My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 94

“What the fuck are you two doing?!”

Why does Josh always have to be so fucking loud in the morning? Flickering open my eyes slowly, I attempt to stretch only to find my arms trapped in a sandwich between my body and Steve's. I glance up to see him slightly wince as he attempts to stretch himself, my head weighing down his bad shoulder.

"Oh shit." I lift myself up but as soon as he moves his arm the inch it needed he immediately pulls me back down into his hold.

He looks down at me with a smile, which I return. The world around us fading away as we stare into each others eyes. "Good morning beautiful."

Fuck, he looks good in the morning. I fell asleep with my up-do still pinned in place which it definitely isn't now, so I probably look like shit. Not to mention the day old make up and the fact half the gems that were once stuck to my eye lids now coat his chest.

There's a loud cough from next to us, breaking us from the trance of being the only two people in the world. "Um yeah, hello? Want to tell me why you're in bed with my brother Brie? Oh I swear to God if you two fucked with me asleep in the chair next to you in the middle of a fucking hospital I'm gonna-"

"Calm your tits, we didn't fuck. I got here late after work and crashed." Why is this guy getting his panties in such a bunch? Would it seriously be the worst thing in the world for me and Steve to screw?

"Thank fuck. I swear you two getting together is my worst nightmare, I'd never sleep again in that house, it would be like having someone shooting porn in the room next door all day long."

I scoff. "Your worst nightmare is someone shooting porn in the room next door? We have very different definitions of a nightmare." Flopping back on the pillow I glance over at Steve, who's already grinning back at me. I know what he wants to do but I shake my head at him, telling him not to tell Josh right now.

Shit. I'm supposed to be at the hotel by nine! "Josh what's the time?"

He glances at his phone. "Just after eight, oh Al is on her way with Jayce. They've got a baby scan but she said she'll come stay with you first so I can go back and shower."

Steve rolls his eyes. "Mate I told you to just go, I'm good now, you can't keep sleeping here every night." I can see in Josh's eyes he's not ready to have Steve left alone yet and I can't blame, he's still scared he could lose him.

"Can you ask Al to bring me a dress or something. I've got to be at the hotel by nine so I won't have time to get back home before then and still make it in time. Can you drop me off?"

Josh nods but Steve's grip on my waist increases slightly when he realises I'm going to leave. He doesn't say anything but I know if he had his way I'd not be moving from this bed today.

I stay there a few minutes longer but I can see Josh is giving me the 'don't even think about it' eyes so I scoot out and take the chair next to him. Thankfully it doesn't take long for Aleah to pop her little head in, carrying the most Brie appropriate dress she owns. I don't miss the look she gives me as she scans over my body in Steve's clothes, before she smirks over to him too. "Spent the night huh?" I don't wait for the response before tearing the clothes from her hands and walking away.

Squeezing my body into the dress she brought, whilst trying not to fall over in this bathroom, turns out to be a mission in enough itself. It's tight but I get there eventually, smoothing the fabric so it actually covers all my bits before scraping my hair up into a remotely presentable bun. Can't wait to wash this shit later and let my curls run free.

I wipe away the make up and pull on the boots I was wearing last night. The heels are a bit too high for the day time but I'll make it work. I steal a shirt from Steve's case to wrap around my waist so I don't flash the world my clunge every time I bend over and I'm good to go.

Stepping out of the room Al's eyes grow sad. "Oh, I really miss fitting into that dress." Her hands on her ever growing bump.

I smile gently at her. "Don't worry hun, you will soon enough. Besides, it doesn't fit me properly either."

She huffs in annoyance. "Well that's just because of your giant tits and ass, not because you're basically a huge human egg with legs like me!"

Damn it Al, don't say the word egg with Steve right there!

I can't even look at him as Josh heads for the door, I follow him out without so much as a glance back. I can do this, I can just leave... I can do this... I can't do this!

"Shit, Josh I forgot my phone, I'll meet you by the car." Josh gives me a confused look as I dash out of the elevator just as the doors are about to close, running as fast as I can I go barrelling back into Steve's room.

His whole face lights up when he sees me and I can't stop myself rushing to his bedside as he lays there and planting my lips directly on his, he doesn't hold back, grabbing the back of my head and deepening the kiss so our tongues move together. I'm very aware that the only thing I've used to freshen my breath this morning is a bit of mouthwash but he doesn't seem to care as he explores every inch of my mouth.

I could stay here all fucking day but considering the state on Sonya last night I'd be surprised if she even turns up this morning, so I know I have to be there. Pulling apart from him we both grin at each other, my heart pounding in my ears as I look down on the handsome man that I somehow spent the night with without fucking his brains out. Ten points for team self control!

Standing up I straighten my dress out. "See you soon stranger."

A slight chuckle from the other side of the room reminds me suddenly that we are not alone. I don't even look in her direction, I know I won't like her damn smug little face right now. I point towards where I think she is. "One fucking word out of you and I'm going to tell Jayce about that time you made him do you doggy so you could imagine him as that hot guy from the coffee place!"

She splutters something about it not being true but I barely hear her over Steve's laughter as I rush from the room, my smiling lips still tingling with the feel of Steve on them as I savour the feeling and make my way outside.


I think Josh is pissed. He's barely said two fucking words to me since we left the hospital and now we're almost at the hotel.

"It's colder today than yesterday right?"

He nods but doesn't say a word, considering I've only had four hours of sleep, and have the makings of a hangover running around my veins still, I'm not in the mood for this shit. "Right, what the fuck is going on? Why are you being all Josh queen of the cunts for?"

There's a pause, his grip on the wheel increasing as he lets out a long deep breath before he talks. "Stop fucking around with Steve Brie, I've told him and now I'm telling you, this shit won't end well for either of you."

Is he serious? "Look babe, I know he's your brother and you love him but he's a big boy. I'm not saying anything is happening, but if it were then it would be our decision not yours... why are you so adamantly against anything happening? Don't think I'm good enough for him?"

He looks horrified at the suggestion. "Fuck no, Brie why would you even say that? You know I love you just as much as I love him, I'm saying this to protect you both..." I stay silent and he takes it as his cue to continue. "You both like to fuck around, which is fine, but it always results in you both avoiding your latest conquests for all eternity. I just... I don't want to have to pick between you. I want you both at my birthday parties and both at my fucking wedding, if that happens, without you having to feel like you need to be on eggshells. I love that you guys are friends, you bounce off each other, but I know if it went to more you'd both never get that back."

I understand his fear but I feel like with Steve that would never happen. "Josh I've got loads of guys I've slept with that I'm absolutely cool with, I see enough walking down the street. Why do you think we couldn't be like that if anything did happen?"

Josh pulls up outside the hotel before he falls back against the seat. "Because I see the way he looks at you Brie. Steve might be a fuck boy when he's single but when he finds a girl he likes he goes all in. He was with Chrissy on and off for years and I've never seen a man treat a woman better than he did her. He might deny it but he fucking loves having a girlfriend, loves having someone to spoil and look after. I know if things started then that's what he'd want to do with you but you'd never want that, you guys wouldn't recover a friendship after that kind of rejection."

He's not wrong, if I fucked up again with Steve (which let's face it, is what I always do!) Then I'd be putting one of my best friends in a position he doesn't need to be put in. Josh has been so hurt, he's lost so much, he just doesn't want to see us lost too.

"Babe I get it, if you need me to back off I will... He is different though... I fell asleep with him last night, in his arms, I've never done that before."

Josh looks at me completely perplexed. "You've never slept with any of the guys you've fucked?"

I shake my head. "Too intimate. The closest I've ever come was passing out on Antonio that time in the hotel when we met, but even that was through pure exhaustion and it wasn't in his arms. Steve is the first person I've ever let hold me like that, ever."

Josh takes a moment to contemplate my words but I can see the minutes getting away from me so I don't have time for more heart to heart crap right now. "Babe I've got to go, I'll get a taxi back so don't panic about getting back here. Loves ya millions."

I kiss him quickly on the cheek before jumping out of the car and heading for the hotel, only for him to chase after me and pull my arm back.

"Brie wait... look, if you both want something I won't stand in the way, I'd never do that. Just make sure it's definitely what you want first, don't be fucking a random guy in a hotel room one minute then running to my brother the next. He won't handle it."


What the hell is wrong with me? That's exactly what I did!

"Babe I've got to go, they're waiting for me." He nods in understanding, kissing my head quickly before turning back to his car whilst I run inside, feeling shitter about myself than I have in a long time.
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