My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 93

Yeah, the looks I'm getting as I run through the hospital in this gown at three in the morning aren't exactly surprising. Jumping in the lift I almost stab a nice orderly with the spikes on my shoulder.

Why are these things so slow? I'm going to the fifth floor not the fucking moon people! Maybe it's a sign, maybe he won't want to see me? Nah, there isn't a man alive that wouldn't want to see me at this ungodly hour.

Finally the doors open on the familiar reception area, the nurse giving me a confused look as I pull up my skirt and run straight past her to where I know Steve is.

I pause as I approach the door, checking through the window to see if he's awake still. Josh is sleeping soundly on a chair in the corner but Steve is wide eyed, his phone in front of his face as he keeps pulling down the screen like he's trying to refresh something. Wait, fuck, I didn't message him back! He probably thinks I left him on read! Shit.

Without hesitation I push open the door, stepping inside and expecting some kind of reaction but Josh just continues to snore whilst Steve doesn't look up from his phone, he's probably had people coming in and out since he woke up.

"Wow okay, so no running to kiss me and declare your undying love huh? What a crap rom-com lead male you'd make!"

Steve drops his phone to his chest at the sound of my voice, his eyes lighting up entirely as ours connect. How does he look this good? He's been in a coma for like a fucking week, shouldn't that lower the sex appeal somewhat?

"Fuck." Steve runs his eyes down my gown, not bothering to hide the fact he's pausing on all my best assets. "There's no way your real... Is this still a coma hallucination? Babe, I'd get up but I kind of can't."

I laugh and walk over to his bedside, Josh stirring but not waking as the feathers of my dress skirt brush over his exposed knees. I don't even get to Steve before he reaches out and grasps my wrist, pulling with every ounce if energy I'm sure he has until I fall and land by the side of him on the bed. There's barely enough room for my ass to squeeze on here with how much his giant frame takes up but I'd balance on the edge of a pin to be this close to him.

His crystal blue eyes glisten under the moonlight as he looks up at me with a smile so bright I could use it to perform flash photography. He can't stop looking at me, like he's remembering every detail of my face in case he never sees it again.

I reach out and stroke his cheek, his skin coated in his rather long looking beard right now, it's actually making him look more fuckable if that's at all possible. "You seriously couldn't think of anyone better for a nice coma fantasy? Babe, you could've had Megan Fox or that girl from the beer commercial who can do that thing with her tongue."

He leans into my touch, my hand instinctively sliding up into his hair and tugging on it gently, the way I did after the fight, that brought him so much comfort. "Not sure there is anyone better Brie..."

Poor baby must be on the good stuff, I could actually use some serious pain killers myself after tonight. His eyes drift close under my touch, there's a slight clatter outside that distracts me but I still swear I heard him moan there for a second.

He whips his eyes open again. "Are you okay? Were you badly hurt? Josh said you were here for a few days but that bitch boss of yours made you go back to work or something."

Turns out she's not so bad actually. "Am I okay? Babe I wasn't the one that was in the coma! Are you okay? What have they said about your head?"

He attempts to run his hand up my arm but gets caught on the spikes. "Shit, those things are sharp."

I laugh. "Protective barrier..." Looking around the room I spot a suitcase of Steve's clothes. "Can I borrow something?"

Nodding his head I dig around in the suitcase until I find one of his large t-shirts, pulling it out I realise that weirdly it smells like me. "Um Steve, is this the one I wore at yours the other day? Because I don't think it's been washed. Did Josh raid the laundry getting you stuff?"

I've never ever seen Steve embarrassed but right now there's a red layer coating his face like May went mad on him with the blusher. "Um yeah, I um... I think I might have hung that one back up accidentally without washing it..."

That weird little fucker, he didn't wash it after I wore it? Surely if he put it on he would've... Ohhhhhh. I smirk at him. "That desperate to see what it would feel like to have me wrapped around you huh?"

He doesn't say anything, instead choosing this moment to become utterly enthralled with the heart monitor next to him. I don't want him to have a heart attack due to pure embarrassment so I let it go.

I look at the tiny bathroom attached to his room but this big ass dress isn't getting in there. "Um, keep your eyes closed okay?"

"Wha-" I ignore him and reach around to grab the zip of my dress, pulling it down and letting the fabric fall to the floor before slipping the t-shirt back over my body. It reaches to my mid thigh but I should probably have something on underneath considering I'm not wearing any underwear. Leaning deep back into the case there's no shorts but there is a pack of new boxers. I'm sure Josh only bought these so he didn't have to look through his big brothers underwear drawer, the little weirdo. I take one out and slip them on.

Turning back I expect to see Steve with his hands over his eyes or something but instead they're wide open and he's moving slightly uncomfortably as he holds the blanket up much higher than necessary around his waist. I cross my arms over my chest and look at him. "I told you not to look."

He lets his head fall back with a chuckle. "I didn't hear you, it was kind of impossible to look away once you started... Are you always naked under your clothes?"

"Isn't everyone?"

We both laugh but shut up quickly as Josh begins to stir, I tip toe over to the side of the bed again but this time Steve turns onto his side and lifts the blanket to allow me to slip under them next to him. We stay quiet until Josh begins to snore again.

I've never laid in bed like this with a guy before, just facing each other without either of us trying to make sex happen. Running my hand up his arms they're so battered, scars litter the surface of the skin everywhere I touch, bruises from where all the tubes were sitting inside him. I notice the goosebumps rise to the surface as my fingertips slowly glide over every mark I caused.

"I'm so sorry Steve. If you'd kept your jacket you wouldn't have these. Fuck, if you didn't get in the car with me then you wouldn't be here at all. It's my fault and I'm so fucking sor-"

My words are cut off as Steve takes hold of the back of my head and plants his lips against mine. It's only a small kiss, just a simple gesture, but it's so full of raw emotion the power of it makes my legs quiver.

He pulls back. "It wasn't your fault Brie. It was a fucking accident. If I hadn't stayed at the beach I might never have been given the chance to kiss you, knowing that, I'd make the same decision every single time, I'd fall off every fucking cliff if it meant I still got to kiss you that night. I wouldn't change a thing..."

He isn't mad? Hell, he's kind of happy about all this. Doesn't he realise that we could've kissed months, maybe even years ago? Does he not realise how long I've wanted to kiss him?

"Besides.." He says laying his head back down on the pillow. "You still owe me a date, couldn't go dying just yet."

I laugh and punch him gently on the shoulder but he immediately winces. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry." Pulling back the collar of his t-shirt I see his bruised shoulder in a similar state of repair to mine. "Fuck, sorry. Look, we're twins." Pulling down my own collar I expose my bruised shoulder to him.

He runs his finger along the dark sensitive skin, my own mocha skin tone doing little to hide the severity of the hurt. He keeps going until he grazes over my collarbone gently, sending ripples of pleasure through my whole nervous system until finally he reaches my neck. "Was this from the accident too? It looks fresh."

My hand immediately draws to my neck, reaching his fingers and pulling them away from my flesh. I never lie to guys but he's just woken up and he doesn't need to know about my little self help session with Antonio. "Not exactly. What have the doctors said about your head?"

He doesn't seem to notice my desire to change the subject as he smiles at me. "They said it's okay at the moment but they need to monitor it. Might need an op but it'll be smaller than the one I would've needed if I was still sleeping. I won't be fighting for a while though."

I give him my most evil glare. "You won't be fighting at all numb-nuts. If you get back in that fucking cage again I will personally get in and kill you myself. Understand?"

Steve’s eyes flare, for a moment he seems to really like the idea of me hurting him before finally he laughs. "Damn, okay so this is what it feels like to have you as a wife hey? Not that I hate an Alpha female but beautiful, I've got to work off this frustration some how."

"Bitch please, if we were married we both know you'd never feel frustrated again. I'm not a girl to leave a guy unsatisfied, I'd make it so your legs were never stable enough for you to stand in that damn cage anyway."

Fuck, what am I saying?

He can't stop staring at me, like he's calculating his next move. "I'll hold you to that."

Fuck! Is it wrong that a part of me wants to run away to Vegas with this guy just to see how it all plays out?

The tension in the room is suffocating, I want to drink it in and let it roam free throughout my body, taking control and delivering us to a new place. Steve's hand is under the blanket when I feel it placed on the exposed flesh of my thigh, his callous fingers just do something to me I can't explain.

He slowly slides it up my body, the blanket moving as he runs over my hip, falling into the dip of my waist before continuing to run up my ribs and settling there with his thumb gently stroking at the side of my breast. My eyes fall shut under his delicate touch, my body shaking slightly as I soak in the feel of him.

"You look so fucking good in my clothes." Steve's hold on my ribs increases, his thumb putting pressure against the surface of my breast and stroking only an inch from my now very hard nipple. I know he can see it but we both know right here and now is not the time or the place for us.

I lean forward, placing a delicate kiss to his lips then pulling away before he can make it anything more. "I should go, you need to rest."

Steve's eyes shoot open wide. "Like fuck." He pushes his hand under my waist on the other side and pulls my whole body towards him in one fluid motion, damn this guy is fucking strong for someone fresh out of a bloody coma. He moves so my head is tucked into the crook of his neck, my legs entangling with his without my conscious realising. Everything with Steve has always been such a natural instinct. "You're not leaving me, not right now and possibly not fucking ever Brie." He whispers in my ear.

This is something so foreign to me. I never fucking do this shit, I don't even cuddle guys after sex and I sure as hell don't spend the night in a man's arms. Yet here I am, snuggled into this brute of a man and never before have I felt so... comfortable.

The voice in my head that usually screams at me to run is nothing but a distant echo in a hollow room at the moment, yet I can't help but let the doubt in. "I don't think the doctors would be okay with this babe." Steve's scent overwhelms me as every breath I take draws his neck closer to my lips.

"Fuck them. They wouldn't make rules if they didn't want someone to break them."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

His whole body relaxes around me and mine with it, the torture of the last few days slipping away as the darkness calls my name. The fingers that were once on my waist slide up, caressing the skin of my face and stroking my hair, leading me into a sense of euphoria I didn't realise was possible without a dick in you.

He places a kiss to my temple as I bury myself further into his hold.

It is right here in this moment I do the unthinkable. I, Brianna Destiny Parker, spend the night comfortably asleep in a man's arms.

And it was fucking perfect.
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