The Sins of Duke Evander

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He grew up with everything; Wealth, power, money, and good looks, but all of it was worth nothing to him when all he wanted was a life worth living. Having been alone most of his life, not leaving the confines of his home unless it was absolutely necessary, it was a miracle for Evander when aspiring Fashion designer, Alina, comes crashing into his life. And this shy, quiet woman, was all he needed to find salvation. And from this salvation of his, was about to grow a love so obsessive, one in which the number of sins committed cannot be counted. *** BOOK 3 OF THE POSSESSIVE SERIES *** THIS BOOK CONTAINS DARK THEMES, ABUSIVE CONTENT, INCLUDING EMOTIONAL, AND PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, WHICH MAY MAKE SOME READERS UNCOMFORTABLE SO VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. THE AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK IS IN NO WAY SUPPORTING OR ROMANTICISING THE DARK THEMES USED IN THE BOOK.

Romance / Thriller
Bushra Zahin
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Chapter 1- A Soft Wildflower


I hated the world and all the beings that infested it. Until that coincidental day in which she came rushing into my life, and gave this grey life of mine a sudden burst of wondrous light, that light of hers saved me, it gave me salvation, and I was able to find peace.

But from that peace she gave, grew an undeniable fear that I couldn’t control. The fear of her leaving me, and then the fear of being alone.

And I made my first mistake when I let that fear get the better of me.

“Your grace, it is time to wake up,” The thumping of someone’s fist lightly tapping against my bedroom door lulled me awake from my slumber, and I woke up with a low groan, not wanting to leave the comfort of my large mattress.

“Leave me alone, Clyde,” I grumbled out, throwing a pillow towards the closed double doors that were further away from my current self than I would have appreciated.

“I have some news for you, sir,” He awkwardly replied.

With yet another groan, I spent a whole minute glaring at the door, until I decided to finally sit up, telling my butler to come in, which he didn’t waste a beat to do.

“It better be the news of the century if it means waking me up from my sleep,” I yawned.

“I have just received news that your grandfather has passed away,” I paused mid-yawn, my hand falling slack against my side, and I blinked, his words echoing in my mind for a good few minutes until I finally processed it.

“I see...” I started. “When did he pass?” I asked, sparing a glance at the old man.

“I believe the nurse said at 6 am, he went into cardiac arrest, and wouldn’t revive, so they called his time of death. I apologise for your loss,” He bent his head down, knowing full well that I wasn’t grieving in the least.

Well, it’s about time he died. At least now, I don’t have to keep updating him on my life, and the business that I inherited from him a few years ago, how many years has it been since I officially claimed the title of the Moretti family? 5 years, I think.

“Would you like me to call your tailor to come fit you for a funeral suit?” Clyde asked, making his presence known once more, and I nodded my head, getting out of bed.

And unfortunately, with the death of my grandfather, it was going to be a busy day.

Before he died, my grandfather was my only living relative, everyone else had passed away, my parents being the first to get murdered in this very estate. I grew up with a lonely life, having no one to watch over me other than Clyde, the head butler, and I don’t think that really counts. But I didn’t really care, all I really wanted, and still want to this day, is some excitement.

“When is the funeral?” I asked, walking over to the bathroom to wash up as a few workers walked in, heading towards my closet to get my outfit for the day ready.

“On the 10th next week... The preparations had all been made before his death was even announced,” Clyde answered to which I hummed, shutting the door behind me, and walking into the large bathroom, walking over to the mirror and standing in front of the sink, taking in my current appearance.

Here I stood, with light brown hair, and dark green eyes. Other than my brown hair and green eyes though, I was a man of tall stature, with pointed brows, and constantly narrowed eyes, a small scar running through the end of my left brow from the time my mother threw a bottle of wine at me when I was a child.

“What’s the schedule for today?” I asked my waiting secretary, Dante, as I walked out of the bathroom, feeling fresh after my morning routine, and now heading towards my closet, where my simple outfit was neatly placed.

“I’ve cleared your schedule for today due to the death of your grandfather. The only appointment for today is the tailor, who should be arriving in an hour to take your measurements for your funeral suit,” I hummed, happy to hear that I’ll get to laze around.

“Alright, that’s all I need from you today,” I stated, brushing the comb through my hair, and clicking a watch onto my wrist, dressed in a simple black shirt and slacks for the day.

“Enjoy your day, your grace. I will see you again tomorrow,” He bowed his head down, leaving the room without waiting for a response.

“Breakfast is ready your-”

“I’m not hungry yet, Clyde... I’m going for a walk, give me half an hour,” I cut him off, walking down the spiral staircase as he stood at the bottom, hands respectfully linked in front of him.

“Understood, I will do that then,” Not sparing the old man another glance, I walked right past him, heading outside the open glass doors, and being met with the warm Italian air, my eyes taking in the large view of the beautiful garden that surrounded my estate.

I walked down the cobbled pathways, hands tucked into my pants pockets, eyes skimming over the surrounding area. I lived in a large estate that’s been passed down to the first child of the Moretti family for centuries, the estate has gone through countless, modernising refurbishments until it is what it is now.

Detached from the rest of the world, the large stone mansion stood in the centre of the property, surrounded by acres of land, the only way in was through the main gate which was always littered with security guards.

“Is everything alright, your grace?” I blinked, green eyes meeting a pair of brown ones that curiously stared at me from the other side of the gate.

And I turned my head around, looking back at the distant mansion. This is what happens if you get lost in your thoughts and forget all about your surroundings, it’ll take me a good few minutes to walk all the way back to the main building.

“...Cazzo,” I dryly spat under my breath.

“Um... Your grace?” The security guard awkwardly called, itching the back of his neck, confused, and I sighed, massaging my temples, shaking my head at him as a sign that there was nothing that I needed from him.

And, just as I was about to spin on my heel to head back to the estate, I stopped.

The hissing of a motorcycle coming to a pause near me caused me to turn my head away from the mansion, and towards the entrance of my estate, where I caught sight of someone sitting on a motorcycle, black helmet covering their face, but from the figure, it was obvious that it was a woman that sat atop the vehicle.

“This is private property. You shouldn’t be here, signorina,” A security guard whispered to her with his thick Italian accent, aware of my presence.

“I’m telling you, signor, I have an appointment,” She politely replied in a normal tone of voice, unaware of my presence, unlike all the other people that were present here.

“Open the gate,” I ordered, and the security guard nodded, not wasting a moment to signal to another man who quickly did as told, and I patiently waited, watching as the gate slid open, and without another beat, I stepped forward.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, announcing my presence to both the arguing people.

“Ah, your grace, this lady claims to have an appointment, but she has no papers for evidence, so I’m afraid that I can’t let her through,” The man respectfully replied.

“I’m telling you that I didn’t know there were papers that I was supposed to bring. I’m only here as an intern, a stand-in for the man that is usually in charge,” The woman replied with her soft tone of voice, sounding quite annoyed, much to my amusement.

“I apologise for disturbing your morning, I’ll get rid of her right this second-”

“I would like to, at the very least, see the face of this guest before I go throwing her out,” Completely ignoring the man, my gaze directed itself to the woman on the bike, and I bit my lip to hold back a smile when I noticed her freeze in realisation.

“Oh, right. I apologise for my rude entrance,” She muttered, quickly unlocking something on the side of the helmet before pulling it off, and in the array of her black hair flying around her face, and the helmet moving away, I caught sight of a pair of astonishing violet eyes.

How rare.

Her soft pink lips were moving as she spoke, her leather gloved hands wiping the hair away from her face, and taming it to listen to her, her small button nose scrunching up, and her tanned skin sparkling under the sunlight, she was breathless.

I realised that I wasn’t listening to her speak, I was too taken aback by the soft wildflower that was herself, and I blinked, awkwardly brushing my hair out of my face as I continued to stare at her, taking in the beauty that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“May I take a name, signorina?” I politely asked, and she blinked but nodded nonetheless.

“Alina Volkova,”

And that was how I met her, my Alina, my everything, the woman that I sinned for countless times, and the woman that gave light to my grey world.



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