Roses and Dandelions (gxg)

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It's frightening. |Cherry|

I made sure to go to bed earlier than usual so that I could wake up earlier. At first, when my alarm went off and I looked out the window to see the night sky still, I went back to sleep, thinking I accidentally set an alarm for earlier. But when another alarm went off five minutes later, I checked it, annoyed, and saw it was titled "Get the fuck out of bed, I know you dismissed the last alarm."

Then it hit me, and I remembered today I was supposed to make Autumn's lunch.

I click the 'stop' button and jump out of bed, more excited now. I'm glad I set that second alarm last night, or I would've slept in. I grab a set of clothes and quickly head to the bathroom, getting ready for school before running down the stairs to go make her lunch. I don't know exactly what she likes, but I want it to be something original, not just a sandwich or something plain. She seemed to like what I made yesterday, but she didn't eat much, so I should probably make less this time.

I searched the fridge, trying to think of what to put in it. I finally decided on some leftover spaghetti from dinner last night (Almost everyone I know loves cold spaghetti, but the lunchroom has two spare microwaves so she can reheat it if she wants to) and blueberries on the side with a couple of marshmallows just for fun. I place two meatballs on the spaghetti and close the lid, placing it with the one I made for myself in the lunch bag. It wasn't much, but I hoped she would like it.

After finishing getting ready for the day, I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, locking it and tucking the key into its safe pocket in my bag.

I sigh, a small smile dancing on my lips as I make my way down the steps and waited for my best friend to arrive.

"Hey, Girl!" She exclaims, the window to her brightly colored car rolled down. She leans forward some into the passenger seat to see me. "Hurry up, get in!" I laugh and open the passenger door, throwing my bag into the floorboard as she repositions herself into the driver's seat again.

She takes off, my house slowly fading into a speck in the mirror, disappearing completely as she turns left. She follows the street along, turning onto a busier one after. I lean forward and mess with the radio, adjusting the dials until a song I like comes on.

I glance around at the unfamiliar road as she follows the slight curves in the road, her dark fingers drumming on the steering wheel as she sings along with the song.

"Hey, Soph?" I ask, glancing at her.

She hums in response, "Hm?"

"Where are we going?"

Her face brightens and she exclaims, "Oh, yeah! Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Courtney asked if we could pick her up, too."

"Oh," I reply, and I put on a smile.

We pull up to a fairly large house, parking and waiting in the driveway. Sophia pulls out her phone, a small smile on her lips as she pulls up a text, typing to who I assume is Courtney.

A few minutes after she sends a message saying she's here, Courtney walks out of the house, her brown hair swishing back in forth in its high ponytail.

"Hey, Soph!" She says, and I tense at her using the nickname I use for her. Courtney looks over at me, as if only just now noticing I was in the car, too, and her face has a look of forced cheerfulness. "Oh, Cherry, you're here, too. Sophia didn't tell me you'd be coming." I furrow my brows, but don't say anything. "I really want to talk to Soph on the way there about some stuff, would you mind sitting in the back?" Her voice is peppy, but it still irritates me.

I blink and look over at Sophia, expecting her to say something to Courtney, like that she wants me to sit up here or since I always sit in the front. "But-"

Sophia says something, just not to Courtney. "C'mon, Cherry, it's not that big of a deal. Just let Courtney sit up front? I'll still pick you up tonight and you'll be in the passenger then."

I look at her, surprised, but nod anyway and open the door and climb out.

"Oh my God, Soph, so much happened-" I drown out Cortney's rambling and get in the back seat, setting my backpack next to me. I try not to feel hurt that Soph didn't say anything, and try to ignore the fact that every day she seems to be increasingly more friends with Courtney, talking to me less and less each time.


We pull into the school, and I get out, swinging my bag onto my shoulder. I open my mouth to go talk to Soph, but stop when I see she's still deep in conversation with Courtney. She doesn't glance at me once as she follows Courtney into the building, seemingly forgetting I was there.

I speed up to catch up with them. I catch Autumn's eye across the parking lot, and see her brows furrowed in confusion as she glances between Soph and I. I can tell, even from this far away, her eyes have that calculating gleam she gets, like she's trying to solve a puzzle. I smile at her, but she frowns in return, her lips pressed into a thin line. I glance away, nervously. She looks at me like she can see through any disguise I put up. It's frightening.

I run to catch up with Sophia, ignoring the fact that it feels like I'm losing my best friend, and I put a smile on my face.

The beginning of the day passed in a blur, and I wait anxiously through this class. I glance at the clock multiple times throughout the period, my leg bouncing.

The teacher finally dismissed us for lunch and I reach down into my bag, pulling out the lunch box/bag that has both mine and Autumn's in it. I stand up and walk over to Autumn's desk.

"Hey, Autumn!" I chirp, a smile on my face.

"Hello," she replies in her usual monotone voice.

"Ready for lunch?" I ask her. She stands up to follow me.

She shrugs, "I guess."

She follows me again today as we make our way out the room, heading past the lunchroom and through the other set of doors. We walk up the stone steps, turning a sharp left and continuing up the stairs.
We finally reach the top and I push open the heavy door, glancing at Autumn over my shoulder with a smile.

There was a soft breeze in the air and a cloud passed over the sun, casting a shadow over the roof. Autumn and I walked over and sat on the bench, the same one as yesterday, and I unzipped the lunch box, handing her the lunch I made for her. Her hair, which normally looks like a light brown, looks blonde in the sunlight. A gust of wind blew her hair in her face, and she brought her hand up to push it behind her ear.

I set mine on my lap and open the lid, placing it under the box. I hear the click of Autumn taking the lid off of hers as I reach into the lunch bag to get the forks for us. I hand one to her, and she takes it, mumbling a 'thank you'. At least, I think that's what she said. I notice she rolls the meatballs to the side before taking a bite of spaghetti.


She eats most of it, only leaving a little of the spaghetti and both of the meatballs left. I make a mental note to myself to remember for future reference that she doesn't like meatballs. Future reference. I like the idea of us eating lunch together more. It's easier. Autumn seems nice, but she also isn't like the others. She doesn't talk a whole lot, and I don't have to be as fake with her as with the others. It's definitely a completely different atmosphere from Courtney.

"I'll make you another lunch tomorrow," I tell her.

"What?" She looks over at me. "Why?"

"Are you going to ask that every time I offer?" I ask.

"Are you going to keep making lunches for me?" She asks, her brows furrowed. Her jade green eyes scan mine as if she was trying to read my mind.

"If you'll let me," I reply.

"Why do you want to? I can make my own lunches, I don't want you to go through the trouble."

"I like making them, so it's no trouble. And besides, last time you said you were just going to throw it away and not eat," I remind her.

She sighs, seeing that I'm going to be stubborn about this. "Fine," she says. I grin in response. I'm already excited for tomorrow.

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