Second Impressions

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“How I found my strength, Anna Elizabeth Rothschild, sources tell us she is not happy about the baby on the way” I read out loud.

“Wait, you are missing the best part!” I added while turning around my tablet to reveal a picture of Anna choking on her wine.

“Stop it!” Sarah exclaimed, breaking into laughter.

“Omg, what a genius” I muttered to myself. If I could only hug this journalist for his brilliant work.

“And the photographer? How he captured the whole disgust in her face with just one picture!” Sarah said jokingly.

“That man’s fingers were made by angels” I replied while happily reading the next headline.

“From summer fling to summer baby: 15 tips on how to get a billionaire sugar daddy!” I stopped for a second to process the information. Sarah was in the middle of the Seventeen magazine cover.

“No way, Sarah! You are a source of inspiration for teenagers!” I breathed deeply holding myself from breaking in laughter again, my weird and dark sense of humor coming straight to the light.

Well, Alexander is kind of her sugar daddy.

“That one is not that funny, Alexander is not old” she muttered awkwardly.

“Oh, don’t be like that, I was just joking,” I said, poking her in the shoulder.

“Keep reading though, He asked me to check all the headlines. Today is…very delicate day for the future of the company. He said I should take it seriously” She said, her tone changing completely.

What? The future of the company?

I moved forward to the next one, not wanting to pry into what she just said.

“Rothschild family and the shocking truth about their baby heir, from The New York Post”

“Next one” Sarah cut me off quickly.

“Oh, no” I gasped. This was starting to get heavier. I hated this kind of headline, the one meant to destroy.

“Just spit it out, Ollie”

“Rothschild’s Billionaire baby announcement shakes the company losing billions.”

Billions? Oh, wow. This is more serious than I thought.

“Oh my god,” Sarah said, placing a hand instinctively in her mouth.

“Here is another one. Screwed! Rothschild enterprise loses big in the stock market from the Washington post.”

Screwed? Isn’t it a bit dramatic? Surely this is something the Rothchild family can move forward, right?

My eyes widened when I saw my face in the middle of a story.

Oh, no.

“Did the cat eat your tongue?”

“No, it’s just that my face is right there. How did they even get this picture? This is when I was in college.”

“Read it”

“Who is Olivia Summer, The girl behind the 100 million dollar jewel”

A picture of me sitting on campus and then a close-up of the dress I was wearing with the Peacock brooch hanging.

“Aww, that’s cute” Sarah muttered.

“Not gay! The sex symbol finally reveals his sexual preferences” I read dramatically with my eyes popping out in amazement.

What the fuck?

“It’s about Darius. Why would people think he is gay?” I asked.

“Because no one is good enough for him… All the female population is kind of...frustrated”

Oh, right what Vivian said.

“Read the small letters,” Sarah added quickly.

“Sources tell us he kissed a woman at their family’s event,” I read automatically, instantly regretting it.

“Who is this mystery woman?”

Shit! I am the mystery woman

“Sarah, no. I don’t like this. I think I want to stop… if that is okay” I said as soon as I saw the next headline.

“So you see, how does it feel? It can not be that bad, believe me, I am the one with the sugar daddy reputation” She muttered.

I breathed deeply, gathering strength.

“Madly in love or madly in lust?”

“With who? Is it a picture of me? “ she asked quickly.

I stood quiet again, I was about to freak out.

“Ollie, what are you hiding?” She said snatching the iPad from my hands and staring right into the image of Darius and me kissing savagely while his hands grabbed me like if I was made of play dough.

Well, this is embarrassing.

“No way! Ollie, are you fucking Darius?”

“Fucking? Are you crazy?”

“You shagging liar”


“So this is all photoshop? You are both fucking your brains out in this picture.”

“Now that I think about it, no one explained why the doctor saw you in Darius’ room. Olivia Summer, you naughty girl.” She blurted out and my face got redder by the second “I guess I was too worried to hear the news that I didn’t pay attention to that detail, you are so fucking him”

“I am not!”


“It’s kind of blurry but I swear nothing happened except that kiss. Can we not talk about this now? Please? Pretty please?” I asked, my eyes pleading.

“Okay, for now, but I am expecting full details later”

I didn’t comment on anything and kept reading trying hard to change the subject.

“The Summer sisters are here to stay. One with a baby and the other one with grandma’s brooch.”

“Well, I can agree to that, we are here to stay,” she said, sending me a wink.

“And then from two tech magazines some modest comments. Inkforce, a new Rothschild’s Enterprise acquisition from Techcrunch, and Robert Darius Rothschild, the extraordinary corporate disrupter, announce Inkforce's new CEO in Bloomberg.”

“What a shit show”

“Tell me about it” Sarah sighed.

“How are you feeling?” Sarah asked with a worried face.


“Are you in any pain?”

“No. It’s like nothing happened, I am just stuck with this for 24 hours” I answered showing her the Holter monitor I had attached to my chest meant to record the electrical activity of my heart.

It was a tiny machine with different cables attached to my chest.

I hated it

“I don’t know how we are going to celebrate Christmas with this storm,” Sarah said.

“Celebrate? Oh no, another event?”

“Anna said it’s going to be an intimate dinner tonight”

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