My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 99

“What do you think? This one or the other one?”

“Al, this is the fourteenth shade of virtually the exact same yellow you’ve shown me in the last hour! It’s a nursery not the Sistine Chapel! The baby will just want to rub shit all over the walls anyway so don’t worry so much... Aren’t kids like colour blind anyway?”

She grabs a handful of paint tester pots and starts throwing them at me whilst I use a step ladder as a shield.
“That’s dogs you bloody imbecile!”

I’m pretty sure it’s babies...

Before I can even lower my step-shield she’s already laughing and sitting on the floor munching her way through her third tube of Pringles today. Damn that girl can eat...

This place is actually coming together well. Jayce will be off back to the team soon so him and Cole have been here day and night trying to get the hardest bits done. There’s not a kitchen anymore and only one functioning toilet but you can still see what will be left when they put some meat back on its bones.

I sit down next to her and look at the wall of samples whilst attempting to grasp a chip from the tube, only for Aleah to growl like a wild beast at me.

We hear Jayce shouting at Milo and May to stop running around like idiots from downstairs, his dad voice is coming along well bless him.

“So, you gone to see Steve yet?” She asks through a mouthful of chips.

I shake my head, my fingers keeping busy playing with the bristles of a clean paint brush so I can’t concentrate on anything else too much. “I don’t think it’s the best idea. Josh was pretty pissed when he saw us and then he said about me not fucking around with other guys if I’m gonna be with Steve... probably good I just stay away.”


Excuse me? I look at Al but she’s just smirking at me. “Your face is bullshit.”

She laughs. “Yeah, good come back slut-bag. We both know that’s not the issue here. Josh loves you both, but he’s also an adult, he’d understand if things didn’t work out for you guys and I know both you and Steve wouldn’t let it affect your relationship with him.”

“Even so hun, Josh said that he didn’t want me screwing some guy in a hotel then going to his brother. That’s literally exactly what I did. When Steve was waking up from his coma do you know what I was doing? Getting the life choked out of me whilst Antonio shoved himself in me so deep I could-”

She throws her hand up to stop me. “Yeah I remember the play by play you gave me. Still not sure the whole ‘I could taste him in my stomach’ thing is physically possible.” Fuck Antonio and you will see it definitely is. “Anyway, you didn’t know Steve was giving to wake up that night, and even if you did you didn’t do anything wrong. You and Steve have kissed, that’s all. You’re not a couple, hell you haven’t even been out on a date! You’re free to do what you want with who you want babe, even Josh knows that. It’s not what’s keeping you from seeing him though...”

I roll my eyes. “Come on then Dr Phil-ed with Jayce’s cum. Enlighten me.”

She doesn’t even laugh, my jokes are wasted on this bag of hormones.

“You’re scared that if you see him, if you spend all the time with him that the two of you actually want – you won’t want to fuck other guys anymore. You’re afraid that enough time with the guy and he could become it for you... in a lot of ways he’s everything you need.”

Yep, I’m not touching that one. “I like the one third in from the left, it has less Simpsons vibes than the others.”

She looks at the wall of samples. “Brianna, distracting me with paint talk won’t help.... You sure? The third? Doesn’t the fifth one have a more sunshine quality... Nah, fuck off with this bullshit. Go see Steve.”

She gets so bossy when she’s knocked up.

I can’t... what if the same thing happens that happened last time? What if I forget all my Brie code and just melt into him? I could destroy the guy...

My thoughts are quickly brought to a halt as a bunch of keys smash straight into my face. “Stop overthinking and take my fucking car... but help me up first because my ass is dead and this kid is using my bladder as a fucking bouncy house.”

Fucking fine! I jump up and lean down to pull her to her feet, I’d never say it out loud but this bitch is getting heavy. As she struggles to maintain her balance I hold onto her hips to stabilise her before leaning down and talking directly to her bump. “When you decide to leave that warm little hot tub of yours I want you to make sure you starfish on the way out. Don’t go sliding out easy, you hold onto that uterus like it’s marked down Prada at the last summer sale. If you have to tear her from clit to asshole then so be it, Aunty Brie will protect you girl.”

Al attempts to throw the empty Pringles tube at me, shouting something about how I’m going to regret that when she forces me to check the stitches but I was laughing too loud and running too fast for her to truly catch me.

“Romeo!” Jayce looks over from his position of trying to prise the electric drill out of May’s hands. “Can you get her home and tucked in? I’ve got to go somewhere.” He nods, throwing May over his shoulder as she squeals with delight, bringing her over to me for a kiss goodnight before making his way out to the garden.

Sitting in Al’s car I check myself over in the mirror, there’s still some paint on my fingers and there’s not a scrap of make up on my face, I definitely don’t look the glamazon I did the last time he saw me but I’m still pretty close to perfect anyway.

Fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen?


The hospital was quiet in the evenings, the nurses on Steve’s floor all gave me a look that I knew meant they hated me. I was used to it, most women hate me, especially the ones I’m sure have been hitting on Steve since the moment he woke up.

I stand outside the room expecting to see him and Josh but the room is empty, the unmade bed showing he can’t be too far. Looking around one of the older nurses spots me and smiles. “He’s out in the gardens sweetheart, bottom of the corridor and out the double doors onto the roof.”

Smiling back I follow her directions. I don’t know why my heart is pounding like this, I feel nervous but I don’t understand what for, it’s just Steve.

Stepping out into the cold crisp night air I breath it all in, the stars in the sky brighter than I’ve seen them in a while as they gaze down at me. It’s really beautiful out here.

Steve’s voice hits me before I see him, his body masked by large trees that surround a wooden bench that he almost fills by himself. He’s on the phone so I don’t rush forward, holding back until I know he’s free.

“It’s just a lot to process mate, I mean it’s amazing but I’m just not sure I can do it. I’ve got a lot going on here, my brother needs me with all the shit going on with his mum and there’s this girl I can’t stop fucking thinking about. Dropping all that right now is a big fucking ask.”

A girl he can’t stop thinking about? Why would he need to drop it?

“Just send me all the details over and I’ll look into it, I can’t do shit until I get out of this place anyway but I’ll definitely consider it, opportunities like this don’t exactly come along everyday... Alright, bye man.”

He hangs up and his head falls immediately into his hands, the stress throughout his body clear as he leans his elbows against his knees. Maybe I shouldn’t have come? He’s clearly got a lot going on and seeing me might just add to it. I haven’t answered half his messages then I’m just gonna turn up like this unannounced? Damn preggers using her pheromones to infest my brain with crap like this!

I step back but land on a twig that snaps loudly. Steve sits up and spins to face me, his once pain filled eyes immediately changing to one’s of light. “Well, hello there stranger.”

Damn his voice is fucking sexy, this is why we can only text. If I spoke to him on the phone I’d spend the entire time with my hand in my panties...

Smiling at him I take a step forward. “You finally decided to get your lazy ass out of bed then?”

He laughs. “Yeah, it wasn’t as comfortable without you in it.”

Tell me about it. I don’t think I’ve ever slept better than I did in that man’s arms... it scares the crap out of me.

Shuffling up in his seat he makes room for me to squeeze in next to him, my hips flush against his but apparently that’s not close enough as he places his arm around my waist and pulls me into his body until my head is resting on his shoulder looking up at the night sky. If any other man did this I’d probably break their fucking wrist, yet not a single fibre of my being fights against Steve. Why? Why does it always feel so natural with him?

We sit in silence just looking up, I didn’t even realise how long we’d been there until I noticed how the only parts of me that are warm still are the ones touching him.

“How are you feeling?” His fingers are tickling up and down my arm, the cold bumps that cover the skin having nothing to do with the dropping temperature and everything to do with the feeling of his skin on mine. “I’m sorry I didn’t text back, work got crazy and I’ve been helping Al and-”

He cuts me off with a chuckle that emanates deep from within his chest. “Was it really that or did Josh’s little speech freak you out as much as it did me?”

I freeze. Josh told him what he said to me? I swear if he told Steve he’s the first guy I’ve ever fallen asleep with then I’m going to break his cock into pieces and feed them to him! “He told you about our talk at the hotel?”

Steve shakes his head, his grip on me increasing. “Not exactly. He gave me my own little speech and I had a feeling you’d received the same treatment when you went radio silent.”

Oh fuck. “What did he say to you?”

I can’t even look at him, I just keep resting on his shoulder, my hand slipping under his jacket for warmth and resting over his fast beating heart. “Probably the same stuff he said to you. That you’re special – like I needed to be told that... That if we acted on this it could fuck things up with our friendship. That if I kept fucking other girls and didn’t tell you he’d have me neutered. The regular stuff... So you freaked huh?”

No point beating around the bush. “Yeah. I don’t want to upset him, I mean I fucking love being around you and that kiss on the beach was something else, but Josh is my best mate and your brother, we probably shouldn’t fuck around with that.”

He pulls back slightly to face me. “Brie do you want to get married right now?”

I have never moved out of a man’s arms quicker than when he said that sentence, I hurt my fucking back smashing into the arm of the bench trying to pull away further. “Fuck no! Just letting you know though babe, that was the worst fucking proposal I’ve ever seen! Seriously, where’s my black roses and sunset by the ocean? No woman is saying yes to what you just did!”

He bursts out into hysterical laughter, clutching his chest as he looks at me. “Jesus fucking Christ Brie! I wasn’t proposing, trust me, you’d know if I was. What I meant was neither of us want that shit right now. It’s not a choice between us committing or being nothing, we can just see how it goes and if it doesn’t go anywhere then we’ll still be mates..... How about we do a trail date first?”

This guy is on too much medication. “What the fuck is a trial date?”

He laughs. “Like we’ll go out, see if we even fucking like each other first before we tell Josh or anyone, then go from there?”

Trail date... I like it... “So, no sex?”

His eyes scan over me. “I’d never sleep with a lady on the first date.”

I move my body back towards his again, pulling him in close. “We both know I’m no lady.”

He breathes deeply as he slides his hand behind my neck, cupping the back of my head whilst bringing his other hand to my cheek, his thumb grazing over my bottom lip and forcing me to let the breath I’d been holding free from them. There’s so much intensity in his eyes as he looks down at me, a tightening in my woman parts that makes me want to jump him right here. “Of course you’re not, you’re so much more than that. You’re a fucking Queen.”

There’s no hesitation as his lips press down onto mine, the kiss so strong and passionate as he commands me completely. Our lips move against each other like they were built with the purpose to fit together. His hands never move from their grip on my head, holding me in place as his tongue licks at my bottom lip and I part them to allow him into me, only for me to follow suit. I love the way he glides his tongue against mine, it’s like he wants me to remember the taste of him. I’ve had a lot of good kisses in my life but never have I felt the desire to never let it stop like I do with Steve.

I don’t know how long our lips were locked, I don’t remember when his hands slipped from my face to my ass and pulled me into his lap as I sit here now straddled against him. My instincts kick in as a begin to grind against his hips, our lips still enjoying the feeling of being connected but I’m more focused right now on the way he’s kneading my ass and encouraging the rotation of my hip in slow deep grinds.

Never has a kiss turned me on this much, the cold air has lost its bite completely as the heat radiates from deep within my core and barrels to the surface. Each time either of us pulls away for air the other pulls them back. Fuck, I could do this forever.

Never stop kissing me Steve... I never want you to stop kissing me...

“Um, excuse me? It’s time for your medication Steven.”

A seriously pissed off nurse is staring at us as I turn around to follow her voice, her arms crossed over her chest as she taps her white crocs against the slightly frosted ground.

Steve seems less impressed to see her than I do, although her anger seems much more directed at me. Did I just ruin her little workplace crush taking her roughly in the supply closet fantasy with him? Bless..

I smile down at Steve. “He’s going to need a minute... he needs to um...” I glance down at the very large tent pitched in his shorts between my legs. Damn, look at the size of that thing... “Calm down. I’ll bring him in when he can walk again without knocking anything waist height over.”

Most guys would be embarrassed at my brash talk but not Steve, he’s smirking at me and continues to ignore the nurse as she huffs her way back inside.

My attempts to slide off Steve prove fruitless as his grip on my ass only increases, a mixture of a yelp and a moan leaving my lips as he squeezes until I settle myself back onto his lap. This fucking boy is going to destroy me isn’t he?

We don’t fall back into the kiss, my lips feel pretty raw and I’m sure his are too. Instead I rest my head into the crook of his neck, the move making Steve relax enough to move his grip up to my waist as he wraps his arms around me and keeps me close.

My lips can’t help but to place tiny kisses to the sensitive skin in front of them, Steve’s whole body reacting to the intimate gesture. “Brie, you have to stop that if you want me to have any hope of being able to walk out of here.”

Aw, why did he have to go ruin all my fun?

I smile against his skin as his hands begin to stroke at the bottom of my back, sliding over the fabric of my dress and lifting it enough that I’m sure anyone behind me could see the black lace panties Al insisted I wear when climbing ladders.

“Can you stay tonight?”

I really wish I could. “Sorry, I have work tomorrow. I can stay for a bit though.. Wanted to give the nurses a show did you?”

He laughs. “Definitely not, wouldn’t be able to do my best work in a bed that small anyway so that’s not happening.” He leans down into my ear to whisper. “You deserve my best work...”

I am going to fuck this guys brains out that day so bad he won’t remember who the fuck Josh is to worry about all that shit.

Finally he lets me slide my body from his but he still keeps me close, I settle in next to him and place my head back on his shoulder.

“Why black roses?” He asks suddenly.

I smile. “Did you really expect me to pick something as boring as red? I’m not some cliché regular woman happy with anything, black roses can’t be picked up at the gas station. If someone wants me for the rest of their life, they’re going to have to put the effort in.”

He’s looking at me but I keep my eyes glued to the stars, his breath hitting my cheek tempting me to kiss him all over again. Moving slightly, he kisses my temple before pulling me back into him by my waist.

“You’re the furthest thing from a regular woman Brianna.”

Damn fucking right I am.
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