My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 87

The rest of the meal continues, the drama’s kept to a minimum and I try my very best not to laugh when Sonya almost dump tackles peanut-allergy lady when she lets out a gentle cough during dinner, I manage to rein her in enough to see that everything was good after a sip of water.

We were almost in the home stretch, the dessert plates are cleared and everyone settles themselves in for an array of poorly constructed speeches. Times like this I wish Tara and Cole had accepted their invitation to this thing so they could keep me entertained, but lately Tara hadn’t been so interested in keeping up with the Jones’.

There were so many people here I couldn’t even see everyone but there were one pair of eyes I could feel constantly. Me and Antonio were playing that game of cat and mouse where we both tried to sneak looks whilst the other wasn’t watching, and I don’t think Clarisse missed it.

He was making a good show of the fiancé thing but there was no fire there with her, not like there was with me. Often I would turn back just in time to see him trailing over my body before returning to his usual position of looking at his future bride with over the top doe eyes. They’re kind of making me sick.

“This is going well don’t you think? Not a single punch has been thrown and no-ones wife has been caught with a bellboy in the cloak room. It’s actually kind of boring compared to most of the ones I’ve worked.” Helena remarks. I was glad, the less drama the better as far as I’m concerned tonight.

I grab two flutes of champagne and hand her one. “We deserve this. The meals almost done which means it’s just dancing and clean up, although the hotel will do most of it. Plus it will help you numb the pain of those heels which I know must be killing you.”

She laughs, taking the champagne and bringing it to her lips. This stuff tastes like rats piss to me but it's better than being completely sober.

There's a murmur that starts on the other side of the room, a tidal wave of gossip that seems to spread throughout the people before it reaches us. The tension in the room becomes thick but I don't know what all the fuss is about as I scan for the cause.

A woman steps out into the middle of the room, her tight silver gown glistening under the lights of the room as it clings to her large baby bump. She looks like a disco ball who's ready to pop. "Helena, who's th-"

I'm cut off as Helena drops her glass, the crystal shattering as it hits the floor but nobody else hears it as all their attention focuses on the pregnant woman in the middle of the room.

Helena becomes ghastly pale, her mouth hanging open as tears form in her eyes and I can almost see her heart break right in front of me. Who the hell is that?

Sonya’s eyes almost pop out of her head next to me and I know that she definitely knows who that is. Turning back I can see the woman is now almost at the head table, she's trying to act strong and confident but there's a definite tremble in her hands that can't be missed as she finally reaches the family.

Most of the people there are trying to hide their shock but Christopher can't. His eyes focused entirely on the protruding stomach of the woman before him. Clarisse is wearing a smile most people would buy as sincere but as someone who's spent a lot of time with her over the last few months I know it's anything but, it's the face she makes when she's calculating her options.

There's a slight unease in the room as she rises to her feet, her smile now so wide I'm afraid she might unhook her jaw and swallow the poor girl whole. She grabs Christopher as she walks past and drags him to meet the pregnant woman, they all exchange words so quiet that no-one can hear but Clarisse never let's her smile faulted for a moment before finally she takes the girls arms and pulls her into an uncomfortable looking embrace before gesturing for someone to pass her the microphone.

Helena is still frozen, my attempts to pull her back to reality do nothing as she keeps her eyes perfectly focused on Christopher, who I now see is searching the crowd for her face too. He finds her just as Clarisse begins to talk, his face pleading with hers for forgiveness.

"Hello everyone, firstly I wanted to thank you all for coming, on behalf of both myself and my fiancé Antonio." She glances back at Antonio who smiles softly at her but still keeps his examining glare on the mystery woman. "Our union brings together two families, anyone who knows me knows there is nothing more important to me in this whole world than family. With that said I must admit as a family we have been keeping a bit of a secret." She places her hand against the girls stomach and chuckles, which the room joins in with, but all I can feel is the pain radiating out of Helena next to me. "Tonight seemed the perfect night to announce this very special news. Please join me in congratulating my son Christopher and his beautiful wife Emma on the imminent arrival of their first child."

Cheating bastard.

The room breaks out into applause but I can't hear it over Helena's sobs as she runs from the room in tears. Sonya yells something as I chase after her but I ignore her completely. Helena doesn't stop, running as fast as her legs can carry her until we’re far into the grounds of the hotel before she crashes to the floor.

I throw myself down to join her, trying to hug her but the spikes on my dress keep piercing her skin. She screams, a deep primal scream filled with pain and sorrow, the kind I haven't heard since Aleah broke up with Jayce. My heart shatters as I watch her crumble into nothing and the tears pour from her quivering face. So much hurt, so much misery that I don't even know how to help her so I just continue to try and hold her.

We sit there, the laughter from the party filling the air like salt in her already open wounds. She's just a kid, she doesn't deserve this.

We're out in the open and as I hear crunching behind us I turn to see Christopher approach. "Babe he's coming, do you want to talk to him?" She shakes her head so I stand to block his view of her as she stays broken on the floor.

"Back the fuck off you cheating piece of shit. She doesn't want you here." Chris freezes in his tracks, I'm betting a guy like him has never been spoken to like that but I don't give a flying fuck.

"Brianna, I'm not a cheat." Tell that to the baby inside your supposed runaway bride dickhead. "The baby isn't mine."

Helena hears his words and hurries to her feet, her once flawless make up now covering her face in tear soaked lines. "It's not?" She asks sheepishly and he shakes his head, peering over my shoulder at her as she continues to use me like a human shield to protect herself from him.

I don't buy it. "Then what was all that about?"

He tries to walk around me to get to Helena but I move to block his path, he isn't getting near her until she says it's okay. He relents, leaning back on his heels and keeping his head down as he talks. "Mum said it was the only way, now that everyone had seen she was pregnant I didn't get a choice. People think we're still together and she wouldn't have shame brought down on us so she took the mic and said all that. I didn't even realise she was going to say it."

"You didn't stop her though did you? You didn't deny it?" He hangs his head in shame and I can feel Helena sobbing as she places her forehead against my back.

Neither of them say anything until Helena's small voice whispers behind me. "Are we still telling them tomorrow?"

Oh poor baby. Christopher can't even bare to look at her, his eyes filling with tears as he faces from me to the ground. "We can't Helena. I need some time to figure this out."

Like fuck. Helena's tears soak my back and I lose it. "No. She's given you enough fucking time Christopher, two years of it. If that's not enough I don't know what is. Get the fuck away from her until you get this shit sorted and if I find out you've come near her then I will fucking end you myself. You may have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth but where me and this girl come from they eat cunts like you for breakfast. Now fuck off back to your wife."

I'm being harsh I know, but he should be grovelling at Helena's feet right now not feeling sorry for himself. If he wanted to be with her right now he could but he's too much of a coward.

Christopher doesn't put up a fight, turning immediately at my words and racing back to the party. Helena stays frozen solid as I try to comfort her but it's no good, I'm not who she needs right now. "Babe, let's get you home is it?" She nods and I take her out to the front of the hotel, using the side entrance so there's no chance of her running into shit-head again. I put her in Sonya’s town car and instruct the driver to take her home then come straight back, I don't need Sonya blowing up because her ride isn't here when she needs it.

I wish I could go with her but I have to finish up here first. Walking back to the hotel I call her mum and tell her briefly about the events of tonight, asking her to let me know when Helena gets there safely. I was so distracted trying to slip my phone back into the pocket of my dress I went crashing straight into someone as they exited the hotel and send the pack of cigarettes from their hand straight to the floor.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" Retrieving them quickly I attempt to pass them back but solidify upon seeing the woman in front of me.

She shakes as she realises who I am and her word comes out as a mumble. "Brianna?"

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