My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 86

“That bitch is crazy!” Helena protests as she scurries to my side. I don’t know what Sonya did to the staff but they all look like terrified puppies as they hustle and bustle through the crowds of people, one boy almost spilling a tray of champagne flutes but saving them at the last second thank god. I’m pretty sure Sonya would rip his eyes clean out if his head with her own perfect manicure if he’d have dropped them.

Laughing at Helena I see her eyes are distracted and facing across the ballroom to where Christopher stands, smiling at her whilst talking to some old guy he’s clearly not interested in. They’ve been like this all evening. The guests have been here for a solid hour yet Clarisse is nowhere to be seen, I get being fashionably late but she’s kind of taking the piss.

Everyone is a buzz, still eagerly anticipating the arrival of her mystery fiancé. Sonya’s on the verge of melt down as she downs her fourth glass of champagne just as people begin to gasp behind me. I turn to see my Italian standing in the doorway, his arm solidly linked with Clarisse who has a smile so big it’s more blinding than the crystal chandeliers in this place.

I wish I could say she didn’t but I can’t, she looks gorgeous. Her dress is pure gold, matching the theme of the hotel and the night. The satin is so smooth it’s like the dress was poured into her body as melted metal that clung to her curves. Her silver grey hair is tied up in a range of perfectly woven plaits out of her face, her make up simple but showing off that incredible bone structure she has.

Her dress has open sleeves that drape all the way to the floor and pool at her sides as she moves Antonio’s hand into hers. There’s a rustle of energy through the crowd as the women swoon over Clarisse’s beau. I avoid eye contact with them both, which becomes easier as Sonya starts screeching into my earpiece about some kind of disaster with lost confetti packets, I quickly remind her there are no confetti packets and she backs down sharpish.

Helena give my hand a comforting squeeze as they pass by us, me burying myself into the wall as much as possible to avoid being seen by either of them, I just want to get my job done and get out of here.

My reminder goes off to begin the dancing and I gesture to the band to start playing, Clarisse and Antonio taking to the middle of the dancefloor, looking into each others eyes like they’re both completely lost in awe of one another. They’re both such good actors... or maybe not. Maybe the reality of the situation is that Antonio has always wanted to be with her but needed one final fling before nailing himself down to one woman, maybe I was just the person to scratch that annoying itch he had.

More couples join the dance floor, all congratulating the happy couple as they move rigidly to the music. Clarisse may look beautiful but she moves like a fucking ironing board, a part of me wants to walk over there and teach her how to swing her hips. If this is what she’s like in bed no wonder he came searching for me... that was mean Brianna... Nah she’s a cunt, fuck her.

“Are you okay babe?” Helena asks gently.

I smile. “Never better beaut. I’m gonna check on the first course, can you make sure Sonya doesn’t fall off that stool?”

Helena looks at the slightly intoxicated lady behind us and chuckles. “I’ll try my best.”

Walking over to the kitchen the door is blocked by four guys, Tommy Vanderbilt in the middle surrounded by a wall of handsome. I’d actually seen his wife for the first time earlier but she wasn’t what I was expecting if I’m honest. He’s so cocky and confident I expected him to be with some kind of bombshell but his wife is more of a door mouse.

She’s pretty don’t get me wrong but painfully shy it seems, her body so thin I wanted to feed her a burger just to fill the hollows in her cheeks. She sits in the corner now, her eyes darting around the room like she’s terrified of everything that surrounds her. Her dress covering every inch of skin in thick black velvet. He hasn’t seemed to notice her at all since I’ve been here and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t left that seat once.

There’s something unnerving about the way she looks over at him, it’s a similar look to the one Helena gave him that day he came into the office, like she’s afraid to show she’s frightened.

Approaching the door Tommy’s eyes catch my own, I hoped my clear indication I needed into the room behind him would be enough to make him move but instead he just smiled widely at me. “Ms Parker, so lovely to see you again so soon.”

This guy was a charming little fucker but I wasn’t falling for it. I don’t get time to respond before the hands of all three of the men around him were placed out for me to shake. “Tommy, who is this vision of beauty you’ve been hiding and why haven’t you introduced us earlier?”

I want to scoff at the clear sleezeball to my left but I need to act professional. His hair is so greasy I could fry an egg in it and his nose can’t seem to pull its way from its permanent position in the air. I shake his hand before reaching out and doing the same with the other men. They stayed quiet but it didn’t stop them fucking me with their eyes.

“My apologies, this is Brianna Parker, her company organised the event.” Tommy states, taking a swig of the honey coloured liquid from his glass. From his breath I know it was definitely not his first.

“You flatter me Mr Vanderbilt but I assure you it is not my company, I simply work there.” Sonya would have my head for letting people think I was the boss around here. Although we both know I am.

Most women would be intimidated having four big guys looking at them like they’re a rare piece of fresh meat but I’m not most girls. I stand tall, keeping my stance firm and powerful as I stare them down. “My apologies Ms Parker, I simply meant to imply that your work here has been impeccable and you should be proud.” He states kindly.

“That’s not the only thing that’s impeccable.” Fucking creep! I don’t get a chance to respond to the Made in Chelsea reject before Tommy shoves him harshly.

“Don’t Tobias, she’s a woman not a fucking animal. Treat her with respect.” I’m shocked by Tommy’s jab at him, not that it’s the first time he’s defended me. I give him a courteous nod and he finally moves from in front of the door so I can pass, although I don’t miss the way pervy-perverson over here doesn’t budge an inch so I have to press myself against him on the way.

The door closes behind me but I have to push myself up against it quickly as I almost walk straight into someone carrying a large pot of delicious smelling soup. I always try to get at least a bit of the food at these things and right now that stuff is screaming ‘Slurp me up Brianna!’

Pushed against the door my anger begins to boil as I hear the conversation going on just the other side.

"Come on Tommy have you seen the ass on that girl? Never mind her damn tits. How have you not fucked it stupid yet? We both know how much you love a bit of rough from the streets, that girl has got poverty written all over her. I bet she likes it fucking dirty too."

Cunt. I hate fucking rich people, it’s like the rules don’t apply to them! Tommy’s wife is sitting right across the room and yet here his friends are asking how he hasn’t screwed me yet.

“You know I don’t fuck the help unless I have to. Although the stuff I’ve imagined doing to her ass would mean that bitch couldn’t sit down for a week.”

They all erupt into laughter and I want to smash every single one of their faces in! Tommy is the worst kind of man, the kind of man that is the reason women have so many trust issues. Coming along acting like a Knight in shining armour when really he’s just a twat in tinfoil.

Wait... evil plan brewing. “Excuse me?” The chef I have dealt with all day gives me a smile as he continues to plate up the soups. “The specialist dish you made for Mr Vanderbilt, the dairy free one? Where is it?”

He points to a bowl on the far left with a small star logo in front displaying Tommy’s name. I sneak past the people thoroughly distracted by their work before taking a pot marked chilli flakes and dumping a load into the soup with a smile. Yeah, no man with that level of toxic masculinity is going to complain about a bowl of soup being too hot for him to handle, it’s a victimless crime that I’m going to enjoy watching play out.

“These will be good to go in two minutes.” The chef shouts as all the servers ready themselves. I race back out, ignoring the group of disgusting animals on my way and instruct the master of ceremonies to get everyone in their seats.

Helena has been force feeding Sonya water and although she’d never say it, I know she’s grateful as she sits a bit more securely on the stool.

The guests take their seats as the first course is served and I capture Helena’s attention and point to where fuck-face sits with his soup, mouthing ‘watch’.

We both watch with glee as Tommy takes a large mouthful of soup, steam practically shooting out of his ears as he scrambles for anything to drink, finally taking the glass of water out of his wife’s hand and downing the contents entirely. I wait to see if he’ll say anything but as I predicted his pride prevents him and he moves to just stirring his spoon around the bowl whilst letting his tongue hang out like a damn dog gasping for air.

“Brie, what did you do?”

I smirk. “Something my girl Aleah told me a long time ago, when guys do bad things they deserve to be punished. Your sister ever tell you about the basketball team meeting a pet stores worth of dog food?”

She bursts out laughing, her body shaking as she giggles profusely.

“Will you two stop laughing! You’re working for crying out loud! Act professional!” Rich coming from a woman who can’t even stand up straight.
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