My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 92

"Is there somewhere you would like me to take you first, Miss?" The driver asks as we turn back towards the town.

"No, let's get her home first. I don't think she's in a position to be going all over the place. I'll get a taxi from there."

He smiles. "That won't be necessary Miss, I can take you anywhere you wish after we take Sonya back. I'm in her constant employment so it would be no hassle to take a friend of hers home."

I snigger, a friend is definitely not something I'd call Sonya. She's possibly not my work place nemesis because that role has been taken by slutty no boobs, but she's not quite just my boss either. She's like my evil galactic overlord or something.

The way he refers to her as 'Sonya' isn't lost on me either. I refer to her that way but only because we work with clients together and it would be weird if I called her anything else. I'd assumed her staff would refer to her as something a bit more formal.

He keeps glancing back at her in the mirror, checking that she's okay. There's even a small smile on his lips as she mutters something unrecognisable under her breath. It’s sweet, I'd say it’s definitely more than a staff member should care for his employer.

"Thank you, that would be great. So, how long have you been driving for her?"

"Seven years now."

Bloody hell, and he hasn't tried to kill her yet? "Wow, hat's off to you mate because no way will I last that long. You must have the patience of a Saint... or a thing for verbal self-harming."

He laughs. "I understand she is sometimes a lot to handle, but she isn't the monster she makes herself out to be. She has her reasons for being the way she is."

I turn in my chair to face him, eyeing his body language as he talks about her. Damn, he likes her! He's giving her come fuck me eyes without her even knowing it. "You seem to know her well, do you spend a lot of time together?"

Really I'm asking if she's fucking her driver, but I'm working it in slowly. "Not as much as we used too. We actually knew each other when we were young children, she gave me a chance when I moved out here to prove myself when no-one else would. I got in some trouble back home and needed a fresh start, she'd been out here a while by then and was already making a success of herself. She gave me this job, it was supposed to be temporary but now I don't think I'd be happy doing anything else."

Okay he doesn't just like her, he's looking at her right now like she's the only woman in the world.

"Sorry, what was your name?" I feel rude as fuck for not asking that earlier, have I been around rich people so much I've forgotten what it is to be a regular person?

He smiles at me. "Peter Walker, you're Brianna I take it?" I nod. "She speaks highly of you, she doesn't do that often so take it as a compliment... Please don't take to heart the way that she can be, sometimes it's the most confident and cold people that are the most afraid and alone, the most in need of love."

Preach babe.

The car comes to a stop and I tell Peter I should be okay to get her up inside, Sonya has been making noises for the last five minutes that I think mean she's coming too.

Dragging Sonya up the stairs to the town house Peter just dropped us off at I'm not even sure it's the right place until the key actually fits in the lock, this doesn't at all seem like the type of place Sonya would live. It's so... homely.

She leans over my good shoulder as I pull her into the dark wood covered hallway where I spot a large sofa in the living room to my left. There's no way I'm getting her up the stairs with my shoulder like this so I yank her in that direction, as her feet stumble, and dump her ass on the couch. She hardly rumbles as she proceeds to bury herself further into the cushions.

"Joseph?" A man's voice comes from the room next door and I freeze. "Joseph, is that you?" His voice is weaker now but I can still hear it's coming from the next room.

Walking across the hall I find what I'm presuming should be another living room but instead in the middle sits a large hospital bed, a frail old man in blue and white striped pyjamas looking up at me with confusion as all the machines he's attached too beep around him. Rosie sits in her dog bed snoring in the corner when I enter, but lifts her head at my presence, her tongue poking out in approval at the sight of me before she settles back down into the plush velvet.

Just as I go to talk to the man the door across the room swings open, a lady with a kind smile in a nurses uniform stepping through carrying a tray with two glasses of lemonade on. She gives me the same confused look as the old man, running her eyes over my gown before returning to my face. "Who are you?"

"I'm Brie, I work for Sonya. She just needed a little help getting home in one piece." The nurse chuckles, placing the glass of lemonade to the man's lips and letting him have a few sips.

"I'd better get her one, this stuff seems to pull her back together the quickest." She turns to go back to the kitchen but the man grabs her sleeve and pulls her back.

"Is Joseph home?"

The nurse gives him a sad smile. "Yes Derek, I'm just going to get some more lemonade and I'll be right back. I'm sure the nice girl won't mind waiting with you for a minute?"

I nod and step towards the man, trying to match his loving smile as he turns to me. I take the seat on the opposite side of him and he starts talking to me again. "How do you know my Joseph?" Mate, I have no clue who you're talking about. He points to the set of drawers on the other side of him and I see it's covered in framed photos of a little boy. Most of the pictures are quite worn but there's one of him in the middle clutching a football where he has a smile that mimics the man sitting in front of me. "Is that your son?"

The man nods with pride before reaching over and grasping the photo to hand it to me. "He was so good at football, he tried so hard and everyone on his team loved him. I'll never understand why he gave it up."

I look down at the little boy, he seems so familiar. Those eyes and those cheekbones, that nose. I've definitely seen him before, but yet it's like he was different when I did... Almost like...

Wait. Those eyes... Sonya’s eyes. This photo is too old for it to be her son, the resemblance too uncanny to be a brother. This kid doesn't just look like Sonya, it is Sonya.

"She's trans..." My voice whispers.

"You can't tell anyone." Her sharp voice comes from behind me and I whip around to see Sonya balancing on shaky legs clutching a glass of lemonade. She stumbles over to the bedside, dropping onto the chair the nurse was sitting in earlier before pulling herself together and stroking her Dad's face.

I hadn't realised the man had fallen asleep, his gaunt features showing he definitely wasn't well. "He doesn't remember." Sonya states as she pushes her fathers hair back out of his eyes. I've never seen her show anyone this level of softness, it's almost unnerving. "He's in the final stages of dementia. Most of the time he thinks I'm the help whilst he cries out for a little boy that died a long time ago."

My heart breaks for her, all the times she's locked herself in her office or disappeared over the last few weeks finally making sense now. The drinking clearly a way to escape the pain of slowly watching someone you love fade away. "The worst part is that he was the person who accepted me most, he just doesn't remember who I am. It's been just me and him for a long time. My mum died when I was nine, I came out right after. People kept telling him it was a stage, that it was just my reaction to the grief of losing her and I'd grow out of it. They didn't realise I'd been hiding who I was all the years she was alive, her death was just what triggered me to realise life is too short to live being someone you're not."

She's so strong. I always knew this woman was a boss, but turns out she's a damn queen as well. "Why don't people know?"

Shaking her head she takes her fathers hand, his chest rises and falls slowly in his sleeping state. "We moved here when I was thirteen, by then I'd already transitioned. Dad always supported me, let me live as I should. I just never told anyone when we came here so no-one would ever see me as anything other than the woman I am. A few people have figured it out over the years and it's always ended in disaster, the world isn't kind to people like me most of the time. Tolerance is much more prevalent than actual acceptance."

People fucking suck.

"After a decade or two I forget sometimes there was even a world before I was this. I hadn't even seen any of these photos for years until he started getting worse, I hate them but they're the only thing that bring him comfort anymore so I bare it... I know I'm a bitch Brianna. I know I'm too hard on everyone that works for me and I show no mercy, but I've had to be. Trans women in my position know that in an instant everything we've built can all be destroyed. We're one bad hook up finding out about us from losing it all. I work hard to be the best, to be so good that even when they find out what I am they'll have no choice but to embrace me because there is no-one better."

It's not the same thing, but I've watched how much harder Josh works than everyone else around him too. He knows he has to prove he belongs in a world where men like him rarely get where they deserve to be. Not to mention I’m black and a woman, I know I need to work twice as hard to get half as much credit as my white male counterparts. Sonya is a bitch yes, but living your life in fear every second of everyday is going to cause you to put up walls made of titanium so no-one can ever penetrate them. She lives constantly afraid, fear does terrible things to people.

"Sonya, you are a strong, fierce and independent, beautiful woman. You shouldn’t be hiding, you should be showing the world and every kid growing up with the same feelings you had what a powerful bitch like you can achieve... I'm not going to tell anyone, but there isn't a part of you that you should feel ashamed of. You are exactly who you were born to be."

Her eyes leave her fathers for a moment as they meet mine. "You’re a very special person Brianna. I wish more people were like you... Maybe one day I will... but not today."

I nod, handing her back the photo that was still in my lap, which she takes gingerly before returning her attention back to her father.

Just as I stand up to leave, I turn back to her. "Your driver, Peter, he knows right? He knew you when you were young?"

She nods. "Yeah, we were actually best friends back then. He's always been kind to me, I don't know why considering the way I am."

I smirk. "Because he's got the hots for you babe."

She looks at me in shock for a moment, the information clearly new to her, before recomposing herself. "I'm too drunk for this conversation. Call me babe again Brianna and I'll have you doing basement bar mitzvahs on the rough side of town for the next year."

That's better, kind Sonya was freaking me the fuck out.

The nurse meets me at the front door, giving me a comforting smile before escorting me out and locking the door behind me.

Stepping back into the town car I'm grateful Peter waited like he offered, my head still spinning with all the events of tonight.

"Where too miss?"

Sonya was right about life being too short. There's only one place I want to go right now. "St George's Hospital please."

I'm coming stranger.
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