Second Impressions

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The rest of the day was okay. Sarah joined me as I got back, and we had some quality time together. Three more days and this week would be over.

How strange how lots of things had happened in a resumed amount of time. Surely, I won’t be the same after this Christmas, I was soon to be an aunt in about seven months.

After a while, I decided to let her know about my heart condition. She freaked out and even cried, just as I had played the scenario in my mind. I explained that I would be alright with my medication, that by the way, I remembered Darius grabbing it in the bag that Dr.Kumar left on the floor.

Shit! Now I have to find him later.

“You haven’t opened my Christmas present—​” Sarah muttered giving me a small bag in my hand.

Oh, please God, don’t let it be a crazy jewel.

—​and my only wish is that you accept it”

I opened the small bag and found a key with a keychain that had an engraved message: Life is tough my darling, but so are you —​Stephanie Bennett Henry.

“To get you started” She muttered.

I frowned my face. “What is this?”

“Your new start Ollie, I could only afford three months, already paid in advance,” She said placing the key in my hands closing them slowly.

“Sarah?” I watched her eyes fill with kindness and love for me.

“It’s not much but It will help. I know you are about to lose your apartment.”

How did she know?

I was about to speak when she cut me off.

“ I swear it’s my money, it’s from working at the theater this year,”

I watched how her doe eyes locked with mine. “Sarah, I can’t. the baby. You have bigger responsibilities”

She placed me on a hug.“The baby and I will be just fine. Besides, I am not alone. Alexander is taking care of us.”

“No, Sarah. It is not fair” I closed my eyes, feeling embarrassed.

She pulled me apart and looked at my eyes. “Ollie, You’ve been there for me. Please, let me be there for you too.”

She saw me doubting and said the only thing that would make me accept her gift.

“If it makes it easier for you, maybe I’ll accept that you pay me back,” she said with her thin lips in a line.

“I will, and I will pay you with interest, thank you!” I said feeling for the first time the excitement. It was nice having part of the weight out of my shoulder for a moment. Suddenly, I could breathe. I would be alright for a little longer.

“I might have furnished it, and well…your closet. Just making sure you start dressing up like the author you are” She said winking.

My nostrils flared.

Let’s not get sassy Ollie. This is a beautiful moment.

I relaxed again. Maybe that yin and yang thing did actually balance everything out in life. Putting everything on a balance, my diagnosis and Archibald’s rejection really was on the downside, but on the bright side, Sarah gave me a new apartment and Darius almost gave me an orgasm.

Besides, I might get my company back with a possible investor on the horizon. Oh, let’s not forget I found out about Anna’s past working at the diner. I couldn’t wait to throw a comment at her face about that, it would surely become the highlight of this week.

My mind did get stuck on one thing, on repeat, again and again. Darius almost gave me an orgasm. My legs even trembled.

When was the last time Roger even went down on me?

Not ever, that selfish prick. Not that my vagina was a graveyard. I am clean, waxed, and normal, but I haven’t felt so unattended, until now.

It felt almost like a new need was waking up inside of me and I got red-faced repeating the moment in my head. How Darius grabbed me in the hospital bed, spreading my legs, making me tremble.

Who wouldn’t feel like this after being with him?

I got so hot by the thought of it, but also kind of ashamed that I looked for another distraction and started biting at my nails.

Too much denial, to admit that my vagina was a graveyard filled with spiderwebs. At least I wasn’t an old lady, that would be so tragic.

How can I see him in the eyes again? After we…

I had to admit it. I liked them both in different ways. I liked Archibald’s warmth, his light personality, and how easy it was to speak to him, but also my body felt very much attracted to Darius, a pull fired by desire like he could own me or possessed whenever he pleased.

“Wanna do something tonight?” Sarah muttered breaking my mind free from my thoughts.

“What kind of plan?”

“I don’t know, something fun! I’ll call Vivian, she always has cool plans.”

“But you are pregnant”

“Yes, I am. That is not an impediment, I can have mocktails.”

“Oh, look at you all responsible.”

“I know this baby is changing me. Talking about babies, I have to check on my other babe, see you later for our girl’s night out sis.”

“Sure sis,” I said, stretching on the bed with my face facing the roof. My phone buzzed with a message from Archer.


I found a company similar to what you described and it’s raising capital under the name of Roger Wyatt.


Yes, that is the name of my ex.


I am setting up a meeting with an offer that he will not be able to resist. I’ll keep you updated.


Thank you!

Wow, that was fast.

I kept thinking about Archibald and Darius, fighting the urge to not search them on google. I entered the bathroom to get ready for the night and noticed Darius’ marks on my thighs.

I touched them with my finger. They didn’t hurt, it was just a reminder of what happened. I looked at my face next, almost as if I was seeing a stranger.

What are you doing Ollie?

I kinda felt upset for giving in so easy, my mind started running wild thoughts on how he might see me like a slut.

I’m not slutty!

keeping as a fact that I’ve only been with Roger and my first boyfriend, whatever happened in that room was a first for me. I pulled my hair with my fingers while breathing in.

Will Archibald think I am a slut too?

I was starting to feel happy that he didn’t kiss me today. I was too confused. Better to figure out what I wanted first.

I opened the closet feeling daring as ever and grabbed a semi-long black dress that felt tight in my small body. It hugged all my little curves and had a deep V that extended all the way through the beginning of my stomach.

Will I see Darius tonight?

I watched how it showed part of my small round breast without being vulgar. I guess that if I had more boobs it would look inadequate, but I felt confident I could worked this out.

but why am I feeling like this? Wanting to dress like a slut just for him.

Oh, he was messing with my mind already, and I was looking to have fun tonight, just with the girls.

Jesus, Ollie! Hold your shit together.

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