My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 9

Okay someone want to explain to me how I ended up outside with this guy? And how I’m actually enjoying talking to him...

Oh yea. My raging whore-mones.

He hasn’t even tried to kiss me though, Kal and Josh left but I was still nursing my gin so I said I’d get Justin to take me back – they both knew what that meant obviously. Yet here I am sat on a bench at the park with some guy I’ve actually been talking to quite happily for the last two hours. Weird...

So far I’ve learnt his name is Connor, he’s a teacher (one I’m sure every sweet naive high-school girl in his class is creaming her knickers over every time they see him, I definitely would’ve let him give me detention back in the day.) And he has a love of all things good and pure – loyalty, honesty, trust – all that shit but he’s only ever had one long term relationship, since he skirted the topic quickly I’m assuming it didn’t end well.

I bitched for a good long while about Sonya and figured if this guy wasn’t going to fuck me I could at least use him for some free therapy until Justin was done.

We’d flirted non-stop don’t get me wrong but I get the clear sense this isn’t going where I want it too. He was actually a nice guy, I probably shouldn’t corrupt him right?

“Seriously! How can you have never had McDonald’s? Like how does that shit even happen?” I think this one is defective and I should return it.

He laughs. “I don’t know, I like to cook and if I ever do go out for food I like to go somewhere decent. It’s just never happened that I’ve needed heavily processed beef mixed with cardboard in my life.”

This guy needs some reality stat. “Okay that’s it. Where’s your car? We need nuggets now.” I joke.

He smirks. “I actually only live two blocks away so I walked... but we can go get it if you fancy the stroll?”

Walking. Ahhhh I hate walking. If humans were so good at walking we wouldn’t have invented cars.

I look back at the bar behind and can see Justin getting ready to leave, staring back at me. This guy is cute but he’s too sweet, he’s probably the kind of guy Granny would like for me but that makes me want to run away further.

“Sorry. My mate over there is waiting for me, I should get going.”

I stand and smooth out my skirt, it’s probably for the best. I’d definitely break the poor bastard.

“Mate huh?” He smirks.

Shit okay, time to be upfront. “Look you’re lovely, I actually appreciate what you did tonight even though I absolutely didn’t need it. I’m just not this type of girl, I can’t even remember the last time I talked to a guy for this long without his hand up my skirt. So I’m gonna say goodnight good boy and hope you find yourself the good girl you’re looking for.”

Leaning down to kiss his cheek he takes hold of my chin roughly and pulls me to face him instead. “Who said I wanted a good girl?”

Okay then...That’s more like it... I can work with this...

“Oh yeah? Prove it.” I flash my eyes to Justin’s. “Or I’ll go find someone else who can...”

Connors green eyes ignite with fire as he pulls me down into his lap, his hand circling around to the back of my head and taking hold of my hair. I look down at him and bite my lip, it wasn’t something I did naturally but I’d watched Aleah use it a hundred times to turn Jayce Thompson into a quivering wreck so I’d added it to my arsenal years ago.

He pushed against the back of my head until his lips met mine but the kiss wasn’t what I was expecting, it started soft but quickly turned passionate. Shit... the good boy is a fucking good kisser. My hands started to run through his hair until I was dragging my nails down his neck.

“Fuck... don’t stop doing that.” His now husky voice proclaims. Okay so maybe he does like it a bit rough...

It’s a good kiss, a really good kiss. His tongue dances against mine with total fluidity and his plump lips are so soft I just want to bite into them and leave my mark.

I let my nails run over his chest before grabbing hold of the hem of his jumper and attempting to pull it over his head before he stops me. “Here?”

Bless him. “Oh you poor sweet summer child, you really don’t get this whole bad girl thing do you?... Afraid someone might see us and get turned on at the idea of them being inside me instead of you? Because I don’t give a shit but we could just stop right now if that’s what you want...” I tease.

His hands take hold of my thighs and squeeze tightly. “Beautiful, I couldn’t stop right now if I wanted too.”

Our lips meet again as I’m pulled off the seat and into his arms, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he holds my ass and can’t help but to rub his hands all over it. There isn’t a guy on this planet that can resist this thing.

I’m not a small girl at 5’11 but he’s so big I feel like a little ant with my body wrapped around his, he carries me so easily I’m starting to feel like a damn child and I don’t like it, I need some control back.

My back hits a hard surface and I break the kiss long enough to look back and see I’m now laying on the picnic bench in the middle of the park. It’s gone midnight and there’s no-one around anymore but I still have to commend him for putting me so obviously on display.

I reach up into my skirt to pull off my underwear, but before I can remember I’m not actually wearing any he grabs hold of my wrists and pulls them back to my sides. “Don’t rush this.” His voice so much deeper than it was earlier, the sweetness that was once held in his tone now completely gone.

His hands run up my naked sides until they reach under my crop top and start to circle my braless nipples. My legs dangle over the end of the table as he stands between them and leans forward, taking my nipple into his mouth and sucking hard.

A moan leaves my lips that bounces off every tree that surrounds us but it only grows louder as he starts to bite them, only to lick the throb after then start the process again.

Fuck, okay this guy definitely knew how to work his mouth. That tongue of his can-

“Shit!” I was so distracted by what he was doing upstairs I didn’t even feel him sliding under my skirt until I felt two fingers thrust themselves inside me. Thank god he’d got me so wet first because otherwise that crap would’ve hurt!

“Fuck, you’re really not wearing anything are you?”

He pumps gently, running his thumb over my pulsating bead with each thrust. I dig my fingers into the roots of his hair as he continues to torture me on three fronts with his painstakingly slow speed.

“Connor... more...” I’m not usually one to use a guys name in bed, most often because I don’t remember it but still. I just really needed him to do more right now before I explode from the anticipation.

He doesn’t though, his lips move from my breasts and start to travel down my exposed toned stomach until they reach my belt of a skirt and he drops to his knees.

Fuck. Is he going to eat me out right here in the middle of the park? It’s one thing to fuck against a tree where you can stop and make it look like a nice cuddle if a late night runner sees you but there isn’t much you can change about a guys head being between your legs!

“Keep touching your nipples.” He pants right before his tongue dives between my folds.

Yes sir.

The cold breeze has every part of me standing to attention and the sensation of what he’s doing to me only increases as it hits the wet juices that coat me down there.

I let my hard acrylic nails start to tease my buds, clawing and leaving small scratches as I flick and pinch them roughly, just the way I like it.

His tongue runs over every inch of me, searching from top to bottom for the spot that gives him the most satisfactory noises, all whilst never stopping the fingers he has inside continuing to fuck me gently.

He rolls the tip of his tongue over the spot that makes my breath hitch in my throat and I feel him smirk against my skin as he knows he’s found it.

Lifting my legs I put them over his shoulders and pull him into that spot deeply with my thighs. Clearly he likes that because all of a sudden his fingers start to dig deeper and faster, curling up each time like a damn pro.


I’m not used to not faking the foreplay part of a one night stand to get to the good stuff but as my hips start to buck against his face of their own accord I could honestly lay here all night.

The hand he’s not fucking me with comes around my thigh and spreads my lips wide, allowing him to flick his tongue over my clit in perfect circles until I feel my legs start to shake against his head and he takes this as his opportunity to fuck me without remorse.

My hands drop from my tits to the table below me and take hold of the weathered wood to anchor me to this spot as the orgasm I’ve been desperate for starts to hit.

Good boy has skills...

The heels of my boots dig into his back but this only serves to spur him on harder as he pushes a third finger into me and my moans turn into screams. A powerful wave of pleasure shoots straight from my core and ripples throughout my body until the rush reaches my head and clouds my brain.

He doesn’t stop until my legs finish quivering and he’s lapped up every drop he’s made pour from me. Fuck, he can do that again.

I sit up despite the weakness I feel in my thighs and start undoing his belt, letting his jeans drop to the floor and sliding my hand into his boxers.

Holy fuck. So turns out the good boy was keeping another very... very... big secret.

Stroking his length with my palm I squeeze the tip on the way down and he lets out a deep breath whilst letting his head fall back.

I force myself to slip off the edge of the table and steady on my shaking limbs as I push myself onto my toes and reach up to kiss his neck. My nails run down his back as I reach his ear and suck it into my mouth causing him to tighten the grip he has on my hips.

Pumping him softly I whisper seductively directly into him. “Where do you want it? My mouth or my cunt?”

He pushes me back against the table, digging his solid member into my hips. I guess that’s my answer.

Flipping him I force him flat onto his back against the table and straddle his hips. My turn for control now.

The old wood creaks under our weight but I’ll just fuck him on the floor if this collapses underneath us before I’m finished.

Grabbing a condom from my purse I slide it down over his hard dick, entirely surprised when it actually fits and still doubting whether I will.

I always try not to look at guys when I’m fucking them, mostly because I’m picturing their face as Jason Momoa but also because it’s too intimate. Intimate sex is something I’ve just never been able to let myself do, sex is a tool just like meditation or loading the dishwasher. It doesn’t need all those mess of crap feelings.

His hand comes up to stroke my face as I lift my hips and ready him at my entrance. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Yeah I probably am mate.

Just stop looking at me like that please, the whole lost in my beauty thing is kind of killing the moment, especially when you have those eyed I just want to take a swim in while you do it.

I start to push him in, my hands steady against his chest as I ease onto him and feel him stretch me further with every inch.

I don’t think I’ve ever been filled like this, except maybe for Antonio...

The feeling of his tip hitting my cervix in this position causes us both to moan loudly as I finally get to his hilt and start to ride him gently.

“Fuck... you’re so tight... kiss me...”

His hand reaches up from my hip to my neck and pulls my lips down to his as I start to bounce up and down on him.

I try to pull back, the feeling of his lips so good but too intimate. His arms come around and hold my body to him so I can’t escape, a part of me wants to give in to such a passionate kiss but I know I can’t. This good boy needs to learn a lesson.

Pulling back sharply I break his hold and dig my nails into the flesh of his chest as he yelps out in a mix of pain and pleasure, using the distraction I start to force myself down onto him hard.

Bouncing, thrusting and circling my hips he finally lets go of all notions of making this a romantic moment and turns complete animal.

His fingers dig into my hips as he starts to force me down while he matches my thrusts.

My gorgeous tits bounce in front of his face as I arch my back enough he hits the perfect spot every time.

The moonlight bouncing off the thin layer of sweat that coats his body only makes him that much more gorgeous and I become completely distracted as our eyes lock.

Fuck, he’s beautiful.

Shit. Where did that come from?

Suddenly his movements become more ragged and I can tell he’s close but I’m not quite there yet. I reach to his nipples and pinch them harshly, giving me enough distraction to bring him back from the brink for a moment.

My hand reaches down to my clit and I start to rub it in perfect sync with my thrusts but he notices and shoves it away, replacing it with his own fingers.

That moment of domination was all I needed and as his eyes roll back in his head mine join them but he never stops teasing that spot with his fingertips as we both finally find our release.

I clench the walls of my pussy around him and he screams as his resolve shatters and he empties into the condom just as my high finally rides out.

Collapsing onto his chest I can’t even pull him out of me right away. We just lay there and let the cool early autumn air extinguish some of the heat we’ve created.

Damn. I really needed that.
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