My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 88



These clothes make me feel like I'm suffocating. I know the lawyer said I needed to dress conservatively but this dress Aleah picked won't even let my legs breathe! Why do I need to dress up anyway? I probably won't even have to step inside the court room today.

Tara places a cup of coffee down in front of me which I take gladly, I didn't sleep a damn wink last night.

"So, Aleah not coming at all today?"

I shake my head at her. "She's got prep to do for her finals so I told her to stay on campus." I'm lying and she knows it but we can't really talk about how Al and Jayce haven't been in the same room together since they split at the hospital all that time ago and this is definitely not how I wanted them seeing each other again for the first time.

Tara nods but I see the sadness in her eyes. Things haven't been the same for their family since the shooting. Jayce hardly sees them, and even when he does he barely talks. He makes an effort with May but that little girl can't help but bring up Al in every other conversation so I know it's hard for him, not that he shows it.

Aleah offered to come but I wouldn't put her through that kind of anxiety, I told her I have Tara and Granny so I'd be good. Most of my work has already been done and because both the fuckers appear to be ready to be found guilty I probably won't even have to go up on the stand.

"Are you excited to start working for Sonya? She seemed really impressed with you, for someone as emotionless as her that's really saying something." Granny huffs as she swings the swill they're passing for coffee in this place whilst Tara attempts to distract me with this conversation.

"Yeah I am actually. She seems like a hard nut to crack but I'm sure she'll warm up to me, everyone does. If not it doesn't really matter with the fuck-ton of money she's offered to pay me."

Granny’s palm smacks quickly against the back of my head and I yelp in pain. "Language Brianna!" I swear this woman really needs to get laid.

Tara chuckles at Granny just as my delicious lawyer walks into the room. He has been giving me the eye ever since he took over from the last one, Tara only wants me to have the best, but she's warned me he's off limits. Doesn't stop my imagination from pulling off that shell of a blue suit and imagining what it would be like to lick up the gooey centre. Surely when this things over he'd be fair game right?

He takes the seat next to Tara, giving me a knowing look as he scans quickly over this ridiculous dress, although let's be honest - I'd look fuckable in anything.

Opening his briefcase he hands Tara some papers which she scans over before letting out a deep breath. "You have got to be kidding me!" She exclaims as she reads over the words in front of her. "How did she pull this? It’s bad enough they were released on bail until the trial but now this?"

He takes the paper from her before placing it back in his folder and turning his attention to me. "Brianna, I have good news and bad news, which to you want first?"

Why do people ask that? Which ever way you have it doesn't make it any easier. "Just give it to me." I don't miss the way his eyebrows shoot up at my words and by the not so subtle cough Granny let's out she didn't either.

Quickly composing himself he begins again. "So the good news is that your mother and Mr Thompson are both going to serve time in jail for what they've done. However, it appears your mother's sentence may be considerably less as she's now decided to testify against her former boyfriend in an attempt to get a more lenient sentence from the judge."

Tara quickly interrupts. "We don't have to let her Brianna. If you want we can refuse her testimony and go to a full trial with what we have. The private investigator has already cut a deal to save his own neck and that is enough to prove her guilt."

Handsome law and order quickly steps back in. "However it would still be a trial. You can still give your testimonial by video link just like we arranged but it would still be a full trial, despite the courts best efforts to maintain privacy, cases such as these tend to garner attention and details slip out. If we let your mother testify then I know they'll both plead guilty immediately. There will be no full trial, just a hearing and a sentencing. It's him the police really want in jail, but it's up to you how much you want her to get it too."

I really didn't want the whole world knowing about what I did. I'm not really embarrassed as such but I don't want it being something that follows me everywhere I go either. It's like doing porn, no matter where you go or how much you change your life it's always going to be out there waiting to come back and haunt you.

"If you let them plead out how long will they get?"

"With the added child and spousal abuse charges I would be surprised if Mr Thompson sees the outside world again much before ten years time. Your mother however would only be charged as an accessory in the charges related to yourself, she's also claiming spousal abuse and coercion so that will warrant her some free time. I believe she'll get three years but it may be less and it may not all be served inside a prison, she could be placed on house arrest or strict parole during that time."

I know she was treated poorly by Nigel but I also know how her mind works, this plan with getting custody of May wreaks of her grubby little paw prints. She set me up, I know that much, but does it make a difference now? It's over. "What about after? Can either of them come near us when they get out?"

Tara shakes her head. "No dear. They can't ever do that. There will be a lifetime restraining order in place, there is a clause for the kids under eighteen to be able to make contact with them after they become of age but it would be May and Milo’s decision to do that, which I don't think either of them are ever going to be interested in."

I nod. "Um, can I get five minutes? Just go grab a soda or something and think about it?"

Sexy suit smiles at me. "Of course, I've got to meet with the judge in an hour and he'll expect an answer by then but go to the vending machine and sit outside for a bit if you want, then come back to me with your decision. Do you want me to come with you?"

Want to be alone with me sailor? Granny grunts and I try not to laugh. “No, I’m good. Thanks though, another time...” Standing up I free myself from the room. The vending machine close by has a queue but I know there's one the other end of the court and I could do with the walk.

The court here is busy today, I've been a few times but there's never been this many people here. Of course on the one day I feel like I can't breathe there would be more bodies than air inside.

I walk quickly until I reach the other side, the hallway here much quieter with hardly anyone around, although the stench from the men’s bathroom opposite the machines is making me want to vomit. Girls toilets never smell like that, what is it with guys having to take a leak that makes it impossible for them to stay sanitary?! It's gross.

Staring at the machine with my money in my hand I scan over the options. Ooooh Tango! I love Tango! I was so distracted by the thought of bubbly orange soda I didn't realise someone had come out of the bathroom until my body was slammed up against the machine.

My chest ached as it was forced into the solid hard glass and the smell of cheap whisky radiated on his hot breath as he lent into my ear. I tried to wiggle free, I don't take shit like this laying down and I knew I wasn't going to let this fucker get the better of me.

I tried to kick my legs but he shoved his knee into my lower back, pinning my hips to the glass and applying so much pressure I winced in pain. "Brianna... I feel like I know you so well yet we've spent so little time together."

He grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back in one hand whilst covering my mouth with the other. I tried to scream but nobody could hear me in the bustling room down the hall from us. Fuck you Nigel.

"You know, I should really thank you. The sex with your mother had been so bad for so long, yet those photos of you gave me a new found lease on life when it came to her. I could see what she once was before you and your bitch sister ruined her body... Do you still have that five thousand Brie or did they make you give it to them? I mean, I should really take you right now and get my fucking moneys worth don't you think."

He's revolting. How could someone as sweet as Milo, beautiful as May or as protective as Jayce ever have come from this monster?

His disgusting breath becomes even more putrid as he leans right into my ear, tightening the grip he has on my mouth before he whispers. "I know your secret Brie. I know what you are, your mother told me all about it. Drop the charges against me or I will make sure the whole world knows how even at seven years old you were a little slut for older men."

How? How did she even know about it to tell him? My blood runs cold, my worst fears coming to life at the thought of anyone else knowing what happened, what he did.

"Your grandmother's brother Brianna. Turns out you were a dirty disgusting whore long before I paid that man to fuck you, weren't you?"

No.. I didn't want to.. I was a kid..

He won't do this to me. No man will do this to me. Not again.

I almost dislocate my thumb but I manage to rip my hand free of his grasp, immediately taking hold of his semi-hard dick through his trousers and crushing it in my hand. He screams out in agony as his hold on my falters and he falls to the floor. Before he has time to do anything else I shove my stiletto down onto his balls and he shrieks like a little girl.

"I may be a slut, a whore, a slag but you, you fucking cunt, you're going to end up someone's bitch very fucking soon. Every time you're getting gangbanged I want you to remember one thing. I put you there. Not Jayce, not Tara. Me. Tell people what you fucking want, I’ll be happy knowing you’re fucked either way."

Walking away I leave him a puddle, my Tango still in the machine as I walk straight back into the room. Tara smiles at me but all facade of pleasantries are lost as I slam my hands down on the table. The pain in my hands nothing compared to the bruise I know that prick has left on my back.

"Take her deal. I want him in prison, now."

The room realises there is no space to argue with me as they all nod in agreement. They both deserve to rot but it's him I need gone right now.

I swear to myself right here and now though, if I ever see that bitch again, I'm going to kill her.
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