Second Impressions

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A leech and a whore

P.O.V Darius

I sent the three guards away. No one could find out about my father and uncle’s sick games. I had to admit they were effective but watching them corner this girl until she broke, felt kind of pathetic.

She was good at hiding how intimidated she felt, but behind the calm demeanor, I noticed the shakiness in her hands above her lap.

Oh, I am sure you won’t last a minute more.

“I don’t understand,” she said baffled, staring at the blank check in front of her.

Oh, right. What is worst than a leech and a whore? One that pretends not to be both. I chuckled, opening the door a little more to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“We are giving you the choice of starting again” I heard my uncle's voice through the door.

Come on, Olivia. You and your sister can take the money and go, just like everybody else.

“You must be desperate,” she said so clearly I even felt her nervous smile.

Just the thought of my uncle's reaction passed a chill right down my spine, maybe because I knew how the game worked. It was as simple as accepting the money or waiting for destruction.

She was biting into their game, making it more challenging, feeding their growing obsession to annihilate her.

“…so my answer is no,” she said before watching my father slam his desk with all his force.

Is she nuts?

No one had ever said no to my father before, not even me.

I narrowed my eyes in disbelief, watching how she stumbled back into the chair, looking tinier than ever. Defenseless.

I thought I would enjoy watching her in distress but a sudden urge to protect her arise from within me.

She was in debt and she kept declining everything. She even protected her sister’s honor, acting as if she had some integrity. Being too good to touch the money, that we all knew she needed badly.

No, you are not this innocent. No one was that good. She couldn't be...

Maybe, she was playing full hands to raise the bid for her sister. If my uncle is smart he will say the peacock is off-limits in the negotiation.

“I don’t want this fucking bird” she protested angrily heading for the exit.

Who are you, Olivia?

She was bending the rubber band to its breaking point. This was it, the moment for destruction. The moment the real threats were about to start, and everything was going to start to get real ugly.

“Don’t you care about the baby?” my father asked in pain.

Who’s baby are they threatening?

“Your sister is pregnant, Olivia. And that child will never be a Rothschild” Oliver said coldly.


I stepped into the room, my eyes cold and threatening. Pierce anger pulsating in my body against my blood. Against my father and uncle.

“Olivia and Sarah are under my protection,” I said in a demanding tone, not even processing what I was saying.

“Son…your grandmother she…I am not a monster, please let me explain” Edmund started mumbling.

“I said, Olivia and Sarah, are under my protection”
This time I took Olivia's hand in mine holding them steady as they were shaking.

“You are making a big mistake” I heard Oliver say in a threatening tone as I pulled Olivia outside the studio.

I carried her with all my strength through the hallway, as far as I could from that place. She was in shock, paralyzed, still processing all the information she received.

“I have to find Sarah,” she mumbled, her eyes showing concern.

“Why? Do you need to deliver the proposal?” I asked bitterly.

“What are you talking about?”

“Listen Olivia. Anything that they offer, I can double it, triple it. Tell me what you want. Just name it!”

“You are such a dick!” She said slapping me so hard my left ear started ringing. “All this family can go to hell!”

I didn’t flinch at the sudden pain. adrenaline was pumping through my whole body. I knew what my father wanted to say about my grandmother, but now it wasn’t the time to share that information with Olivia.

“You and your sister are not going anywhere. You can’t do this to my brother” I said angrily, feeling a mix of different emotions.

“Are we clear Olivia? Do you hear me?” I demanded, placing my body close to her, cornering her into the wall, and taking her hands with force on each side.

My gray eyes were cold and menacing, showing no mercy. Finding any weakness to make her submit to me.

“Let me go,” she said, shaking her hands.

“No,” I said firmly. “You will do what you are told”

One of my hands reached her neck, And I grabbed it softly, feeling her delicate and fragile form, squeezing just a little bit, to assert my dominance.

“I am not your puppet,” she said between her teeth.

“You are what I say you are,” I said, tracing her skin slowly with my left hand until I reach her left breast where the peacock brooch hung

She was afraid of me, that much I could tell. Her chest was rising and falling quickly, and her heartbeat was uneven. My bare hand felt her skin while her fierce eyes ignited something different in me, something raw that I couldn’t quite grasp.

“I said let me go” she squealed.

“The lady said to let her go Darius” Archibald’s voice echoed through the hallway.

The golden boy, to the rescue.

“Shut up, Archibald. Don’t you have better things to do?” I said sending him a death glare still cornering Olivia with my body.

I took the jewel out of the dress and stared at it. Its fanned feathers gleamed beautifully with the very rare, dark blue pear-shaped diamond.

Maybe this little one that said no to my father, was worthy enough to wear the peacock brooch after all.

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