Second Impressions

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Blame it on the tequila

Seline’s words got stuck in my head: What better way to hurt an entitled person than by harming their reputation? Blondie was a wise woman. Of course, that is his weakness! His last name, the cornerstone of his power.

I felt on fire with all the liquor burning in my body. I was alive, more alive than ever, and ready to scratch the need inside that had been bothering me for a while.

“A pleasure to meet you, Blondie. I’ll be on my worst behavior tonight,” I waved her goodbye with a smirk.

I am going to teach you a lesson, Darius.

I walked as straight as I could away from that little bar, probably looking like a maze runner doing little zig zags. After making a couple of stops to rest every time I stumbled upon my long skirt, I finally found him standing in his sophisticated suit, looking as regal as ever.

A small group surrounded him, consisting of two old fellows and a woman in her forties. They all look refined with their body language screaming power. I stopped as soon as I was near enough to hear what they were saying without drawing attention.

“I’ll guide the company until it’s time,” he said calmly with a warm smile. He managed to take their full attention, but the lady did not seem convinced.

“It is not personal, Mr. Rothschild”, one of them replied politely. He was bold, chubby, and adorable, and may I add, he looked like a sea lion.

“Of course it is, Douglas,” Darius said seriously. The old guy arranged his glasses and stood in a pensive mood.

“Darius, speaking for all of us, believe me when I say that it is not good for the business; there are billions at stake. You must understand that this is not something that we can take lightly.”, she said in a reasonable voice, making the other two gentlemen nod in agreement, especially Douglas, looking more like part of a Seaworld show.

“Billions that came from my family, you are my board…and it’s Robert for you, only my family calls me by my first name. Don’t forget the hand that feeds you, Rhonda.”

“Too many scandals, Mr. Rothschild. The board didn’t agree with your brother’s lifestyle before and we won’t support him now with a child that will inherit so much power. We simply cannot see a way around” she added quickly.

“I am the way around. I am the one to lead,” he said between his teeth, sounding annoyed.

“For now” she scoffed.

“You are crossing the line again, just as you did when you expanded different lines of products in Asia without the board’s knowledge.” The other two fellows watched her in surprise.

“Do you think I wasn’t aware of your dirty laundry? I wouldn’t be surprised if you get kicked out from the board soon. Mr. Barren here might look harmless, but he has teeth too, Rhonda.”

“And I am also a family friend” he finally said, breaking the silence and placing a hand on Darius’ shoulder.

The lady stood quiet, it was evident she didn’t like the way Darius had threatened her.

“Oh, Darius, honey, I’ve been looking all night for you,” I said, imitating Anna Elizabeth Rothschild’s high-pitched voice as I entered the center of their reunion, all their eyes on me.

He watched me in disapproval, sending me red daggers to my head.

“Oh, honey, are you ashamed of me? Why aren’t you introducing me to your friends?” I said looking into his eyes pretending to be sweetly in love and continued by giving a lovely smile to the group.

“Honey? Are you drunk?” Darius asked me as if I had lost my mind and I ignored his comment.

“Hi Rhonda, I am Darius’ girlfriend,” I said to her, bringing my hand in front of her. She watched the other two gentlemen almost as if doubting my existence and hesitated for a second before shaking my hand back.

“What do you think you are doing?,” Darius scoffed while I did the same with Barren and Mr. Douglas.

“Are you so ashamed of our love?! Is it because my sister is already pregnant by your brother?!”, I yelled dramatically for everyone to hear before I turned around with a victorious smile on my face.

“Could you just lower your voice?!” He said, for the first time losing his cool, his eyes were about to fall out of his sockets.

“No!” I said crossing my arms as if he just hurt my pride. I gave him an afflicted stare showing my amazing acting skills, and I saw with full pleasure how his veins pulsated on his forehead. He was a handsome man even when he was one step away from unleashing his wrath at me.

Come one, Darius, eat the bait and reflect that poor character. Show everybody how unable and unfit you are to lead.

Surprisingly he calmed down and narrowed his eyes, sending a chill down my spine.

“Oh, babe. You just get insecure when you are away from me” he said, bringing a hand to my waist, pulling me closer to him. I turned in surprise and watched a wicked smile spread on his face.

I tried hard to hide my concerned expression. He was calling me out of my own game, and changing the script I had already planned in my mind.

No, don’t you dare do what I think you are doing!

My eyes went wild before he kissed me hard on the lips, opening my mouth and pushing his tongue down my throat. He invaded my mouth savagely, tasting me, grabbing me, owning me in front of everyone to see. I broke the kiss gasping for air when I felt both of his open palms on my ass making pressure.

“No” I squealed like a pig but he was too fast and too strong and suddenly I was being carried like a bag of potatoes on his shoulder.

“Rhonda, Barren, Douglas, If you excuse me,” Darius said to them before carrying me out of the event, and into the guest house.

“Wait, I don’t want to go! Put me down!” I said dizzily, kicking my legs and arms in the air, too drunk to process anything that just happened. “I wasn’t done with my mission”.

“Your mission, huh? How much did you have to drink? You can barely speak or walk” he growled.

“Just some tequila,” I blurted.

“It really transforms you into someone else”

“Are you my counselor now? Where do you think you are taking me?”

“Remember what I told you about you and your sister not going anywhere? Well, I am taking measures into my own hands, starting with you, tonight.”

“You are no fun,” I said feeling disappointed.

“This time you will do what you are told. You’ve done enough already”

“Oh, please. What are you going to do? Lock me up? Are you going to punish me too?” I giggled like a small child on his back, watching the ground and his feet. “You have a cute butt” I added quickly.

“Do you want to get punished?” He replied

“No,” I said fast.

“Then, shut up,” he said.

“Boring,” I said as I let my head fall with gravity. I was wasted, tired, and my vision was becoming blurry.

We stayed in silence for a minute as he started climbing the stairs. Isn’t he tired of carrying me? This guy is seriously strong, even his breathing is calm as if he was just taking a walk in the park.

“Are you always this uptight?” I asked him.

I wondered why he didn’t stop at the first floor where the guest room was, instead he kept moving up the stairs to the upper levels.


“You can’t keep quiet do you?” He protested in a serious tone.

“How does it feel having a stick up your ass?”

Oh my god, Did I just say that out loud?

“What did you just say?” he asked with a tone full of threat.

“Nothing,” I muttered shyly.

“Careful, you are giving me ideas”

“Ah” I gasped in surprise as I felt a current of electricity when his hand hit my ass.

“Did you really just spank me?!”

“My hand is twitching and you’ve drained my patience, Olivia. Besides, I am starting to think that you like it.”

“I don’t” I muttered back as embarrassment filled my head.

“Then keep quiet or I’ll have to do it again”

“Don’t you dare!”

He spanked me harder this time, making my body shuffle.

“Ahhh” Another moan escaped my lips betraying me, even though I had covered my mouth. I tried to break free from his hold, but he held me steady again, imprisoning me back into his arms.


I wanted to tell him that, but I knew he would spank me again and I wanted to save myself from the embarrassment. Then I noticed we were not on the stairs anymore, and the flooring of the hallway felt familiar.

Isn’t this the third floor, where his bedroom is?

“That’s what I thought. You are a moaner,” he said. I knew he was smirking even though I could not see him.

“What!?” I asked in indignation before he spanked me again, sending me into another frenzy.

“Jesus! Could you stop!?” I exclaimed, suppressing the urge to moan again.

“Hmm… ”

I heard him humming in pleasure and my core felt hot. He had left his open palm on my buttcheek as a warning that he could do it again.

“That is just disrespectful! Could you put me down already?!” I demanded.

“Didn’t you say you were my girlfriend a minute ago? Isn’t this what couples do? He said, mocking me while he opened a bedroom door and we both entered.

“Fight? Because I’ll sure beat your ass once you put me down!” I managed to say as a rush of anxiety started building in my chest. My heart was pounding fast and strong.

He stopped walking once he reached the end of the darkroom.

“Sex, dummy,” he said as he threw me on a bed like a predator.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I am not having sex with you, mister.” I panicked, crumbling into the headboard, grabbing the silky sheets with my hands as if something I could hold on for. This was his bedroom, I knew because his bed smelled like him; a mix of expensive cologne and his manly scent.

He watched me, amused by my actions, and a deep laughing sound started to rise from his stomach. I’ve never seen him laugh like this before, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was his real laugh.

“Olivia, you are not my type and you are highly intoxicated,” he watched me in disapproval with a light smile as he crossed his arms.

“Yeah, sure. You are so full of shit” I said, calling his bluff.

“As entertaining as it is to mess with you, I have important things to do, like for example, fixing the mess you just made with the stakeholders,” He said, turning away and leaving me locked in his room.

Fucking tequila

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