Second Impressions

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Ollie on Steroids

“Ollie!” Alexander said in surprise while coming down from the stairs at the end of the hallway. “I wouldn’t open that door if I were you,” he said with a smirk on his face. “My brother doesn’t like to be disturbed while doing his extensive exercise routine.”

“Oh. I was looking for Sarah”, I blurted out while blushing.

Isn’t it funny? That little devil, Vivian, set me up! She sent me right into the lion’s den and I fell right in the net, I thought as I made a mental note to get my revenge later.

“She is on my floor waiting for you; she asked me to tell you,” he replied, signaling the ceiling with his finger, referring to the floor upstairs.

“So, you have a gym on the fourth floor too?” I asked with a mix of sarcasm and curiosity.

“No, I am more outdoorsy, so I did... other things with my space” he paused and smiled “How do you know there is a gym inside? Did you peek a boo at my brother?”

“As I said, I was looking for Sarah ″ I remained calm. Alexander didn’t look at all convinced so I quickly added “Also you mentioned something about an exercise routine so I just took a guess”

“Suuure.” He savored his words staring at me.

What is up with this family and that habit?

“Just avoid this floor next time. I don’t want you on his black list,” he said seriously and looking straight into my eyes, like giving me a warning. He quickly smiled. “Got to go, Ollie! My mother needs my assistance. You are more than welcome to go upstairs any time you like,” he said while he continued his walk downstairs, his voice getting lower and distant until he disappeared from my sight.

I left the third floor in search of Sarah, and I felt my phone buzzing again. It was on silent mode for a reason, but I knew I had to face my demons eventually. Looking at Roger’s lost calls, I called him back.

“Stop calling” My robotic voice was on automatic.

“Please, don’t hang up. I just want to talk,” Roger pleaded.

“What do you want?” I asked, holding the phone so tight I could feel the material bending in my hands.

“I…” his voice trembled.

Is he starting to mumble? Did his brain stop functioning?

“I, What? Times up, Roger” I cut him right away. “Cut to the point.”

“Wait! Please, hear me out,” he said softly, almost as if he was in pain.

Nothing would ever soften me up again, not even if he cried his heart out in this call. I was the ninja now, waiting to slice everything I could, hopefully, his heart.

“Fuck off” My signature passive-aggressive smile appeared.

“I need you, Olivia. I know I made a big mistake,” he replied.

Gosh! Will you ever stop?

“That train has left the station, buddy.” I just felt so tired of hearing his apologies.

“You know she means nothing to me!” He replied in anguish.

Twenty points on how to bring a hysterical mind to an edge!

After four years of living together, I found out our relationship was based on a lie. He was fucking his young assistant, and he even tried to deny it after I found their explicit messages.

He was a brilliant programmer. I remembered how focused he was. It was these traits that made me fall in love with him, fast and hard. I admired him; he was a man with a vision and purpose. Now, everything I thought of him was shattered.

“I can’t do this without you,” He continued, and this time his voice cracked. “What I did was wrong, I know, I know, I know. Please, forgive me”.

Of course, you can’t; you need my brain, literally.

We worked for years looking to revolutionize the future of publishing by teaching artificial intelligence on how to be a critic, writer, and reader. In a nutshell, AI-powered machine-learning algorithms that absorb billions of data points from the internet.

We included story logic, writing, and structure, and with a set of rules, instructions, and guidance, this intelligence can deliver novels, screenplays, short stories, and scenes.

Of course an AI is capable of writing comedy, horror, romance, and more. Some were skeptical; they didn’t believe it could work. We choose deep learning rather than focusing on traditional machine learning, giving algorithms a different hierarchy. This machine learning method allows AI to learn and think through structures modeled on a human brain.

And it was my brain’s model, folks! BA DUM TSS! I even heard the fucking drum rolls on my joke.

The model was created with most of my preferences and thought patterns. It could differ between a masterpiece and a mediocre story, and could judge someone else’s work. The trials were so accurate with my answers that it creeped me out. It was Ollie with steroids inside a computer.

So, Yes. He needed me. He needed my brain in order to compare my behavior and preferences and see how much our artificial intelligence had advanced through this deep learning method.

I’ve been supervising it for years while Roger had been programming its neural networks, and we were so close. We even thought we were ready, and then he changed suddenly. Leaving me with nothing.

“I don’t want your apology, Roger. We are done.” I said dryly.

“Olivia, the company...” he continued.

My time, my life savings, and my debt all signed in blood for our project. I didn’t have the resources right now to file a lawsuit against him, but it was my number one priority after getting back on my feet.

“So this is why you called,” I even laughed in anger.

“You have the guts to reach out after you betrayed me? Really? Did you get tired of fucking your assistant? What else are you planning to take from me? Isn’t it enough?” I said, exhausted.

“Listen, I haven’t sold it yet.”

“Then give me my fucking part of the shares, okay? I will get them sooner or later” I hung up the call, with a sour taste in my mouth.

Roger, you piece of shit!

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