My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 98

So I’m on my second burger, the fries keep coming and all talk of babies is long forgotten as I laugh hysterically at Connors piss poor movie knowledge. “Do you even own a TV? What kind of walking, talking, living, 21st century human has never seen Harry Potter? Like, not even the first one. Seriously, you used to teach English! How does that even happen?!”

He chuckles. “I’ve read the books, well one or two, I just never got around to the films. I take it that I should?”

“Yes! Okay I’m adding that to our movie night list, along with Dirty Dancing and Fast and Furious. They’re all classics in their own rights, some for better reasons than others granted. I swear you’re so lucky I came into your life to save you from your own terrible taste.”

He looks horrified. “I do not have terrible taste!”

I roll my eyes at the memory of our conversation from earlier. “You watch musicals Connor! Not even the good Grease style ones, the crappy Phantom of the Opera ones! I swear you were born about forty years too late...”

He laughs, trying to shove another bunch of fries into his mouth but failing miserably in the process. “Fine, I’ll watch Harry Potter and the dancing one but you’re not making me watch that car racing stuff. There is a limit to my generosity.”

I’ll take the wins where I can get them. We spend the next two hours with him explaining everything I’ve missed, turns out I wasn’t exactly off the field when it came to my knowledge, it was just my head wasn’t exactly in the game. Connor is actually an amazing professor, he seems to know how to talk to each student differently in order to get the best out of them. I appreciate the skill, my dance class instruction followed Ms Days way of teaching – tell them to do it, I’d they do it wrong then just shout it louder until they do it right.

We rewrite the parts of my paper that were more drizzly and I sit back finally feeling like I have a handle on this work again. Downing my second chocolate milkshake I’m actually starting to feel a bit sick so I push away the last of my third portion of fries much to Connors amusement.

“Finally full?”

I snigger. “Bite me good boy.”

He smirks. “If you insist.”

Damn, is he flirting with me again now? This whole time he hasn’t said shit that was beyond the acceptable levels of a student-teacher relationship but I swear that was a little flirt.

Let’s test this shall we?

I lean forward, resting my elbows on the table and giving him a pretty decent view of my chest whilst I continue to look deep into his eyes. “Oh yeah, where?”

The smirk on his face only grows and I can already see him trying to run all the scenarios that this could play out as in his head. Your move good boy...

He mimics my movements, pushing the papers in front of him to the side so he can lean forward to meet me. Our faces now an inch apart as he refuses to break eye contact. He pauses, his body radiating waves of confidence despite the lust I see growing in his eyes. He speaks, his cool breath dancing against my lips. “Where do you want it?”

Yep, yes, yeah, definitely flirting. Okay, maybe he’s still not good with the Meg thing but we haven’t been this close for a while so he’s surrendering himself to my charms once again? I edge myself closer, so close I can almost feel the skin of his lips on mine, the magnetic pull to his being wanting me to just reach out and kiss him once more. “You could do it anywhere professor... You could do me anywhere...”

For the first time since he found out about me and his ex-wife I see the fire in his eyes that I saw the first night we met, the fire I’ve missed so badly. I don’t push it, I remain perfectly still and let him decide what he wants from here.

His gaze finally drops from my own as he glances quickly down to my lips, I run my tongue over them so it lightly brushes his own. The shiver that runs through him is evident, every muscle in his body crying out to take me but I’m not sure he can, I’m not sure he’s ready.

We stay there, his deep breath hitting my now moist lips and forcing me to drink in his exhales. There was a second, a second where I saw him make the decision to act. My eyes start to close in anticipation but they don’t get to complete the action as Connor pulls himself back, taking my hand and bringing it to his mouth to kiss the back. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Okay there was no kiss, but there was progress. Maybe he’ll never get there, maybe this is all we’ll be now but at least it’s more than we were.

Thankfully all awkwardness has no time to set in as the waitress brings over our bill and we immediately start fighting over who is going to pay. Connor tries to be a gentleman but I don’t exactly pride myself on being a lady so when he goes to the toilet I pay the bill in whole and move out to meet him by the car.

The comedy value of the look on his face when he tried to sneak out of the toilet and pay it without me knowing as well was priceless.

He stomped to the car like a disgruntled teenager that he’d lost this round. “I’ll get you back for that!”

Yeah good boy, you can try.


Connor offered to take me to pick May up from school but Jayce had already said he wanted to go and have a chat with her coach about maybe doing some volunteering with the team while he’s home on off season time, so he said he’d get her. She’d taken so well to basketball that she’d dropped her dance classes down to once a week. I’m not sure she ever really loved dance like I did, maybe this was her calling all along.

We were just pulling up to the house when Connor became suddenly quiet. He couldn’t seem to make eye contact anymore despite the fact five minutes ago he was laughing at my best Nikki Minaj car pool karaoke impression.

“Okay, what’s going on? You look like you accidentally ate all your kids easter eggs whilst stoned.”

He chuckles. “That’s an oddly specific reference.”

I’m not saying that happened to me... I’m just saying there is a reason me and Al have only smoked green once... and why one Easter May had a carrier bag full of gummy bears because that’s all that was left at the corner shop on Easter morning.

“Just spill it green eyes.”

He rubs the back of his neck the way he always does when he’s nervous, I’ve spent enough time with the guy to know his tells by now.

“Okay don’t get mad... Look, it’s Hope’s birthday on Saturday and she kind of asked me if I’d ask you and May to come.... a few weeks ago. We just weren’t talking properly and I didn’t want you to feel awkward, then the accident happened and I-”

He’s cut off as I start pounding away on his arm in annoyance. “You weren’t going to tell me!” I keep hitting his arm and he cries out with a mixture of winces and giggles. “Damn it Connor! I’d never let that girl down no matter what things were like between us!”

I smack him again on the arm for good measure and he rubs his hand along it like a bloody baby.

“I’m sorry. It was me being an idiot. I’m asking now okay? I know it’s late notice and if you’ve already got stuff on I’ll tell Hope it was all my fault for not asking you sooner.”

There’s a part of me that wants to torture him with this but I have to let this slide considering I’m the reason he didn’t feel like he could talk to me. “We’ll be there. Where is it and what time?”

He smiles, in fact his whole face lights up at my agreement to come. “It’s at two, in the park by my house.”

The park by his...? Wait, THE park? As I look at him now I realise he’s concentrating very hard on everything that isn’t me but the smirk makes it clear we’re on about the same park.

“Wow, you must really like that place huh?”

The blush claws its way up the skin of his neck until it finally rises to his cheeks. “Yeah, lot of good memories there.”

You don’t need to remind me good boy, I remember it all too well.

There’s an elephant in the room and I need to acknowledge it before it stampedes us all to death. “Um.. Is um... Is there going to be anyone there I know?” I don’t particularly want to say her name.

“Her mother’s not coming if that’s what you’re asking... but her grandmother will be there.” Oh the joys, I’m sure she’s going to be fucking thrilled to see me. Connor shift in his seat to face me again, his look much more serious than it was earlier. “There is something I have to ask you to do for me though... A few of the staff from work are bringing their kids, none of the ones that would recognise you but it still wouldn’t look good if they found out you were one of my students...”

I wave him off. “I get it, I won’t say anything.”

He smiles at me again and I glance through the window behind him at the house where I can see Granny pottering around in the front room. “I should get in there and make sure she doesn’t over do it, her man is coming for dinner tonight so she’s been cooking like crazy all day.”

I turn to give Connor a hug just like last time, trying to avoid the awkward ‘what do we do to say goodbye’ thing. This time he doesn’t freeze, in fact he holds me so tight I end up being pulled from my seat and almost onto his. It’s been so long since we gave ourselves the right to hold each other this close and I can’t stop myself from latching on and savouring the moment.

We both pull back but Connors arms around my waist don’t loosen, so I’m sat looking at him, our faces just as close as they were earlier with no chance for me to escape. He glances down at my lips but this time I don’t lick them, this doesn’t feel like the sexually charged scene we found ourselves in at the diner, it’s more intimate.

Neither of us try to move, not to pull away or move forward into anything. We just stay as we are and have a moment of just being with each other.

“It would be a lot easier to stay mad at you if you weren’t so beautiful... If being around you didn’t make me so happy.”

Reaching out I stroke his cheek, his smooth skin resting against my palm as I try to express with my touch how being with him makes me happy too. He’s barely been in my life yet there’s something that calls me towards him that I can’t put into words. “I don’t want you to rush, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. Maybe we’ll get there and maybe we won’t but... I want you in my life Connor. I don’t feel that way about a lot of people but now I have you I don’t want to lose you, or Hope.”

He leans into my touch and turns so his lips can place a soft kiss to the inside of my palm. “I don’t want to lose you either. I’m getting there... After the party Saturday Hope is going back with Ma, want to do one of those movies and I’ll pay you back for today with pizza or something?”

I can’t imagine anything better right now. “Perfect.”

We stay there for another moment but finally Connor let’s me go. I grab all my work and leave the car. Of course I know we need to rebuild our foundations but I wouldn’t be Brie if I didn’t let him watch me walk away.

Standing at the front door I look at the reflection of him in the glass, his eyes glued to me as I grabbed my phone. I quickly sent the message with a giggle to myself.

‘This friend thing isn’t going to work if you keep staring at my ass like that Connor.’

He smirks and I step inside just as his response comes through.

‘Who ever said anything about us just being friends?’

We’ll see good boy.

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