Second Impressions

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The golden boy

P.O.V Darius

I caught two long sexy legs in a red long silk dress walking towards me from the corner of my eye. My one and only, my right hand, Seline, ignored all the curious eyes that craved her luscious body and stopped right in front of me.

"Hi, lover boy," she whispered in my ear and kissed me too close to my lips. I stood there without moving, my eyes showing harsh disapproval from her actions.

I was 6.3 feet, and not many women reached the height to kiss my cheek, not that I think they would even dare to touch me. I knew how intimidating I was to the feminine population, and I liked it that way.

All, except for that tiny little creature that slapped me and enraged me with every word her dirty mouth pronounced.

Hmm…that dirty little mouth. I wonder, where are you hiding?

"Not here, Seline," I said between my teeth.

I rarely bent for anyone, in any sense applicable, and that's why I liked my women to be tall. Let's say that Seline checked all the boxes. Blonde, classy, intelligent, and gifted with those long legs.

How many times do I have to remind her of our boundaries?

"I've missed you too, Darius," she said, fluttering her eyelashes and giving me a glass of scotch on the rocks.

Spoiling me much?

"Did you make the preparations I asked?" I wondered and took a sip from the drink.

"Yes, the Wall Street Journal is here, among others. I mixed some of the reporters as guests."

"Smart," I said, showing some appreciation. Her face was turning sad.

"I guess it's going to happen," she said, hiding her emotions with a slight grin. I knew she wasn't happy about stepping down.

"Yes, tonight," I said blankly, staring right into her almond eyes, and I felt how she squeezed my hand tightly.

"Go and make everything ready. We will start in 30 minutes" I said to her and she nodded in agreement before leaving.

It's been years since my father reunited all the partners and stakeholders in the same room.

Funny how he used his power play to make sure everyone knew that if he wanted them to jump, the only acceptable answer was how high?

If everything went according to the plan, tonight I would announce my position as Inkforce’s CEO.

Edmund Rothschild will not see this coming, but it was the only way I could get away with it; the element of surprise. Since we were kids, this was one of the first lessons dad taught us.

He used to say that delivering it at the right moment, could benefit you or could come back to bite you in the ass. I guess we will find out tonight.

Cordialities would have to wait. It was not the time for politeness, even though it is not how we usually conduct business, this was my life at stake, and I was planning on being selfish for once.

I was about to resign to the keys of my father’s kingdom, that old wolf. It is not by chance you get to build a trillion-dollar empire, the Rothschild empire, and I was about to do just that, walk away.

Sorry to rain on your parade, brother. Your announcement will have to wait.

I breathed the fresh air of the night enjoying my solitude. Not everyone liked to be alone, especially at a party, but that didn’t apply to me. There is nothing I hated more than small talk, so I was grateful for every minute of silence I got. The longer I was alone, the better.

I watched as all the guests enjoyed the event, some of them were watching me with curious eyes, but of course, they didn’t approach to make conversation.

Was I that terrifying?

Suddenly I felt unsettled by the weight of a stare.

And there he was, Junichiro Saionji, staring right at me with his big black pitch eyes. His Japanese features, an elongated body, made him appear younger than he was, but he was close to my age.

"Saionji," I said in acknowledgment as soon as I got close to him.

"Oh, is it always a pleasure to meet you, Darius?" He said casually.

Always so entitled to his aristocratic blood.

"I'm sorry to hear about your father," I said to him, looking for any trace of weakness.

"That's life," he replied coldly.

"Indeed," I said with a slight grin.

"To your father," raising my glass, "May he rests in… peace."

...and may our business alliance remain in peace too.

He raised his glass against mine and nodded in respect. After he swallowed, he pressed his attention to a stunning brunette in a backless dress dancing to the sound of the Orquesta.

"Such a beautiful girl." He said, following her with his eyes, "don't you think?"

I glanced at the woman in the feather dress, tracing her small and tight body with my eyes, and something in her felt familiar. Maybe something about her face, but that silly smile felt off.

Who was she?

Only when she finished smiling did I recognize her. Behind that heavy makeup, I could see her; it was Olivia.

I swallowed hard and fell into a hypnotic state, just like she was a ballerina in a dancing box.


Then I saw the arm that was bringing her closer. I was so distracted that I didn’t pay attention to whom she was dancing with.

Archibald, the golden boy.

Rage filled me, pumping my body with bad blood.
The event had just started, and she was already dancing in the arms of no other but him.

Aren't you tired of eating my crumbles, Archie?

A wicked smile appeared on my face. I wanted to put an end to their little moment and the urge to erase that goofy smile from her lips consumed me.

"How long have you been engaged with her? He asked seriously.

What a deranged thought Saionji had; Me and Olivia engaged? Pff! That would never happen.

"That is not my fiancé Saionji," I said, annoyed watching how Archie touched her.

"Well, then she must be important. I thought that honor could only be granted between your family," he said, lost in his thoughts.

"What are you talking about? What honor?" I asked bitterly.

"Darius. She is wearing your grandmother's peacock brooch."

What a gold-digging bitch.

My eyes went directly to her left breast where the brooch hung delicately. A brooch valued over a hundred million dollars. My face turned immediately into stone.

Of course, she was playing all along.

I scoffed at the thought. How pathetic how she tried to convince me about her innocence. Now she had eyes on a new target, Archibald.

You greedy whore. Already after another fortune? Well, Archie. Good luck…

"If you excuse me," I said.

To my surprise, Oliver stepped forward, interrupting them, and asked for a dance. I watched entertained.

How will my uncle react to his mother's brooch?

They stumbled awkwardly in an attempt to move. I wondered how she danced so beautifully before and now she was back to being the clumsy Olivia.


She was in the arms of a snake. If there was a trickster in the family, it was my uncle; hiding his true colors behind that smart mind.

He whispered something in her ear, and her expression changed abruptly from surprise to concern.

Olivia, I warned you.

He left her alone in the middle of the ballroom, and she stayed there lost in her world, oblivious of her surroundings, biting at her nails. After a minute, she followed him outside of the event and into the main house.

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