Second Impressions

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The Peacock Brooch

Deciding I had more important things to focus on other than Roger, the anxiety of what I would do with my life once this week was over got me badly.

Time to return to the real world. This is not where you belong.

I felt my throat close with a helpless feeling. These people had their whole lives figured out, making money just for existing while I was hustling for a dollar.

There is no time for crying. I remembered what I said to myself when I found out mom and dad were dead. Damn, I was so hard on myself.

I didn’t like anyone prying in my life, so I decided not to do the same with others, but it was so hard when having such a self-centered sister.

If Sarah was selfish, I had to look at myself in the mirror too. I was human and had flaws just like her. But why was I scared to look at my problems?

I sure developed trusting issues after what Roger did, but was I broken? Maybe finding meaning after all the pain was stupid; nothing good will come out of it.

A couple of days more and this experience with the Rothschilds will be over and all this drama will finally settle with Sarah choosing what she wanted, whether it was Alexander or not in her life.

For me, it wasn’t so easy. I didn’t have a rich boyfriend to solve all my problems.

Get a job, find a couch to crash, and pay the fucking bank.

Maybe Thomas could help me. He was my only friend from college and always managed to give me a hand in hard times. I’ll call him after I sell this stupid engagement ring,

“You better have some worth,” I muttered while I checked the ring in my hand.

Why am I even wearing this?

I reached out to the fourth floor and found Sarah in a lounge room, drinking tea with a guy who looked like he was pulled out from a Swiss bank. He was dressed in an elegant navy blue suit with an impressive Philippe Patek watch.

“Finally, you are here. I was starting to wonder if you got caught up on the third floor.” She said with a wicked smile. “You know that we have a couple of hours to get ready if we plan to look perfect.”

Jesus! She already sounded like Alexander’s mother.

“Hello,” I decided to ignore Sarah and greet the stranger in front of her.

“Please sit down, Mrs. Summer. My name is Maxime Keller; I am the Rothschild’s family jewel keeper.” He introduced himself with such elegance and continued talking mainly to my sister.

A family jewel keeper, that is so funny.

“Alexander asked me to come. He said you could pick what you wanted for this evening. May I add that it will be only for the night, Mrs. Summer? These are highly valuable jewels”, he said with a bright smile while opening a high-security briefcase.

“Are these the jewels that belonged to Alexander’s grandmother?” Sarah asked in contained excitement.

“Yes, these have... sentimental value,” he said.

Sure, it’s just the sentimental value that’s inside, not expensive rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and more, maybe even their grannie ghost waiting to be released. Creepy!

“I am sure they are,” Sarah said.

“When she passed away, she chose to leave one box for each of her grandchildren; at that moment, Vivian hadn’t been born yet, so only Darius and Alexander inherited her jewels. I have been the keeper since then, and they have been locked away all these years. I was surprised when I received Alexander’s call. You must be special, Mrs. Summer.”

“Thank you. It is also a very special night,” she added with a smile and continued. “I would like to extend that honor to my sister if that is okay. I’m sure Alexander won’t have a problem with that.” The man didn’t utter a word; he just nodded, watching as Sarah looked inside the briefcase.

“Forget it, I am not wearing anything,” I said while swallowing hard.

Are you that nuts, Sarah?

“Oh, that bird is so cute! “Sarah ignored me. Mr. Keller’s eyes widened in what looked like a genuine concern; I didn’t know if it was because of Sarah’s choice or for making me wear jewelry too. Probably because of me.

“You mean The Peacock Brooch, ma’am?” he asked, and Sarah nodded.

“Yes,” he said, pulling the peacock figure jewelry with gloves out of the briefcase.

I got hypnotized with the peacock brooch, all its feathers glimmering in different colors, from blue to yellow, to pink, ending in a soft white, with a pear blue-shaped diamond in the middle as the body of the peacock.

It was so captivating. I’ve never seen a piece of jewelry so delicate and yet so powerful; it even had an aura.

“Wait, we are missing the matching earrings,” Maxime said.

Placing the peacock on a velvet tray, he resumed holding with both of his fingers a pair of blue diamond earrings, so big I would have thought they were fake. I’ve never seen a diamond so big, and each was the size of a whole thumb.

“Thank you, Mr. Keller. I think these two will do the part for tonight.”

“We will be ready to provide the chosen jewelry before the event starts. I’ll make sure the arrangements are made as my men will escort both of you during the night. Just making sure they are protected.” He excused himself from the room and left.

“Today is a special night for both of us, Sarah. Please let me make it up to you by wearing the jewels.”

“What?” I asked. What was wrong with Sarah? She has been acting strange since I got here.

“Yes,” She said,

“That is very generous, but I don’t feel like wearing some million-dollar jewelry,” Plus getting a ghost upset for wearing it.

“Oh, you silly! I don’t know how much they are worth, but I guess that a lot.”

“What if I accidentally drop one?” I asked.

“Ollie, you won’t.” She said while rolling her eyes, annoyed.

“Sarah…” I continued

“These jewels are important for this family, Ollie, and is my way of communicating to them how important you are to me. Please, do this for me...” She cut me off.

“This is such a bad idea.” I declared.

“It is just a piece of rock, relax. Besides, this peacock brooch is so small, don’t you think?” She said lost in her mind.

“It’s not small; it has the size of a golf ball.”

“I am talking about the diamond.”

She was right, the pear blue diamond in the brooch wasn’t flashy, big, or flamboyant as the earrings, but it sure did have a different shape. This would be less expensive, right?

“Fine, I’ll wear it, but only if you wear the blue diamond earrings, Sarah.”

“Taking like the true queen you are, sis.”

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