Second Impressions

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Common girl

“Interesting,” Anna muttered, looking at her food with disgust.

“Olivia, how are you feeling?” Darius asked pausing for a second to speak to one of the staff “She is not allowed to drink” he quickly ordered as he watched me with his gray eyes.

Okay, dad.

“You must be exhausted,” Anna added.

“I am fine,” I muttered watching how someone pulled out my wine from the table and replaced it with a glass of water.

“What happened?” Archie asked.

“Olivia almost had a heart attack,” Vivian commented.

“I just fainted,” I said casually.

“It is more serious than that,” Darius added.

“Oh, dear. How tragic,” Sophie said, covering her mouth while Oliver seemed amused.

“That sounds serious, Ollie. It would be best if you went to a specialist. I’ll refer you to our family doctor,” Archibald explained.

“It has already been taken care of, Archie,” Darius interrupted him.

“Well, you shouldn’t be stuck with one doctor’s opinion, I insist,” Archibald said, ignoring him while he grabbed my hand again. Darius watched our hands and narrowed his eyes.

“Another doctor?” I asked anxiously.

“You have nothing to worry about, Olivia. Dr. Kumar is an eminence in his field” Darius answered in a reassuring voice.

“Oh,” I nodded, wanting to say thank you, but the words did not escape my lips.

Archer didn’t look so happy about it.

“The food is so good,” Sarah commented obliviously of her surroundings, so unaware of Darius and Archer’s tension.

If ignorance was bliss, then Sarah was a clueless queen. I decided to stay silent the rest of the meal listening to their conversations until I was about to fall asleep at the table.

“Oh, I am tired ” I gave a long, weary sigh, fighting the heaviness of my eyelids. I barely got any sleep yesterday between the hangover and my heart episode, so let’s say that my body was just about to collapse.

“Thank you for dinner, and Merry Christmas to you all,” I said standing up.

“But you are missing dessert,” Sarah said with her puppy face.

“Wait Ollie, I have something for you,” Archie said standing up and returning with a small present.

“Oh… It is so small!” Vivian said. “You know what they say, the smaller the better… Well, only when it comes to gifts, though” she added

“Thank you, Archer. You didn’t have to,”

He just showed his dashing smile and I blushed a little accepting the gift in my hands.

How sweet is this guy?

I approached Sarah and hugged her goodbye before I walked back to my room, not wanting to give a second look to anyone at that dining table, but I could swear I felt Darius stare at the back of my neck.

Entering the guest room, I quickly changed into one of Sarah’s fancy pajamas but I felt uncomfortable wearing them. It’s was exactly what someone would wear for a honeymoon trip.

How can someone sleep like this? Why can’t I find something extra-sized and comfy?

I watched Darius’ clothes folded in a drawer where I left them. It was the same jogger and oversized t-shirt he gave me when Dr.Kumar arrived at his room.

This is such a bad idea!

I doubted a couple of times before putting them and soon breathed his manly scent and cologne.

Why does he smell so good? This is torture.

All set for bed with the attached monitor to my chest, I scooped into the fluffy duvet with Archie’s gift in my hands. It was poorly wrapped and fully wrinkled, with lots of tape in different angles.

Oh, my god. Archie has the crafting skills of a five-year-old! How adorable...

I laughed a little bit while I touched the exterior wondering what it was before unwrapping it. It’s been a while since someone gave me a present so I didn’t know what to expect.

What could it possibly be? It feels like a book.

I ripped the wrapping paper and found a tiny manual.

“Dancing for dummies” I read the title out loud.

That is so silly! Of course, he knows I am a terrible dancer.

I put a hand in my mouth covering a small laugh while I opened the first page. A small note fell with his writing.

“Oh, Archie,” I muttered to myself, bringing the note closer to my eyes. I narrowed my eyes trying to understand his handwriting, it said: Friends that go on dates?

Oh, it is an invitation for an actual date! But, when?

I searched in the rest of the pages of the book but I was unsuccessful at finding any other clue.

“Olivia, do you have a minute?” A voice interrupted me from my thoughts and I instinctively hid the book under the covers as if it was a secret. So childish of me, when it was just Blondie, standing at my door.

“Sure, come in,” I said, welcoming her to my room.

Blondie stepped on a long silk dress that embraced her perfect body with a wide cut on her leg, making one of them pop out sexily with every step she made.

“Oh, Wow” I muttered to myself thinking about how this made Sarah’s pajamas look like a freaking joke.

“I like you, I want you to know that,” She said sitting at the corner of my bed.

“I like you too,” I muttered back.

“But I won’t give up on Darius so easily, you know how I feel about him,” She said with her eyes showing complete honesty.

Shit! She saw the picture.

“It’s okay, Seline”

“No, you don’t understand. I want you to pursue him too if that is what you want. I might love him, but I don’t want a man who would want me halfway.” She spoke with such certainty and strength.

Wow, that was deep.

“That doesn’t mean I won’t try my best, I know he desires me,” she said as if preparing me for disappointment.

I stood quietly watching her beauty. It felt strange that she wanted to share so much information with me.

Isn’t it obvious? Who wouldn’t desire this woman?

“Let the best one win,” She added while she squeezed my hand with a soft smile on her face.

Let the best one win? Is she expecting competition?

People thinking about me and Darius as a thing was seriously exhausting me, so I decided to say something that would rather calm her down.

“Oh, I am just a common girl,” I said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable as I repeated Anna’s words out loud.

Did that woman get in my head? Well, that is true. I am common and clumsy.

“Ollie, you really can’t see yourself, do you?” She said, raising my chin with her hand.

What does that mean?

“Anyway, I am not taking more of your time. I’ll leave you to rest. Goodnight, Ollie ″ she said standing up.

Watching her leave my room, I was left with a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

Why do I feel this way? I don’t care, do I?

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