Second Impressions

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The Hamptons

After two excruciating hours, I felt the car slow down. Finally! We had arrived at the Hamptons, and it was my first time here, but I knew that December in the Hamptons wasn’t as friendly and pleasant as all the summer stories I’ve heard and read about. With these dark winter months, East Hampton felt desolate.

I saw all the snow piled up in huge beautiful houses until we stopped at a white wood panel door gate. As the doors opened, a huge luxury cottage beach house appeared; the house had big tall squared windows. The warm light came out from them, making it feel cozy, just like a surreal painting.

In the steps that followed the house, two women in uniform stood in the cold. Well, that must be painful; they are not even wearing a sweater. They approached the car as soon as we stopped. The driver went out and stormed up the stairs, leaving me alone.

He spoke to the staff, pointing at the car as he gave them the keys. Maybe he quit? That was unexpected. I had all this plan of checking him out this whole week even though he was getting on my nerves.

I saw him go inside the house. One of the women opened the car door and said to me, “Ms. Summer, welcome to the Rothschild state. My name is Rosie. Please follow me, and someone will get your baggage to your room.” She had red hair and freckles, maybe in her forties.

I stepped out of the car and couldn’t help but think that I didn’t belong there. “This is beyond beautiful,” I muttered. “This is just the guest house, Ms. Summer. The main house is there,” Rosie said with a genuine smile, pointing behind the house. My mouth dropped when I turned and saw the massive house not far from this one, just steps from a beach that was now covered in snow.

We entered the guest house, and my jaw dropped. I felt like I entered one of Martha Stewart’s houses. My Gosh! How much good taste can my eyes bear? White in different textures, beige and wood contrasting colors, light gray with rock details here and there.

Luxury meets coastal? I’m just speechless. I recognized a laugh coming from the room next to the one I was standing—undeniable my sister’s laughter.

I walked in its direction, and I saw three figures standing. Sarah, a blonde male, probably Alexander alias the new boyfriend, and, wait, is that the chauffeur? Yes, he was greeting my sister like they already knew each other.

“Darius, thank you for bringing my Ollie,” Sarah said to him while beating her eyelashes as only she could. This was only reserved for people she wanted to smitten; I knew this routine so well. So his name is Darius...

She is being extra nice to him. Why? I’m starting to get this feeling that I missed something but couldn’t get a grasp on it. Something in the back of my mind was telling me that I’ve fucked this one hard, and not in a good way. Is Darius someone important? Isn’t he just a driver?

Sarah saw me standing there and made these squeaky sounds while jumping up and down and clapping. Alexander is looking at her bouncing boobs. Good boy.

“Ollie, I’m so happy you made it!” she cried while running to me. The blonde male followed her. She gave me a bear hug.

“Sorry for the delay, but our family chauffeur had an inconvenience. My phone died and couldn’t reach you,” Sarah said.

“Oh, it’s okay,” I mumble. Did she just say our family? I wonder what inconvenience he had? The way she said “our family” hit me up a little; since when does she consider herself part of this family?

“Alexander, please meet my beautiful sister, Ollie,” Sarah said with the biggest smile ever.

Alexander greeted me with a warm smile “A real pleasure to meet you, Ollie; please feel at home.” He was so polite that I couldn’t help but smile back. He was so charming and Sarah so beautiful.

I saw Alexander holding her waist and kissing her head. She closed her eyes and pressed herself in his chest. They looked so in love; It was almost sweet. I guess they do love each other.

“But Darius here saved the day bringing my little sister,” Sarah said, not letting go of Alexander from her arms. Darius was in the back and approached us as soon as he heard his name. My hands were sweating. Is he making me nervous?

He was so elegant, even the way he walked was so royal, always so uptight and serious, though. Of course, he is not a simple driver, dummy! Maybe he is a family friend coming for the holidays that offered to give me a lift?

“I’m sure you had lots of time to catch up,” she smiled, looking at the two of us. The tension in the air was palpable. What he said surprised me.

“Yes, Olivia is quite an open... book.” he finished his comment with a smile. The way he said the last word, only I knew his double entendre. I can’t believe I let him see me naked, almost.

“Oh, really? Well, that is strange. ” Sarah furrowed her eyebrows. His eyes light up with her expression. He was finding this so amusing.

I knew I acted crazy today, but I am usually in control of my emotions. I wouldn’t say I like the attention. I’m not particularly eager to talk about myself. I’m not too fond of the three of them looking at me right now. I might be sassy and blunt, but an open book? This man has no idea how reserved I am.

I wouldn’t say I like his perception of me. His gaze is making me feel self-conscious. I know he is judging me, and I am trying not to feel shame for how I behaved since I met him. Better to not draw more attention to me by just keeping my mouth shut. Yes, Ollie! Keep your mouth shut!

I felt my body getting hot. I could feel my forehead beginning to sweat. He had that stupid smirk, the same one when I saw him through the rear-view mirror of the car. I kind of hate him.

“Yes. She was so eager to get to know me ” Darius said so casually. I swallowed hard with his comment. This son of a bitch...

“That doesn’t sound like Ollie at all” Sarah kept furrowing her eyebrows.

Calm down, don’t panic. I just stood there in silence and Darius continued staring at me. How nice it would feel to punch that smug smile out of his face.

“Uh-Uhm. I guess so”, I mumble. I wanted to stay quiet, but I felt the pressure. “Yes, I was very chatty,” I said to Sarah without looking at Darius. Sarah’s expressions soften. Better to say something that follows the narrative.

“It was definitely a ride to remember” Darius added with a devilish look piercing my eyes.

I gasped and was preparing to say something, anything. I felt all the verbal vomit accumulate, almost ready to come out. Breathe Ollie! My sister saved me from saying something inappropriate.

“Well, thank you again, Darius, for bringing her to me,” Sarah replied.

“I guess I should also thank you, Ollie,” Alexander interrupted. I watch him blankly.

“If it weren’t because of you, Darius probably would have skipped the whole holiday thing staying at the city,” He said while patting him hard in the back.

Darius looked at Alexander and smiled. He was a gorgeous man for sure. I could see his bulking arms pressing that tailored suit of his while returning the back-patting to Alexander. I was starting to get warm.

“I need to get some work done and answer some emails, dinner at 8, as always, right?” Darius said to Alexander.

“Yes, brother,” Alexander replied.

Wait. What? Brother?! I froze. I had to repeat everything he said in my mind. I watched them. One blonde and one brunet, both tall and muscular, have the same features here and there, yet so different.

“I will come with you. I need to talk to you about something” Alexander kissed goodbye to my sister, leaving us alone.

Sarah squealed and hugged me again. “This makes me so happy! I can’t believe you are here! Thank you for coming!” She couldn’t stop her happiness as she just kept mumbling things. “Now that you met his brother, you are only missing his parents! Just please, don’t be so weird, Ollie. Please? She said with pleading eyes.

“So he is his brother?!” I almost snapped. This was worse than I thought. “Isn’t his brother’s name Rob, Robert or something?”

“Darius Robert Rothschild,” she said laughing, “Robert is the name the media knows him for, but his inner circle calls him Darius”




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