Second Impressions

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I watched my phone finding two messages. One from Roger, scratch that, and one from an unknown number.


Free for lunch?



I waited a couple of minutes wondering who this stranger was. If it was Archie, I supposed he would not write back so soon, just because he seemed too cool.

To my surprise, I got a new message right away.


Too many admirers?


Are we talking in questions now?


Are we?

Of course, it’s Archie!

While I saved Archer’s number on my phone I heard a knocking on my door.

“Miss Summer, Your doctor’s appointment is set for this morning.” I heard a female voice

Oh, right. Today I won’t have to use this monitor anymore.

I was anxious about Dr. Kumar finally finishing his diagnosis and even though I tried to turn a blind eye to the matter, it just felt like I was being swallowed by a black hole.

I opened the door and found Rosie from the staff wearing her working uniform on point and her red hair pulled back in a delicate pony tail.

“As soon as you are ready, you’ll be taken there.” She added with a polite smile.

“Oh, hi Rosie. I am feeling just fine. Thank you for letting me know. Unfortunately, I am not sure if am going to make it. I already have plans for the day” I said.

“He will not like that,” She said opening hers eyes.

“Who will not like that?”

“Master is not a patient man, I would not keep him waiting,” She said as if giving useful information.

Is she talking about Darius?

“Okay, well, I am sure Darius will understand that I am busy” I replied frowning.

“Oh, I think you should reconsider, he gave an order to bring you downstairs” Rosie pressured.

An order? Who does he think he is?

“Thank you, Rosie. You can tell your master that he can kiss…my…ass!” I spoke sassily pronouncing every syllable.

The woman stood processing my words with a funny look that let me know how much she was judging me.

“Extend the message Rosie, thank you,” I said before closing the door on her face. I was never this rude, but she was starting to bother me with her Darius’ little minion performance.

Seizing the day I texted Archibald back.


Only a pair of flops-flops could have beaten your present, thank you! Hilarious




Oh, no! Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that joke…


I am all ears


A woman with two left feet walks into a shoe store


What happens to the woman with the two left feet?


She asks the manager, “excuse me, do you have any flop-flops?”


I am speechless. I need a minute.

Oh, no he hated the flip-flop joke!


You must have the most interesting shoe racket, care to show me?


It is too soon to show you my shoe racket.

I thought you meant we were going on a date first.


Are you feeling shy? Bring your flop-flops for lunch today then.

I smiled feeling accomplished, I liked this interaction with Archibald. He was sweet, fun, and he understood my jokes, which was a very important factor on my dating scale.

I opened the closet and thought about my date with him. I might not bring flops-flops with this winter but I’ll sure bring a hot outfit.

What should I wear?

I opened the closet and pulled out a cute dress with a cozy sweater and a pair of matching boots to finish the look. I turned around to put them on my bed and jump in surprise as soon as I found someone standing.

“Jesus! Don’t you know how to knock!? How long have you been standing there? You are such a creeper.” I muttered startled.

“Long enough,” He said looking at the clothes in the bed.

“Anything you want to say to me in person,” he added crossing his arms and legs as he rested his body on the door frame. He was so so tall that his body covered all the length of the frame.

Oh, he received the message.

“Which part?” I said avoiding him.

“What plan is more important than checking your heart?” he said piercing me with his intense stare.

Is he mad?

“It is none of your business” I muttered trying hard to sound seriously.

“Isn’t your health your priority?”

It is but I don't have the money to pay for all these doctors and treatments!

“Why do you care?”

“I promised Dr. Kumar I’ll keep and eye on you…and let’s say that you popped into my head yesterday, Olivia” he replied casually but something about the way he said popped, felt like it had a double meaning.

Popped into his head? What the fuck does that mean?

I crossed my arms and started tapping my feet like a bunny showing some attitude.

“Oh, you are going to that doctor’s appointment, even If I have to carry you myself” He warned me.

“Why are you so bossy? I said no”

“Then I will have no choice but to do what you asked,” he said stepping closer, and automatically I mimic his steps backward to keep our distance. He was like a fire that could burn me if I let him reach too close.

“what is it that you told one of my staff? You know she is not from here.” he said cornering me with that wicked smile.

“She doesn’t understand your American humor, she took it quite literally…about you asking me to kiss your ass” His muscular body and those silver eyes made me freeze right there.

“Ah!” I gasped as I stumbled awkwardly with the corner of the bed, falling backward.

“Yes, as matter of fact I told her that I would help you right away,” He added leaning forward, almost on top of me, intimidating me, putting both hands on each side of the mattress trapping me in the middle.

“You are disgusting!” I yelled back pushing my head back.

“Then…” he said mocking me while he squeezed my thigh. “get the dress... or you’ll end up giving me other ideas” His wicked smile vanished but a light chuckle remained on his lips making me feel hot.

How dare he!?

My blood run through my face like hot lava making me look like a red tomato under my transparent skin, and the anticipation I was feeling made my nostrils flare.

I was wishing for the worst. Wishing he would take me right here right now. Wishing I would be unable to stop him. Wishing he would start, but he didn’t do anything. He was playing with me like a cat would with his meal after a full stomach.

This man! I would show him, I have power too.

“The only idea I have in my head…” I grabbed him by the neck, bringing him so close to me that our bodies collided, and then after I had my legs around him I turned him with force bringing myself on top.

He watched me with his intense eyes in surprise.

“Is that I am not interested” I finished my sentence with a victory smile spread on my face and a great sense of pride inside. I stood fast and left him upside-down like the tortoise he is.

You are so slow, that you didn't see that coming, do you?

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