Second Impressions

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The corset


My belly started to hurt from all the laughing. This woman was hilarious! I can’t remember when was the last time I laughed like this, apart from yesterday, of course. I continued my bath unhurried, with no plans of releasing her, not after what she did, she needed to learn her place.

“You are keeping me here, with you, naked!?” she said, almost losing her mind, acting more like a kid than a woman.

After all, she could have waited outside, but no, she walked straight into the dragon’s lair. What was she expecting to find?

She was now looking at my cock again as if it was her first time seeing a naked man. Yes, I was used to having a strong reaction to women with my body, but not like this.

Is she having some sort of panic attack?

She was beginning to hyperventilate with a hand pressed on her chest, like if something was blocking her airways. I had to do something and fast.

I immediately stepped out of the shower and approached her dripping water all over the floor. I stopped as soon as I saw her open eyes in fear. She was reaching for the wall behind, her hands searching for something to use as a murder weapon.

“Could you relax? I am not going to touch you,” I said with my hands held high for her to see.

“Stay away!” she said, breathing heavily. It was alarming how pale she was starting to look, almost as if she had choked on a piece of steak.

“Is it the corset on your dress?” I asked.

“I think it’s too tight, I can’t breathe” she muttered, pressing with pain both of her hands in her chest.

“Damn it!” she cursed weakly as she tried opening it from behind.

“Come here,” I said as I turned her around, going straight for her back. This dress was too tight, trapping her rib cage and showing her bee waist. My hands searched for the opening but I didn’t find any.

“How the hell did you even put this on?!” I asked.

“It’s laced… from inside… the..” She said too weak to complete the sentence, almost losing consciousness and stumbling her head in the wall.


I pulled her skirt up revealing her beautiful legs and round buttcheeks looking for any way to open this goddamn dress. I didn’t have time to undo it so I ripped the lace and the skirt, releasing her body from that tight fabric.

That stupid corset!

“Ahh” I heard a weak gasp before she collapsed in my arms. At least she was breathing again, barely. I turned her around while holding her in my arms, her almost naked body pressed to my chest.

“Olivia!” I shook her as I watched her bluish lips. I slapped her lightly on the cheek looking for any trace of response, but she had lost consciousness.

I carried her in my arms and pushed her in the water. She was looking a little better now, her bluish lips were starting to have a touch of color and she opened her eyes lightly, staring right into mine, too weak to do anything else.

You scared me, little girl.

A sudden wave of relief got me.

“You are okay,” I told her, not taking my eyes away from her while I felt her weak heartbeat from my hand under her ribcage, it was uneven. That got my attention.

I reached outside the shower with her in my arms and took the phone. Someone answered at the second ring.

“I need doctor Kumar, immediately”

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