Second Impressions

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Nothing more


I was seated in my room handling some important paperwork when Seline walked in wearing a silk dress that left not much to the imagination. My eyes wandered through her body, her long legs, round breasts, and long blonde hair.

I’d like to pull that hair.

I stopped what I was doing and locked my eyes with her, reading her expression as best as I could, she was a clever woman, and I knew better than underestimating her. Behind her beauty was a mind that I admired; that was the only reason she was my right hand.

I was okay with having casual sex with her; I mean, I am a man with needs, and she was stunning, but I was starting to feel some clinginess from her side, almost as if she was beginning to catch some feelings for me, which made everything more difficult.

Maybe if I wanted a relationship or a family, things could change, but that was out of my plans. I could not give her more, so why waste time and energy?

“I’ve been waiting all night for this,” She said, straddling me while I was still seated.

“I think we should stop,” I said, seriously fighting the urge to grab her ass with both of my hands.

“Oh, but we are just getting started,” She whispered in my ear and grabbed my hands, and placed them on both of her but-cheeks pulling them apart while she started rocking her body against mine.

I pressed my nails firmly on her ass while I gave her a hard look, I didn’t like submitting to my needs.

Also, I didn’t like kissing much, it just felt too personal, so when she leaned in to kiss me, I grabbed her hair from behind and pulled hard stretching her neck open to me so I could nibble and suck on her.

“Please, make love to me Darius” She gasped losing control while I firmly guided her back and forth griding my big bulge against her core.

“No,” I said without a trace of emotion, just lust.

“Just a fuck, not love,” I said between my teeth as I stood up carrying her with me until we reached the wall, where I quickly turned her around to face it, placing both of her arms and legs spread.

“Nothing more” I added pressing my prominent erection in her ass while my hands pulled her dress up. I smirked when I find out she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Ah” She gasped arching her back a little more to give me better access while I rubbed her clit in circles, with a steady rhythm.

I stopped when she started shaking.

“Not yet” I groaned, I didn’t want her to come in my hand, I had other plans. I closed my eyes, guiding the full length of my cock through her opening, feeling the delicious sensation of pulling in and out with force.

Nothing better than pure raw sex.

I heard her moaning get louder as I incremented in speed, losing total control and giving into my animalistic side.

“Ah” I grunt when I felt her come, I was close too, so I dig my hands in her waist bringing her close to my chest feeling her jagged and irregular breathing while I thrust harder.

“Olivia,” I said just before I felt my release.

What did I just say?

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