Second Impressions

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“Anything stronger?” I asked the bartender, placing my body against the bar while I returned an empty glass of champagne.

I’ve been hiding in this corner of the event with its own private little full bar. As soon as I heard the announcement I hid from the watching eyes before Darius ended speaking. Archie was still with Anna and Sarah was with Alexander. I don’t know which group was worst to stay around at this moment. I’m probably better here alone.

“Tequila?” He raised his eyebrow in question.

When was the last time I drank tequila?

“That will do the job. Make it a double, please”

He placed the neat liquor in front of me and I swallowed the harsh drink as a punishment, feeling how it burned my throat.

“Another one,” I said to him, signaling with my two fingers.

“Make it two,” a blonde Jessica Rabbit from a corner added. I kind of felt bewitched by her looks because soon I was smiling back at her, not that I felt attracted to women, but she was stunning.

“For an ungrateful son of a bitch” she said with a slight grin while raising her shot.

Damn, if I could beat that toast.

“And for a fucking cheating lying bastard,” I said, thinking about Roger. I elevated my glass to click her’s before we both took the shot together. My ex flashed in my mind, the last time I spoke to him was this morning.

That fucking liar.

“you know it only takes one man, to fuck you over. Just that one man, and then you are screwed” I said to her.

“Fuck you over? I think it’s fuck you right. Let me tell you, I am more than screwed, I think I am in love” she said, watching the empty shot in her hand.

“El amor es una magia pero es…no bueno. Is it your ex?” I spoke out loud doing my best Spanish accent impression combined with a funny movement of hands, something I only did when I started getting a little tipsy. Both, the woman and the bartender seemed entertained by my little show.

Is this why I don’t remember drinking tequila before? Shit.

“My boss. Well…kind of. We are a sort of partners” she confessed.

“Oh, it must be tough keeping the: it’s all professional bullshit,” I said, crunching my fingers.

“Not if you are professional in bed,” she said winking.

“Wow, missy” I laugh. “We need another round” I added signaling the bartender for more.

“Yes, keep them coming,” Blondie said right after me.

“Imagine falling in love with someone who doesn’t want you the same way,” she said trying to hide how miserable she felt, but it was evident, she needed more than a bottle of tequila to drown her pain.

Now that I think about it, I wasn’t truly in love with Roger. I mean I was hurt by what he did but I didn’t look like this woman. She looked like she was about to rip her heart out from her chest, but it made no sense.

But she is a bombshell, who wouldn’t be at her feet? I mean, who can even compete with this woman?

“Maybe he is doing you a favor, by being honest I mean. Believe me, honesty it’s rare, at least he is not giving you mixed signals” I said, opening my palms.

“But he is so… intriguing and irresistible”

“Just say that he is smoking hot” I cut her off.

She covered her head in embarrassment with a hand and nodded her head, sending us both into laughter.

“So, for hot boys’ ′, she said out loud.

“Hot boys? I don’t want any boys around. For hot manly men!” I raised my shot and she mimicked my movement.

“For hot manly men,” we both said in unison while we drank another shot.

“Imagine being cheated on, and finding out it was with the cute secretary. I’m not even thirty and I’m already starting to feel old. How about that insecurity?”

“Wow, I think you need this more than I do,” Blondie said passing me her shot.

“Did I mention he stoled my business idea too?” I said before drinking the two shots like a pro, not even frowning my face.

“That is wrong on so many levels” her eyes widened and she pulled her hand and placed it on my shoulder for a second. Two drunk girls, showing sympathy for each other.

“I just hate men” I closed my eyes.

“Is it awful that you are making me feel better about myself?”

“A little shit can be a blessing in disguise. Never thought your troubles were so small, do you?” I said honestly.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Am I having shots with Jesus himself? She asked jokingly.

“Wait! I’m thinking of something good. For a controlling misogynistic shallow Greek god, may his dick become squashy and useless for eternity” I said with another shot in the hand.

“Wait, I have to stop you there. Call it my sixth sense but he is either the best fuck you ever had in your life or he is at the top of your wish list” she said with a playful smirk.

Omg! Blondie is a medium!

My face said it all and she got so euphoric I wanted to hide my face.

“I knew it, you haven’t had sex with him yet! That means there is another guy! Oh, Tell me more about this Greek god!? We are so over that lying bastard ex-boyfriend of yours. Is he that misogynistic?

“No, I just wanted to say something awful about him”

“Well, what is it about him that you hate the most?”

“I guess that I can’t stand his air of superiority and entitlement”

“Then you should call him out” She blurted out.

“Call him out? Like in front of everyone?”

“Yes, what better way to hurt an entitled person than by harming their reputation? Unless you want to fuck him, then you should use a more sensitive tactic”

“You know what? Maybe I will.” I said standing up.

“Which one? The harming reputation thing or the sensitive tactic?”

“I kinda wanna do both,” I said and we both cracked in laughter again.

Damn these shots already got us both sassy!

“Wait, but what should I do, Ollie?”

“Oh, I am not the best one for love advice. I am kind of a mess” I touched my head feeling already a kind of dizzy.

“Don’t be like that” she sounded disappointed.

“Well, if he isn’t a lying bastard, then I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t try again”

“The truth is he rejected me twice tonight. I even pulled the seductive card on him and he pushed me away. That has never happened to me before ” She took a deep sigh.

“Isn’t the third time lucky?” I asked positively.

She laughed lightly, sounding partly convinced. Maybe some hope would help, right?

“We should introduce each other, my name is Seline,” Blondie said pulling her hand for a handshake.

“I am Ollie,” I said, bringing my hand to hers.

“Ollie you are the most outspoken and honest person I’ve met in a long while”

“Well, you are very fun to hang around with,” I said with a tipsy small grin.

“Ha, not many people would say that. I guess it’s part of my manager persona”

“Interesting” I muttered touching my chin. I was already up and was kind of losing my balance.

“I think you should reach out to that Greek god tonight” she reached out with her hand to grab another shot.

“On my way to that,” I said to her signaling my two hands as if they were little guns.

Oh boy, here we go…

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