Second Impressions

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The Ring

“All right, I lost my patience,” he said, staring at me from the bed with his head tilted forward, making his abs crunch.

“We are going right now” he stood up, flexing his neck muscles with his jaw clenched, and gave me a dangerous look that made my heart skip a beat.

Oh, boy, I am in trouble.

“Oh, no-no-no. You stay right there!” I said, already walking backward again.

I saw him sprinting towards me, and my survival instinct kicked in, making me move too. We both ran towards the door, but he was faster than me and grabbed me like a doll in his back.

Oh, not again!

“No! but, why!?” I fought back, bringing punches to his back as soon as he started laughing with that unexpected deep belly laugh.

“Resist going to the doctor, and you know what I will do,” he warned as he descended quickly through the stairs securing me on his shoulder.

Oh, no. Please, god, don’t let anyone from this family see me like this.

“But I’m in my pajamas!” I complained.

“You mean my clothes?”

“Whatever. Could you let me down? I want to change. This seriously needs to stop. I am not some rag doll that you can carry around.”

“No, I already waited for you. We are going now.” He said, reaching the foyer, where Rosie stood.

“Bye, Rosie,” He said, still laughing.

“Bye, master Robert” She frowned as she watched me hanging on his back like a bag of potatoes.

So embarrassing!

“I am seriously going to kill you,” I said as soon as he put me down next to a sports car parked in the front. He moved faster than me to open the door.

What happened to the more conventional car? And, why is he opening the door for me?

“You trying to kill me while I try to keep you alive isn’t that ironic.” He paused to look at his watch with the door open.

“Did a bug bite you? Why are you being so nice to me?” I frowned, narrowing my eyes.

“Get in the car, Olivia. Dr. Kumar is a busy doctor. We have a couple of hours before our company jet brings him back to Atlanta.”

I doubted getting in the car, and that dangerous spark returned to his eyes.

God knows what this man is capable of doing.

“Okay, Okay. I’ll go, but with two conditions,” I answered, feeling pressured.

He arched an eyebrow and I managed not to stare for too long at his face. His five o clock beard had grown more than usual.

Hot manly man alert. Why is he such a hot piece of cake, damn it!

“I need to pick up my phone…and I need to do a quick stop before, no questions asked,” I said, talking in a serious tone.

“You have five minutes. Olivia, don’t make me go up,” he answered, narrowing his eyes with a fixed expression.

“You are so controlling. You really have issues” I gave him my back and returned to the manor ignoring Rosie at the entrance.

I stripped quickly once I entered my room, making every second count. I only had five minutes to change and find that stupid ring.

Where did I put it? Oh, yes.

I opened my carry-on and searched everywhere but didn’t find it.

“Shoot!” I muttered as I watched the door.

He better not come here.

I kept searching and found Roger’s engagement ring in a small box. I put it on, grabbed my phone, and headed downstairs as quickly as I could while searching on google for the nearest pawn shop.

“Adam’s pawn shop it is,” I muttered while I changed the address on google maps for a street right around the corner so that Darius would not suspect.

“Alrighty,” I said as I entered the car with my new outfit. He blinked as his eyes adjusted but didn’t comment a word about it.

“Do you have the address where you want to go?” he asked.

I nodded, passing him my phone, hoping Archibald wouldn’t text.

Why I don’t think things through?

“This is quite far. Why is this stop so important?” He said, turning the engine on; it roared and started vibrating.

“No questions asked,” I said louder so he could hear me.

“Then we better get going if we want to make it in time. Hang on, Ollie”

Hang on?

“But I have my seatbelt on,” I said.

He accelerated the car at full speed, and I felt the pressure of my weight being sucked in the chair, instinctively my hands went to both of my sides, looking for any grasp.

Is he pranking me?

“I thought you liked to have fun!” he turned to look at my terrorized face showing me a full smirk.

“Is this your idea of fun?”

“Kind off, this is one of my hobbies,” He said, making a swift turn at full speed with a bit of a drift.

“Oh my gosh, I don’t want to die,” I muttered, closing my eyes and digging my nails into the car seat once I felt the car drifting away.

“Well, I might slow down if you tell me where we are going and why.”

“No questions asked; that was the deal,” I said to him, sending him a cold glare.

“As you wish” He turned his eyes back at the wheel, accelerating again. We passed the town at full speed, and ten minutes later we arrived. He parked on the street of our destination and glanced at me.

Wow, that was fast.

“Promise me you’ll stay in the car? Give me a couple of minutes,” I said to him before stepping out.

He didn’t answer, but I noticed he was watching Roger’s ring in my hand. Maybe, he finally understood the no questions assignment.

I walked through the street looking for Adam’s Pawn Shop. It wasn’t hard to find; it was in a corner with a red and white sign in vintage letters.

I entered the store, and a bell welcomed me right away.

“Hi, ma’am, welcome to Adam’s Pawnshop. How may I help you today?” A young vendor took off his glasses to inspect his lenses.

“Uhm, hi. I was wondering if my engagement ring had any value?”

“Sure, let me take a look,” He said, smiling at me.

Is this kid fifteen?

I took Roger’s ring out of my finger and placed it on a velvet tray. The vendor took the ring in his hand and started looking at it through a magnifying glass.

“Dad!” The kid called someone out loud without taking his eyes from the ring.

An old gentleman stood out from a back office and approached us. He took the ring and did the same procedure.

“Sorry, sweetheart. This ring has no value, it is a fake one. My name is Adam; I own this shop,” he said, giving the ring back into my hands.

“What!?” I said watching the ring.

This motherfucker gave me a fake engagement ring!?

My face started to look like a red balloon ready to pop at any moment; the kid walked out, leaving me alone with Adam.

Smart kid.

“An excellent imitation, it almost tricked me, but no, this is not a real diamond. My apologies”

“Oh, there must be some kind of mistake; it can’t be fake.”

“I can guarantee it is fake. Maybe I could offer you something for that bracelet you are wearing.”

Fucking Roger!

“This?” I raised my hand, showing the delicate gold bracelet attached. It was the only thing I had left from my mother.

“I can give you twenty-five hundred.”

Only twenty-five?

I watched it knowing I needed the money real bad.

Oh, why is this so hard? It is just a bracelet.

“But it has a small emerald. Isn’t it that too low?” I pleaded.

“We just measure the gold sweetie, not the jewel,” Adam replied.

Oh, mom. I am sorry.

“Three thousand, and we have a deal,” I said quickly, taking the old man off guard.

“Too high,” he muttered back.

“Twenty-eight hundred or no deal,” I negotiated with my best poker face.

It only took him a couple of seconds to realize that I was serious.

“Good one, young lady,” he said, bringing his hand forward for a handshake that I took.

I smiled and received the money. It might not be enough to cover my bank installment for this month, but hopefully, I will be able to pay for today’s doctor appointment.

“Thank you,” I said to him before leaving.

I was feeling blue. That bracelet had been with me all my college years, it was the only item I had from my momma, and now I don’t have it. I sold it; I sold it when it had no value.

Hold your shit Ollie; we have bigger problems.

I cleaned my tears and entered the car with Rogers’ ring still in my hand.

“Are you okay?” Darius asked, staring at my red eyes.

“Just drive,” I said, looking at the window, and once the car was moving, I pulled the window down and threw Roger’s fake engagement ring out.

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