along the way. However there will always be a small part of me that will never shift the desire to dance, to let music overtake my body and release it back out in powerful motions. It’s in my soul.

The music slows until it stops entirely, the silence filling our ears yet doing nothing to stop our sway. There’s always going to be something about him isn’t there? Something I can’t fight... tonight will probably be the last time I ever see him. Even if Clarisse hired the company for the wedding we both know she’ll want me kept far away from it... and him.

I let myself melt, just for a moment, if this is to be the last time I will be in his arms I want to feel it. He knows it too, he knows we’ll never get another opportunity to be together like this, so he stays silent also and only breathes when he places his head to the back of my own to take in my scent.

We have to go. It’s been too long. “Antonio...”

“I know amore, I know.” His hand at my waist clenches tightly before finally he relents his clench on my body and steps back. A few months from now he’ll be married, I don’t know what the arrangement is with him and Clarisse but it’s clear he needs it as much as she does or he would’ve gotten out of it by now.

We take a moment to look at each other, a moment of calm where both of us just stand there. It feels like an end. My heart tightening more in my chest than I thought it would.

There are no more words, his body tense as he forces his eyes from mine and turns. Exiting into the maze swiftly as I take a seat on one of the benches and breathe.

One more night Brie. One more night and he’ll be back to just being a fantasy you have in your darkest dreams.

I can hear Sonya screaming at someone in the kitchen from here and for some ungodly reason it’s actually comforting. I make sure to place the rose petals back to scatter the floor before grabbing my map ready to make my way inside.

Let’s get this shit done.
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