Second Impressions

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“Olivia, you look beautiful,” Archie said, approaching the car.

“I thought I come to pick you up, but I see that my cousin almost tried to steal you from me,” he said, opening the car door, giving Darius an amusing smile.

Darius ignored him and stayed silent in the car. He was like that since we left the hospital, and now that we arrived at the manor I felt nauseous, maybe because I had a lot to take in with my diagnosis, and him playing hot and cold.

Archibald extended his hand out and I accepted his help getting out of the car. I instantly felt light with the warmth of his hand in mine. Once outside, Darius accelerated the car fast and drove away.

“He is not in the mood today,” I said.

“What were both of you doing?” Archie said, narrowing his eyes.

“Uhm...He gave me a ride for my doctor’s appointment,” I said.

“Did he try to kill you in the meantime?” He said with less tension in his voice.

Kill me with his tongue…

“I am alive,” I laughed giving him a sweet smile. “Where are you taking me?”

“I am taking you to my favorite spot,” He said, smiling at me brighter than the sun.

His favorite spot? that sounds exciting.

“Where is your car?”

“You mean my bike?” He showed a little smirk.

Oh, Archie… that is so sexy.

“Oh, cute Harley,” I said, mocking him.

“Says the girl who uses flops-flops. She is not cute, she is a beast, and you are way too small to tame her by yourself,” he scoffed.

That was true; it was a huge black sportbike. I am sure I would not be able to stand still with it myself.

“So, it is a she?”

“Yes,” he said, sitting on the bike passing me a helmet and his jacket.

“Aren’t you going to wear one?”

“I’ll be all right, besides it is close by.”

“Okay,” I muttered, sitting in the back of the ride, adjusting my hands to grab Archie’s chest. No, wait, abs, I am pretty sure I felt them.

Olivia, you really need a cold bath.

I stuck my face on his back and enjoyed the feeling of the wind in my hair as the motorcycle started to move. I was cold, but Archie’s jacket helped a lot, and he was right; five minutes later, we approached the little town near the house, and he stopped in a little diner that looked very humble.

“We are here,” he said, pulling over and turning around to take my helmet off.

Of all the places I was expecting our first date to be, this was the last place I thought he would take me.

“Hope you like cheeseburgers,” he said, taking my hand and guiding me forward to the establishment.

We took a sit on a red leather booth, and I watched Archibals’s spark in his eyes; I smiled back, feeling his excitement; it was kind of contagious.

Who is this guy?

“Archer,” an old lady waived us kindly from the counter and approached us. She had white curly hair and her hands were filled with freckles of old age and sun exposure. She wore a yellow mustard uniform with red stripes and a gold pin with her name.

“Hi Grace, meet Olivia,” Archie introduced me.

“A special lady I assume,” the old lady muttered with her sweet voice.

“A very special one,” he said, grabbing my hand, and she surprised me by pinching one of his cheeks, almost mother-like.

“I’ll bring both of you the usual,” she said stepping back.

“Thank you, Grace,” he said, not taking his eyes off me.

“So, this is your favorite spot,” I muttered, feeling already comfortable in the booth; it was kind of warm. This place was anything but fancy, and it made me feel like I was having lunch with one of my friends back in college.

“My mom and my aunt used to work here,” he said, watching at the other tables; a couple of customers were sitting in silence eating their meals.

“Wait, what!” I exclaimed with a morbid curiosity.

He cracked in laughter at my sudden expression

“My mom is very different from my aunt,” he said, turning his attention to Grace, who was walking back with two shakes in hand.

What the fuck! Anna and Sophie? Working at a diner? Didn’t they come from money?

“It’s hard to imagine Anna serving burgers and shakes,” I said, taking a sip of the vanilla shake that tasted creamy and perfect.

“I have pictures,” he stared right at me with a crooked smile.

“Shut up!” I almost yelled, feeling agitated with my eyes wide open.

We laughed like teenagers, and I saw how he was still holding my hand across the booth. I swallowed hard; he was doing little circles in my hand with his thumb.

“Is it so hard to believe?” He said, watching our interlocked fingers.

“Yes,” I replied in honesty.

“Olivia, even though I have everything, my mom made me work every summer when we returned to the Hamptons. Something about keeping my feet on the ground and being grateful.”


I wasn’t expecting that.

“Did Darius work at this diner too?”

“No,” he answered, taking his hand away and changing his position at the booth.

“But I did make sure his burger had extra pickles every time he came up to eat,” he replied casually with a devilish grin.

“Oh, I take by that he hates pickles,” I said, finding this story so amusing.

“No more than I hate him,” he said in a serious tone. Somehow I knew it was true; they did hate each other.

Oh, wow, so this started when they were teenagers.

“Reasons why you can’t trust people who hate pickles,” I said funnily lightening the air.

“Something like that,” he said, grabbing the two burgers that Grace served us, and he put one in front of me; it was huge with a side of parmesan fries.

“Well, it’s good that I love pickles. In fact, in my opinion, the pickle is the cucumber’s cooler cousin.” I said, grabbing one of my fries dipping it in ketchup.

“You are funny. I always knew I was the cooler cousin,” he said, grabbing the burger with both of his hands.

Oh, so he took it like Darius is an actual cucumber. A fat ass thick cucumber!

My dirty mind was working rigorously, making me blush on the spot. I watched the burger trying to think about any other thing than Darius cucumber or Archie’s pickle.

Oh please, let it be bigger than a pickle.

“Aren’t you going to try it?” he asked, suddenly taking me back to the present moment.

Olivia, focus on your date.

“Sure,” I said taking the first bite and feeling the delicious taste of the meat and cheese on the soft bun. “Archer!” I said amazed.

“I know, they are quite good,” he said with such modesty.

“Only good? Are you kidding me!? This is the best burger ever!” I said like a kid taking another full bite. “Like ever, ever, ever” I added ecstatic.

“I am glad that I brought you here,” he said closing his eyes for a second with a closed-mouth smile.

How can he be so sweet and humble?

“I am glad I am here too” I muttered back watching his dreamy eyes.

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