Second Impressions

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I watched her beautiful brown eyes and did the unthinkable, I kissed her. I tasted her cherry chapstick with the saltiness of her tears while I brushed her soft lips with mine as we breathed each other in.

I kissed her, wanting to take her pain away, be anything that she needed at that moment. I pressed her delicate body to my chest and felt how breakable she was under my touch.

How could someone so small and delicate be so stubborn and fiery?

She was wearing a cotton dress with matching boots that she placed on the bed for her date with Archibald. I knew that because he texted her on our way to the hospital something about picking her up for lunch.

She was wearing this outfit for him, and it took all my willpower not to rip her dress into pieces. She could go to her date with the golden boy, but only with me in her mind after I had my fill. I needed to make her mine, but I still wasn’t sure if this was what she wanted.

I broke the kiss to look at her eyes again. She was seated at a corner of the bed blushing with her lips all pink.

How can I resist that?

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, placing a soft kiss on her shoulder.

I was never this soft either. I swallowed hard at how strange I was acting and feeling.

Was I scared of her rejection?

I felt like a pile of anxiety built in my chest, ready to burst at any second, making it hard to think straight. Already nervous about what would happen if she said no.

“I-I don’t know,” She muttered.

Maybe, she needs a little push to decide?

“You don’t know?” I said, reaching for her neck, to the spot behind her ear, sucking lightly. My hands reached under her back pulling her core close to my rising bulge and to my surprise, she was not stopping me.

“Hmm..” I felt how my lips suppressed her moan, and I could feel myself getting harder and harder by the second.

She wasn’t even pushing me away anymore, so I took advantage and opened her mouth with mine, pushing my tongue inside of her. Taking what I wanted while I close my eyes ready for the slap, but she didn’t hit me.

I think I have the green light!

At this point, I was not able to hold back anymore. I needed her here, right now. I knelt on the floor while she was still seated at the hospital bed and grabbed her legs with both of my hands and spread them apart.

I breathed in, talking full sight of her folds against the delicate lace of her panties.

“Wait” she panted trying to close her legs.

“I don’t feel like waiting. I’ve waited for too long,” I said, holding them open and starting to place kisses from her ankle to her calf, all the way into her inner thigh without breaking eye contact.

She was panting with her eyes showing panic. She was feeling nervous, but more than that she looked ashamed that I was between her legs.

Isn’t she adorable?

“I don’t know if I want this,” she said, almost whimpering when I was close to her core.

“I differ, you are so ready for me,” I said, caressing her sensitive nub against the fabric of her panties with my finger while I sucked on her inner thigh, probably leaving a hickey.

“You are so wet, Olivia. That makes me…happy” I growled, taking her panties to the side and making contact with my tongue on her sensitive pussy for the first time.

I sucked on her while she cried, and I kept her legs forcefully open for me. She wasn’t going anywhere, not when I was finally tasting her for the first time.

Was I bending for a woman?

All of them usually ended on their knees sucking at my cock, and here I was on my knees instead of standing, giving instead of receiving.

What are you doing to me, Olivia?

I grabbed her steady with force until she finally relaxed. Only then, I set free one of her legs, and with that same hand pushed a finger inside of her folds, making space in her tight entrance while still playing with my tongue.

“Ahh” she moaned arching her back while I teased her.

Oh, it felt great and it made my heart pound in excitement, I could do this all day. She was liking lt, but I wanted her to want this as much as I did. I wanted her to beg.

“Do you like this, Olivia ?” I asked, taking my mouth from her pussy, while I added a second finger to the game. I pushed them inside feeling how her walls clenched in response, she was so soft and wet, it was just fucking perfect.

“Oh, Darius,” She said my name crunching her abs to watch what I was doing while she grabbed my head with her hands, pulling my hair slightly.

Are you coming out to play? Are you not feeling shy anymore?

It entertained me how submerged she was in her own world of sensations, probably unaware that someone could step in this room at any moment, not that I give a fuck.

I could feel how quickly I was building this orgasm for her, and I was testing how long she could endure.

“You are so tight baby,” I said to her, already giving her a nickname.

She screwed her eyes shut.

“Answer me” I demanded.

“Your fingers are so big,” she muttered swirling her hips in my hands as I smiled back at her comment.

“You are so receptive,” I said.

Imagine what I have in store for you, Olivia.

I reached inside her cervix, searching for the sweet spot with my index finger, and when I did I brought two of my fingers with force bringing her to ecstasy. Non-stop, thrusting hard with a fast and steady rhythm.

“Ahh,” she cried this time opening her eyes and frowning her face.

“I know baby” I cooed, guiding her body back in the bed so she remained still. She started trembling, and I knew she was about to come at any second, but she hasn’t begged yet, so I stopped.

“Do you want to come?” I teased her with a smirk watching how she was practically undone and open. I watched with pride at my masterpiece.

She nodded shyly.

“Yes, what?” I arched an eyebrow, spanking her with force.

“Ahh,” she moan hard and I was already feeling intoxicated by her moans.

Hmm, those moans…

“Yes, please?,” she said watching me through heavy lids as I caressed her red buttcheek before spanking her again with more force this time. I am sure if I kept spanking her orgasm will bust without any additional help.

“How do you want to come?” I asked reading her face.

“I-I…please” she muttered closing her eyes.

“Don’t be shy,” I encourage her circling her nub lightly with my fingertips. “Tell me”

“I want you inside,” she said, panting and clenching her jaw. She was looking for her release, already arching her hips against my hand.


I took my cock out in its full glory and placed the tip in her folds and just when I was ready to push myself inside, someone walked into the room.

“Mr. Rothschild!” Dr. Kumar exclaimed.

I didn’t see his face because I was giving him my back, but I did manage to see Olivia’s full red-face expression as she stiffened her legs across me.

“Oh my god!” Olivia yelled.

I immediately hugged her covering her nudity with my body.

“Oh, my apologies. I’ll be out of your hair in a second,” Dr. Kumar said, leaving a bag on the floor and closing the door quickly.

I started laughing. This whole situation made me feel like a teenager doing forbidden things, and suddenly I was turned on again.

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