My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 90

I slam my lips into his and he lets his glass fall to the floor and shatter at my feet as he grasps hold of my head and deepens the kiss. I don't care how fucked up this is, I don't care that it's his fucking engagement party still going on downstairs, I just want to feel better.

We both step through the broken glass as Antonio wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me up into his hold. The kiss becomes aggressive, I fight him at every step for dominance and as I suck on his tongue he releases a loud moan that I know means I've fucking won.

There are suit bags on the bed as we enter the bedroom and I realise this suite must have been where the boys got ready but I don't even bother to move them as I push him down forcefully to the mattress. As I make to straddle him he sits back up, reaching to the nape of my neck and pulling down the zip on the back of my dress, all whilst maintaining a deep passionate kiss. This, this is what I need.

I'm not as careful with him, pulling off his jacket roughly and not bothering to undo the buttons on his shirt as I just pull it apart and rip it off. With me and Antonio, rough is the only way.

Pulling my arms out of the sleeves of my dress I break the kiss to stand, letting my gown fall to my feet in a black puddle to reveal my naked form underneath.

His eyes scan over my body, pausing briefly at the significant bruise on my shoulder, one that has become considerably darker since I dug my fingers into it moments ago.

"Fanculo" - ('Fuck')

He rises to his feet in front of me, his fingers lightly tracing over the bruise on my shoulder as I undo his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He's perfect, his body that of a man most women can only dream of letting inside them.

"I will kill the person who is responsible for doing this to you amore."

I don't give a fuck about that, I don't want to think about how hurt I am. I want to feel anything but the pain.

My hand runs down his chest slowly, until it comes to his abs and I let my fingers brush over each and everyone of them until I feel him shiver under my touch. His solid length is already poking me in the stomach so as he reaches out to press his lips to mine I swerve him and drop to my knees.

I want him in every way. Lopping my fingers into the waist band of his boxer shorts I keep them in place, letting my lips kiss his length over the fabric. As he starts to moan I suck him through it too and his chest fills with a deep growl. There's something about denying a man what he wants that always turns me on.

Slowly I slide the fabric down, continuing to kiss and suck over it until inch by inch he is revealed to me and the skin of my lips makes contact with him. I haven't even taken him in my mouth yet and I can already see he's resisting the urge to buck his hips. Letting my tongue lick up and down the length of him he takes hold of the back of my head but I don't give him what he craves, instead flicking his tip and watching it bob on my tongue.

He wants it but he won't beg for it, men like Antonio always have a way of making women do exactly what they want. He grasps my chin and makes me turn my eyes to him, the tip of his dick sitting on my lips.

"You've teased me Brianna, now you shall have to take it all." His grip on my chin becomes firm as he pulls open my mouth and shoves his whole cock down my throat. I had no time to prepare, my breath caught as I gag but it does nothing to deter him as he holds me in place and starts fucking my mouth whilst keeping his eyes placed firmly on my own.

He's so big, there's so many times I think I'm going to suffocate on his thick length but at the last moment he pulls back to provide me with the chance to breathe before plunging into me again.

His dominance is what I need right now, I don't want to be in control, I want to be lost to him. I feel his release nearing, his eyes leaving mine as they roll back in his head and he cries out for me to swallow everything he gives me. His hot salty seed coats my throat and the leaking between my legs spills out onto my thighs as I hear him moan in realms of pleasure.

He pulls free of me as I lick my lips slowly, him dropping to his knees to join me and letting his tongue lick the cum away I didn't know was leaking from the corner of my mouth. That was hot...

Our lips lock again and his arms take hold of my waist to force me to my feet, guiding me to the bed until the back of my legs hit the mattress and he pushes my whole body down onto it. There are still suit bags under me but I push them away as I scramble myself up onto the pillows.

Antonio remains standing at the bottom of the bed, starring down at me as I watch him become hard again at the mere sight of my naked body. His dick only grows more as I run my hand down my stomach, caressing over my curves until I reach my clit and start to play with it right before his eyes. He doesn't move for a moment, making sure to record this inside his mind so he can play it back later when he's forced to fuck Clarisse I bet.

He takes one of my feet in his hands, pulling it to his lips and kissing the toes before moving down the rest of my leg, his eyes always watching what I'm doing but making sure to leave open mouth kisses along all the scrapes and cuts that still coat them.

My body feels on fire, his touch soothing yet stimulating as he reaches the apex of my upper thigh. He doesn't move my fingers, instead letting me continue to play with myself as he moves his lips deeper until he starts to fuck me with his tongue. I know I'm dripping wet as I hear the noises his tongue makes whilst it enters then pulls from me repeatedly.

The fingers I have placed to my clit start working the spot that drives me wild, my other hand teasing my nipple whilst Antonio moves his own hand to pinch the free hard bud. The orgasm I needed comes thick and fast, my moans growing to screams as I reach the point of climax. Right at the very moment I'm set to spill over the edge Antonio whips his tongue out of me and forces two fingers inside sharply.

I scream, the pleasure and pain mixing with so much power I spill out everything I have onto him whilst my hips bounce and my legs shake with the adrenaline rush left behind. "So beautiful." Antonio stares down at my leaking pussy as I run out my high, before removing his fingers from me and wiping the juices upon them all over his cock.

Climbing onto my body he spreads my legs wide and places himself at my entrance, the head of him rubbing against my sensitive bean and making me twitch at the sensation. "Tell me amore, how do you want it?"

His lips begin to pepper small kisses along my jaw and neck until finally he reaches my lips, a long deep kiss filling both our bodies with need follows before he looks me in the eye awaiting my answer.

"Hard. Fuck me so hard I forget it all."

Slipping the tip of his dick into me, enough to make me moan at the stretch, he smirks. "As you wish amore."

Then without hesitation he slams into me to the hilt, my whole body quivering at the feeling of fullness he brings me, my nails grasping at his back in panic before he pulls out almost entirely and then repeats the process.

He does this again and again, his thrusts hard but slow, each time causing me to scream and moan below him. I want to fight and beg him to go faster but I know we'll get there soon enough so I let him continue this torture.

Finally his control fades as I latch my teeth to his neck and bite down hard, his body quivering as all tether he has snaps and he begins to thrust into me without mercy.

It's so much, so fast and so hard but somehow I need more. “Harder.” I beg but he continues his pace.

Antonio's necklace is all that he wears, the large diamond covered cross rocking back and forth in front of my eyes as he pounds in and out of me with perfect rhythm.

I know what I need to do. Grabbing onto the back of the chain I pull it taught and choke him slightly with the heavy cold metal. I pull it tighter as I watch the fire burn brighter in his eyes, the sexiest smirk I've ever seen on his lips as he resists against the chain in an attempt to pull in air. "I said, harder."

He pulls my body up, flipping me over before placing me onto his lap as he sits on his knees, his solid length now deep within me again in one swift motion. "Take it, take it as you want it."

That’s my boy. I lift up then slam myself down hard onto him until I can't get him in any deeper, his hip bones digging in so hard I know they're going to leave bruises on my ass.

As I do the same thing again he rises his hips to meet me, causing me to scream out in bliss as his member feels like it almost reaches my stomach. I need this, I need him to make me forget everything but what his body is doing to me.

He loops one arm around my waist to keep me supported as I bounce on his cock whilst he moves the one that was playing with my hard nipples to my throat, clenching it tightly as he starts to power in and out of me.

Antonio can never give up control, he tried for a second there but now he's back in the drivers seat, exactly where I want him. His grip pulls me tighter to his body, the hold he has on my throat so strong I know I'm one wrong move away from suffocating but it feels so fucking good.

The blood rushes to my head as he pushes my body down onto his rising cock, faster and harder until I can feel the fluids pouring from me down onto his thighs.

Sweat drips between our bodies as my back becomes slick with his chest. I can't move, I'm completely at his mercy as he pulls me up and rages everything he has into me.

I force my throat forward, trying to get him to grip it tighter as we move but it doesn't get to the grip I want. I growl in frustration, wanting him to take more control than he physically can. I almost whimper when he removes his hand completely, his rhythmic thrusting pausing for a moment before I hear the sound of metal hitting together. Suddenly there is something strong and leather wrapped around my neck, the clattering of the buckle next to my ear stopping as he pulls his belt around it.

"Do you trust me amore or do you need a safe word?"

Fuck it. "Do it."

He yanks the belt tightly as it squeezes my throat, my body not getting a second to adjust as he wraps the remaining leather around his fist to anchor me in place before thrusting into me without mercy once again. My head becoming more clouded by the second until all I can feel is him.

I don't know my name anymore, I can't feel my legs. Everything I have and everything I am is his. His mouth moves to my ear as he speaks in ragged pants, the pressure in my core building once more. "I'm never going to stop Amore, you will never escape me. I will fuck your pussy, your mouth, your ass. I will fuck your mind with my words, your body with my cock and your soul with my heart until the only thing you can think of is me, until the only thing you can taste is me. I will be your all amore, as you are mine."

It's too much; the words, the emotions, the things his body is doing to mine. I don't think I can take anymore until suddenly his teeth dig into the sensitive flesh at the back of my neck and with a gasp I come undone. My orgasm isn't built, it's skyrocketed as it screams through me and pours out.

I can't stop it, I shout his name over and over without a care for who can hear me. My shrieks of joy overwhelm him as he releases entirely within me, our bodies shaking as one.

There is no more, nothing either of us have to give as we collapse into a pile of mangled limbs on the expensive sheets.

I don't know when it happened, I can't pin point the time, but without me being aware this man became something I never thought he could, he became my escape.

His hands come to guide my lips to his, the hold he has on my head almost as strong as the one he once held on my heart. He removes the belt from my neck and kisses the bruised flesh left behind.

I don't want to talk, I don't want anything to break through this moment as we both refill our lungs with oxygen. We know we have to go, there's a hotel full of people waiting for him but neither of us move an inch.

His lips meet my shoulder, a slight sting there again now after the battering I just put it through. He doesn't move at my flinch, only applying more and more gentle kisses until they reach over my collarbone, up my neck and back to my lips.

I don't let our lips touch again, afraid it will be the last time, so he just kisses the corners before stopping completely as he looks at me. "Where do we go from here Amore?"

We go the only place we can go. "Nowhere."

His eyes grow dark with a sadness of that truth before we allow ourselves a moment longer in this bubble.

I can feel myself growing tired, my world wanting to slip into darkness but we both know that's not an option.

Pulling from his grasp I free myself of his comforting embrace and put back on my dress. I can hear my phone going off somewhere on the floor so seek it out, ready to take the onslaught of Sonya’s attack for my disappearance.

Antonio doesn't approach me again, buttoning a new shirt in the mirror as I search through the pile of suit bags until I find the phone I'd almost lost under the bed.

My screen lights up and my heart stops, one message with two simple words that sends my already complicated world spiralling even further out of my control.

What did I just do?

I can't stop the pounding in my heart or the tears that form in my eyes as I look at what sits on the screen before me.

'Hey stranger.'

Steve. He's awake.
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