Second Impressions

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Are you on the pill?

“Olivia, you are a beautiful girl,” Anna’s voice made me turn my head.

Oh boy, if she compliments me now, then something terrible will come out of her mouth soon.

After I greeted Archibald, I walked out from the dining room into the kitchen with the only mission of hiding from everyone, but somehow I could not be alone in this house for long.

Did she follow me? Am I in some kind of trouble?

She was standing, looking regal as ever with her black hair framing her delicate features, and those gray eyes, the same as Darius, looking right at me.

“It has come to my attention that you’ve picked my son’s curiosity,” She said between her teeth.

“Picked your son’s curiosity?’ I asked, hypnotized by the intensity of her stare.

Oh my god, why is this woman so impossible to ignore? Am I some shinny object now?

“Yes, Olivia.” She replied quickly with her motherly protective energy, sitting in the barstool right next to me.

Is this the moment she’ll pull a knife out of her pocket?

“It is evident that you are infatuated with Darius.” She added, nodding her head as if speaking of a fact.

“No, I am not infatuated with him” I started laughing nervously at the thought of it.

She sighed placing one elbow on the countertop, and with such elegance rested her chin on top of her hand.

“You are both young and attractive; it is only natural,” she said, watching my every move.

“I can assure you, Mrs. Rothschild, you have nothing to be concerned about.”

“Oh, I am Olivia. I am concerned about how fast you are staining your reputation, especially with the media, just like your sister did. You must understand how poorly your actions reflected on our family name, now that we are bonded by the baby, forever.”

I silently listen to her. She was speaking as a concerned mother.

“At this point, I don’t think we could handle another scandal. That is why I must ask. Are you using protection?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Excuse me?” I felt so outraged by the question.

Did she seriously ask me that?

Of all the questions she could have asked me, I wasn’t expecting this one. A sudden deja vu from when I had “the Talk” with my mother got over me.

“Are you on the pill?” She repeated herself.

“No, I am not,” I vomited the first thing that crossed my mind.

“Then I shall ask Dr.Kumar to prescribe you some birth control, immediately,” She said almost like an order.

“No, I don’t want pills because I am not having sex!”

“Oh, but it will happen… sooner or later,” She said with a light smile standing from the barstool. “Call it mothers intuition.”

“Oh my god! No, it won’t, woman!” I yelled, covering my head.

“Olivia, when it does, remember that Darius is not the type of man to commit to a common girl, such as yourself. You don’t belong to our world,” she said calmly.

This woman is such a snake!

“Are you deaf? I don’t want anything to do with your son or this family!” I said, losing control for the first time.

“Oh, dear. You are not fooling anybody. Holding the same expectations your sister had will only hurt you. We should return, the dinner is about to start” She spoke again, ignoring my comment, and walked back to the dining room.

I followed her not because I wanted to return to the dinner. I followed her because part of my subconscious wanted to murder her. I watched the beautiful dining table placed with all the family members gathered around waiting for us. A new set of eyes caught my attention. Oliver was here, that old skinny man with that smart tongue.

House full of snakes.

“Archer, what are your plans for New Year’s? Alexander and Sarah will be flying to Sydney in a couple of days.” Anna said as she seated at the table.

“How exciting!” Vivian commented.

“Yes, we are planning to catch the fireworks over the Sydney Harbor. It will be Sarah’s first time in Australia.” Alexander said.

“That is lovely, dear,” Anna’s sister commented.

I avoided eye contact with her. Her resemblance to her sister kind of gave me the chills.

Isn’t one Anna enough in this world? Do we need two of them? Nevertheless Twins?!

“Yes, aunt Sophie. We have a lot to celebrate,” Alexander said, bringing Sarah’s hand into a kiss.

“I’ll be meeting some friends in the city,” Archer answered. “What about you, Ollie, any plans?” he quickly added.

“Cup noodles and a movie,” I said, changing my facial expression to a more subtle one, still keeping my mouth in a flat line. I could hide my rage to some degree.

“You are welcome to join me, Ollie,” Archer said, placing a hand on top of mine.

“Aww, Archer, that is so sweet of you!” Sarah muttered.

Anna’s face was stoic; she didn’t like Archer’s interest in me. However, that didn’t stop him from giving me his full attention.

“Thank you, Archer,” I said while I grabbed his hand back as a payback.

Oh, this is so much fun.

Where is Edmund?” Archibald asked Oliver who was next to him.

“He is putting part of the fire out” Oliver broke his silence.

“You don’t have to explain; it’s been hard on all of us,” Sophie said.

“Yes, many unfortunate set of events…and people” Anna muttered.

The way she said, people. This woman! If I could throw this fork into her eye without a lawsuit I would. Of course, it was Sarah and me who she was referring to.

“Anna bear, Where is your Christmas spirit?” Archibald said lightening the mood.

“Of course dear you are right.” She paused for a second. “Talking about Christmas spirit. Aren’t you going to ask where your cousin is?”

“Nah, I think we are better of without him,” he said with his dazzling smile.

“Archer!” Sophie exclaimed in disapproval.

“Nonsense. You loved each other so much while growing up. ” Anna replied.

“Barely,” Alexander muttered while taking a sip of his scotch.

“If you mean they loved each other like a cat to a dog, then yes,” Vivian added.

“I think it is time to put that aside, don’t you think?” Sophie pleaded to her son.

“Don’t worry about that, Sophie. We are grown-ups. Right, Archie? That’s how you like being called” Darius said appearing unexpectedly from the back of the room. His cold glare directed at Archibald made me shiver.

I wanted to take my hand out of Archibald’s hold but he imprisoned mine while he twitched his mouth to the point that it was evident how much they hated each other.

“Darius! You are here! Oh, my son. When you left this morning, I wasn’t sure you’d come back. I am so happy you returned for Christmas; you must be tired from all the work.” Anna said standing up from the chair while I freed my hand from Archer’s hold as soon as he relaxed.

“Hi Anna,” Seline said, appearing behind Darius’ back.

Blondie is here too?

“Darius invited me; I hope it’s okay if I stay for dinner.”

“Seline. It’s the least we can do after all the support you’ve given us. We appreciate your hard work during this difficult time.”

“I am his right hand, after all. I would never let him down,” She said with a sparkle coming out of her eyes.

So Darius is his boss, the one she is in love with?! Shit!

She looked stunning in a golden jumpsuit with her lips painted red and that silky blonde long hair styled in waves. She was as tall as Darius, maybe because she was wearing long heels. It kinda felt like they were two giants hovering on us.

“Please sit down; dinner is about to start,” Oliver said.

“Omg! Is it you, Olivia? Hi!” Seline exclaimed

“Blondie!” I managed to say with an awkward smile.

She crossed the room while Darius followed her with his eyes, and she surprised me with a big hug.

“It is so good to see you,” She muttered in my ear “she is such a fun girl!” Seline added, turning around to see everybody.

“Oh, we know,” Vivian said, winking.

“How is it that you know each other? What in common could both of you possibly have?” Anna asked.

Seline and I just shared a look.

“We share the same taste in men…ny things.” She quickly fixed the comment from men to many. Clever.

Same taste in men? Does that mean she saw the picture, the one Darius is kissing me?

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