Second Impressions

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The sheepish grin

“Oh my god!” I yelled as I saw Dr. Kumar entering the room while my legs were fully spread on the hospital bed. Darius hugged me immediately in an attempt to cover me, but I knew from the doctor’s face that he saw everything in full detail.

Shit shit shit! Thinking about a situation that is worst than a walk of shame…

“Oh, my apologies. I’ll be out of your hair in a second,” Dr. Kumar said, leaving a bag on the floor and closing the door quickly.

I was a hot mess with Darius surrounding my body and his big erection poking on my belly. Let’s rewind that; Robert Darius Rothschild just gave me oral and had his pants down. We were both naked from the waist down, in full contact, with no barrier. May I add that he was a fucking sex god? I was trembling seconds ago, trembling! For god’s sake, that has never happened to me!

How did I lose control of myself like that? Don’t I have some self-control?

He was laughing now, and his intense and dangerous stare made my face go to a darker shade of red. I covered my face with my hands in full shame, feeling my heart at full speed.

“Olivia, don’t be silly,” he said, uncovering my face with his palms and giving me an unreadable expression as soon as he saw the sheepish grin I was hiding underneath. I lowered my face, handling the embarrassment, and wished so badly I could disappear from the face of the earth.

He kissed my cheek, and then my nose, and then before I had time to open my eyes, he kissed me on my lips, pulling me closer to him. I was surprised by how I felt when I kissed him back. I wanted him, and that scared me.

I felt his manhood hard and ready for me, and I closed my eyes, preparing for the sweet pleasure, but nothing, it was a soft kiss that ended as soon as it started, and I was left hot and bothered.

I watched him managing the frustration I was feeling inside, but deep down, that helped my mind come back to reality. I couldn’t think straight when he was touching me.

What the hell did just happen in this room?

“How are you feeling?” I heard his husky voice while he pulled a strand of hair behind my ear, and then reaching for my hand, he placed a soft intimate kiss on the inner side of my wrist. I gasped at the contact of his lips on my skin.

I am such a slut. That’s how he sees me. How can I be the same after this?

“Uhm..” I muttered, lost in my thoughts.

“Olivia, I would like to take my time,” he said, releasing my hand and starting to give feather kisses on my shoulder.

“Take your time?” I asked, fighting the tickling sensation, I wanted to run, but he had me in some sort of spell again.

What does he need more time for? Is he playing with me? Is this how he toys with Seline? Is he planning to do the same with me?

“Yes, no interruptions,” he added, still giving kisses to my shoulder, and then he pulled the skirt of my dress down, covering my naked legs, dressing me again like if I was his new little doll. “Tonight,” he added.

“No,” I said too quickly.

Suddenly my throat closed in anxiety. It scared me how much control he could have over me, and I was so used to the regular Ollie and Darius being annoying to each other that this weird thing I didn’t have a name to put a label on was starting to drill a hole in my head.

Olivia, stop thinking with your pussy and use your fucking brain. Darius is nothing but trouble, so stay away.

“What makes you think there will be a next time?” I asked, detaching myself from what I was feeling.

His soft expression hardened, and his eyes grew cold. He watched me intensely with his clenched jaw. What bothered me more was how he chose to ignore me and remained in silence while he pulled his boxers and zipped his pants.

He walked to the door and grabbed the bag Dr. Kumar left in a corner.

Is he mad?

He turned his head, showing a fixed expression, and when he spoke cold as ice, his voice revealed a slight tone of disappointment. “Let’s go so you can catch your lunch date.”

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