Second Impressions

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“Dear lord,” I groaned in pain as I opened my eyes, I could barely handle the massive headache pounding from my head. I was so dizzy that everything around me swirled like a bull riding fucking rodeo, so I placed one of my legs out of the duvet and into the floor, dropping an anchor.

Guess I am still kind of drunk from last night. What did I drink yesterday? Why can’t I remember?

I opened my dry mouth and felt my chapped lips knowing that I would need more than a gallon of water and Advil to survive this killing hangover, maybe even a miracle. Hopefully, no one will interrupt my plan of staying in bed the whole day. I closed my eyes and relaxed my body snuggling back into the silk pillow.

“Hmm…this smells so good,” I said as I took a deep breath of the fabric. It smelled like sandalwood with a note of leather, vanilla, and…Darius.

Wait! What? Did I say, Darius!?

My eyes popped open at the realization and I soon scanned my surroundings.

Shit, this is not my room!

This bedroom was neatly organized, almost like a showroom in a furniture gallery. A set of dark wood items were placed complementing a gray palette. It felt masculine, elegant, and minimalist. Strangely, only one nightstand and night lamp were set on the right side of his bed with a phone resting on top, which suddenly started ringing.

Shit, shit, shit! I need to get out, now.

I watched the door knowing I had to get out of here, but before I instinctively touched my body, and felt relieved to find the fabric of the large dress. I was dressed.

Phew, at least I have some part of my dignity.

The door handle clicked and a shirtless Darius entered the bedroom. Of course, he had to be shirtless and wearing those low-cut black gym pants that could never do justice to his hotness.

In addition, his rough muscles were covered in sweat and tiny drops slowly ran from his neck to his big chest, to his ripped abs into his...

Olivia, stop!

“Uhm, good morning” I greeted him red-faced while I crunched into a small ball on the bed. I wanted to disappear right now from the face of the world.

He ignored me, making me feel invisible. Not even bothered to take a single look at me while he crossed the room and snatched his phone from the night table by my side.

“Hello?” I said again, but he didn’t spare a glance again. Whatever he was listening to on his EarPods was far more entertaining than hangover Olivia on his bed.

I tried to read his face, and behind that cold and unbothered mask, I could swear I watched a glimpse of exhaustion, maybe even some real concern.

Did he sleep at all?

He stopped in front of a big drawer to check his messages giving his delicious back to me and cursed in a low unintelligible voice. I couldn’t stop myself as my eyes wandered into his strong athletic back, tracing his long muscles until I found those two sexy wholes in his lower back.

Omg, he has dorsal dimples.

Suddenly I was feeling hot, too hot, so hot that I would willingly jump into a fucking ice bath. I swallowed hard as I touched my hot forehead and then my rapid chest.

Am I sick? Why am I even sweating like this?

I was hiperventitaling! This was not healthy, it almost felt like I was having a menopause episode mixed with the worst hangover of my life.

But I am still in my twenties, how is that possible? Isn’t menopause something that happens when you are in your forties?

“Goodness gracious” I muttered when he unzipped his pants and the fabric hit the floor, giving me a complete view of his bare butt. The Greek god nude himself in front of me and walked straight to the bathroom while checking his phone. A confident, sexy, relaxed, very naked walk.

Is he trying to kill me?

At this point, If I had a heart attack, I’m sure people would applaud at my funeral for the things I’ve seen.

But there is one thing I haven’t seen yet…Olivia, you dirty girl!

I didn’t even dare to blink as I followed him with my eyes until he disappeared leaving me with my jaw so open that it was ready to snap out at any moment.

What the fuck did just happen?

I swallowed hard and took a big breath. My thoughts were not helping at all, so I decided to do baby steps, starting with the one of getting out of this room, immediately.

Okay, relax Ollie. Be cool about it, it is not the first time you’ve seen a man naked. Well, not someone that looks like that.

I stepped out of the bed feeling like a bag full of shit and moved my body as a zombie would after being smashed by a bus. I turned my head when I heard the water running and some humming coming from the bathroom.

No way he is singing in the shower.

Finally, I was about to run from this place. My hand twisted the handle and nothing happened, it was locked. Immediately I tried again and failed.

What the fuck? Did this psychopath lock me up in his bedroom and get naked? Is this some kind of joke?

I started pounding at the door as hard as I could but it just felt pointless when I heard his deep laugh coming from the bathroom, he must have heard how I was trying to get out and found it amusing.

That little devil.

Somehow, something about this was making everything fall right back in place. The ball, Archie, the proposal, blondie, the kiss, and that deep devilish laugh. I remembered it all, and it made me furious.

I walked decisively to the bathroom ready to show this man the power of my wrath.

Whatever you do, don’t look at his butt, it will deceive you.

I entered the bathroom and opened his shower door with a quick swift movement and to my surprise, he was still laughing while soaping his body.

“Open the door!” I demanded, crossing my arms.

“No one is going to hear you, you know? These walls are soundproof and no one from the staff is allowed on this floor on the weekends.” He said casually.

Oh, great.

“Listen you asshole, open the door right now, or I’ll…”

“You should get in, the water is warm,” He said interrupting me while he turned around to face me. He was showing me his naked torso and my curious eyes went straight to his huge dick.

Holy cow!

My eyes widened as I stared at its massive size and thick shape. My mind needed a second to reboot and I stood frozen for gods knows how long until I snapped out of it.

“Oh my god! cover yourself!” I yelled like a little girl covering my eyes.

He laughed again before giving me a crooked smile. He really didn’t give a damn about my sudden reaction and was still finding it all very funny.

“Didn’t picture you as a prude” He said closing his eyes as he washed his head in the water.

“Shh it! you perv” I exclaimed feeling my cheeks all red.

“Perv? You are the one watching me while I soap,” he replied quickly.

“Well, you are the one having me locked,” I scoffed.

“Oh, yes. About that, no one is getting out of this bedroom until we talk, Olivia.”

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