My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 96

“May, calm the fuck down!” What’s with this girl today, it’s like she’s possessed! Granny, Al and Tara were sitting trying to drink tea whilst I informed them about my run in with my darling mother but May was running around upstairs making more noise than a rhino in heels!

Granny gave me a disapproving stare at my use of language but didn’t say anything, she seemed more tired than usual today. I know with me being in the hospital and working so much she’s been busier than she was before but she still shouldn’t look this tired.

“I can’t believe that boy didn’t tell me she had gotten an early release, I’ve sent him an email but I probably won’t hear anything back until Monday. Do you want to press charges against her for breaching the restraining order? I can contact her parole officer if you want?” Tara is pissed but she’s trying to hold it in in front of Granny.

I shrug. “Honestly I don’t care. I don’t think she’d come near us again after what I said to her but you do what you got to do.”

Tara nods, her hand gripping her mug stronger than it needed too. Al seems to sense the hurt, her hand finding Tara’s and moving it to lean against her stomach. Tara smiles as she rests against it, her soon to be grandmother instincts taking over as she lets herself soak in the tiny life growing inside my best friend.

We stay there for a while, just talking and gossiping before Tara says she’ll walk Al back over to the house to see what their men had been up to over there today. It was comical to see the little waddle she’d developed as she browsed arm in arm with Tara to the bottom of the garden and beyond.

Granny was already resting on the couch as I finished the dishes, her eyes falling closed as I approached. It was only just after seven but I could see exhaustion was trying to take her over.

“Gran? Why don’t I take you up and get you settled? You can watch your soaps up there then before bed and I’ll bring you some toast.” She stirs, letting me take some of her weight as I helped her up the stairs. Tara told me earlier that while I was in the hospital Cole and Pastor hot-for-Granny took it in turns to watch over her. I had expressed my gratitude to both of them but I had a feeling one if them really liked being here no matter the excuse.

I pulled back the comforter as she changed into her nightgown before setting herself between the sheets. May had finally calmed herself enough to come give her a kiss goodnight before scurrying back to her room and closing the door hard.

Switching the TV to her favourite channel I knew she wouldn’t make it to the end of the next episode but I still got it ready anyway. Setting up her medication I saw a new bottle I wasn’t familiar with. “What’s this?”

She gave me a frown before snatching the bottle from my hand. “Oh it’s just a new one Dr Hale at the clinic gave me, my other ones gave me a little episode.”

And she didn’t tell me! “What do you mean a little episode? What happened?”

She shakes her head at me. “Stop worrying, it was nothing. Terri-anne from the church took me straight over and they think it was probably just stress. I’m fine now, I just have to take these bastard things for a bit.”

I try to prise the bottle back from her hands but she doesn’t relent, funny how she needs me to help her up the stairs some days but a few minutes later her stubbornness gives her the strength of an ox!

“I told you not to go to the free clinic anymore, you know how Dr Hale misses things when he’s overworked. I can afford to cover whatever your insurance doesn’t, I’ll make you an appointment in the morning with the doctor you saw last time.”

She scoffs. “You’ll do no such thing! Dr Hale has been treating us all for years and we’re still here aren’t we? You’ve been around those money-bags people too much Brianna, you’re starting to forget where you come from.”

Like fuck, I know who I am. “Fine, you stubborn old wench. Just don’t come crying to me when your damn heart gives out because you’re so set in your ways!”

She attempts to slap my legs but I jump back with a chuckle, giving her a second to calm down before I puff the pillow behind her head and kiss her cheek. “I love you.”

There’s no way she can hide the smile on her face, she loves me too even if she rarely says it. “Go make that toast, about time you made yourself useful around here.” I step towards the door quickly before I can snap back at her, this family sometimes has a strange way of showing affection but I wouldn’t have it any other way. “No jelly!”

Extra Jelly it is.


Was school always this fucking hard? Or is it just trying to concentrate on the class when you’ve been out for a few weeks and the professor is like a sexy looking geeky god in a suit?

I look down at the course work I’ve been handed back and it’s clear to everyone it isn’t my finest work, I was pretty high on pain killers for the first few pages to be fair.

Luckily work had calmed down loads since the engagement party, Sonya was getting a bit stressed because the offers were rolling in thick and fast since we’d completed the job but she couldn’t take anyone on until the Vanderbilt cheque cleared, so far they still hadn’t even sent it!

I’d been catching up with my school work between calming her from screaming fits but otherwise it had been a relaxed few days. Helena still wouldn’t return my messages, her mum told me she’d hardly left her room but she had managed to get the week off work by her friends there covering for her so at least I knew she wouldn’t be there for the baby shower, even if she still didn’t know about it.

Steve had been texting but ever since my chat with Josh my guard was back up, I’d heard his words loud and clear about me not hurting Steve. Until I could be positive about what Steve wanted from me I decided to keep my distance... although his flirty text banter was second to none and I looked forward to my phone ping being his name more than I care to admit.

I’d caught up on all the readings I needed to do but I was still completely lost as I looked up at Connor, walking around the board and teaching a class full of people who were looking at him with awe as they hung in his every word, well, everyone except me. What the fuck is he talking about? I’m sure he veered away from English completely there....

Everyone around me starts to pack up whilst I’m still aimlessly scribbling down notes I’m not sure I’ll ever understand. How did I let myself get this far behind?


I lift my head to see the classroom empty as Connor stands up the front and clears the board, I don’t want to force him into a conversation he’s not ready for so abandon my notes and start packing up.

“I’m okay, just need to go back over my notes I think. It’s hard to catch up when you’ve missed so much.” Shoving everything into my bag quickly I grab my phone only to see Josh has text to say he’s had to go into the office late to sort something out so he can’t come pick me up. It’s not the end of the world, I used to walk this same route home from dance practise when I was younger and missed the bus.

“I can help you? You probably just need a refresher on the terms, your work wasn’t bad Brie it just read a bit like you were...”


He chuckles, a laugh I haven’t heard from him in so long. “Yeah, kind of.”

To be fair, I was. I appreciated what Connor was saying, and if he’d been a regular professor I’d have taken him up on the offer with glee, but it didn’t feel like it was okay to do that now.

“Thanks but I don’t want to put you in that position, I’ll figure it out beaut don’t worry.”

He stops clearing the board, finally turning to face me and walking towards my spot by the door. We haven’t spoken much since everything, he came to the hospital that one time and gave me the dad lecture about going back to work too early but that’s been it really. Now he’s so close, his delicious aftershave so strong it’s like a sense memory calling me home.

“Brie I’m still your professor, I don’t want to see you struggling or have you fail because of a decision I made to make us more than that. What’s your work like this week? We’ll sort something out for me to see you one on one.”

He shouldn’t take responsibility for that, it wasn’t just his decision. “I’m actually pretty free, I’ve got a half day off tomorrow? May has an appointment at the school with her head and learning support worker I have to go to but after that I’m good if you can make it work?”

I hadn’t realised I’d stepped forward as we were speaking, all my instincts had always told me to get close to this guy and I was never very good at fighting them.

He smiled at me, he hadn’t smiled at me in so long. “Perfect, I’ll get you from the school? We can go get food or something and I’ll talk you through everything?”

I wanted to save some kind of relationship with Connor, even if he never forgave me for Meg I still wanted him in my life some how, this seemed like a good way to start. “That’s better than my plan to keep you on Skype while I had an internal break down about all the shit you say that I don’t understand.”

We laughed as we walked out together, the conversation being kept light until we reached his car. It was nice just to talk to him again without any pressure, I could see the way he was trying not to look me over and it was seriously cute. His eyes were glued to mine so bad a part of me just wanted to wiggle my ass in his face and see his reaction.

“Do you need a lift?”

Baby steps Brie, getting in the car with this guy now is not in your best interest.

“No I’m good, I’ll see you tomorrow. You’d better pick somewhere decent for food because you try to take me for sushi or something I will fail this course on purpose just to ruin your spotless reputation.” We both laugh and say our goodbyes. There was another slightly awkward moment where he seemed unsure of the appropriate way to do that but I just grabbed hold of his suit jacket and pulled him into a hug, which he seemed to appreciate as he engulfed my body in his arms.

We stood there for a longer time than was probably acceptable but it was the first bit of physical contact we’d had in so long it was proving difficult for either of us to pull away first.

Finally I relented and stepped out of his hold, our body’s trying to pull us back together like magnets but I refused to give in. We needed ground work first.

I watched him drive away and offered a small wave before heading off in the direction of home. The night was cold as I wondered out of the gate but my attention was drawn behind me as I heard the sound of an engine chugging and pulling followed by insistent horn beeping.

A familiar black mustang stalls as it pulls up on the curb next to me, almost running me over in the process. The window winds down.

“Thank fuck, I thought I’d missed you! Can I give you a ride hot stuff?”

I look at Aleah completely bemused. “Does Jayce know you’re driving his car?”

She chuckles shaking her head. “The prick told me I’m too pregnant to drive and hid my keys.”

I slide into the passenger seat. “So your answer to that was to steal his car?”

She nods her head whilst smiling widely. Struggling to find the way to get the car back into gear she shouts a string of curse words whilst I just laugh and look at my amazing best friend.

No matter how crazy she is, no matter her mad plots or raging hormones, I know one thing absolutely. I love this girl more than anything... and she is going to be the bloody death of Jayce Thompson.
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