Second Impressions

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Big Wolf

I entered the third floor with a killer walk, feeling more confident than ever, feeling like the winner of that contest, even though we fled before they announced the results.

I felt my hips coming up and down with each click of my heels announcing my presence on the third floor. I pushed the door open, finalizing my dramatic entrance to Darius’ Studio.

He was seated quietly on an English wood desk, and if it weren’t because I was walking fast I would have thought that he was completely naked behind that desk, but no. His bare chest was exposed, showing his big muscles, ripped abs, and enormous chest and my eyes betrayed me as I looked down, only to find his pajama pants.

I brought my eyes up at him and noticed he was wearing eyeglasses with his hair looking messy. I instinctively licked my lips at the sight.

He looked like a dirty hot teacher with no time for interruptions, and I was a very bad student. Wait, a very bad student with his car keys.

Olivia, stop! Focus and grab your meds.

“I knew you would come, eventually,” He said, not taking his eyes from the book he was reading.

“I am only here for my meds,” I said, putting my hands on my hips.

“Really?” he said, bringing his eyes up while holding the book in his hand. His glasses hung on the nose while he tilted his head up devouring me with his stare from my legs to my chest.

“Did you wear that for Archie, or did you wear it for me,” he smirked, putting his eyes again at the book.

What a prick!

“What would make you think I would wear it for you?” I fired back, crossing my arms.

“I don’t know…Why else would you be here at this hour of the night?” he talked as if speaking from reason, ignoring me as if his book was a better company.

“Uhm… the hour has nothing to do with the fact that I need to start my treatment as soon as possible.”

“So for me, it is,” He said, standing up like a giant. I almost forgot his height as I immediately stepped back with my miniature stature crashing into the bookshelf behind me.

“This is the moment you run if you don’t want the big wolf to eat you,” he said, bringing his hands closer, acting as if he was going to tickle me. He looked so amused by how I was reacting.

“You are such an ass, I am not afraid of you” I squirmed and muttered with my eyes wide. “Where are my meds?”

“Okay, I have them in my room, Come” he stretched his hand with an evil smile. It almost felt like taking his hand would be like making a deal with the devil.

“No! Last time you locked me up,” I argued.

“So, in the Studio …it is” he licked his lips cornering me back into the bookshelf.

“Oh I know what you are thinking and it is not happening,” I said feeling so intimidated that I closed my eyes.

“Where do you want me to take you? On top of my desk, here against the bookshelf, hanging by the wood stair? Speak your mind Olivia” He said with his husky voice in my ear.

I regained my strength and spoke fiercely. “The only thing you are going to take with you tonight is a pair of blue balls”

He laughed with that sweet belly laugh that affected me.

“Tell me, How was—”

He touched my mouth with his thumb brought my lip down, continuing a trail down my neck, into my collar bone, until he reach in between the valley of my breasts. His thumb stopped there.

your date with Archie?”

“Did you have fun?” He ended the question by opening his palm grabbing one of my breasts. I closed my eyes as a sudden wave of pleasure got me.

“Very much” I muttered back already magnetized by his touch.

“Open your eyes” He commanded and I did. His pupils, already pitch black made his gray eyes look darker showing a mix of arousal and anger.

“Did you kiss him?” His face turned serious, but he didn’t stop touching me. His other hand was doing the same to my other breast.

“No,” I said containing a moan. “Not, yet”

“Hmm..” He hummed.

Was that a happy hum?

“Ah” I gasped as he turned me around.

“and not ever, Olivia,” he commanded placing his hands on my curves, grabbing my hips, and squeezing them lightly. “Such a good girl with such a little body,”

“Wait!,” I said in between ragged breathing as I felt his erection on my back.

He laughed. “Why fight the inevitable Olivia?”


He was starting to kiss the back of my neck and I started to melt.

“Do you wanna know how badly I want to take you?,” he said, nibbling and sucking.

“Ah” I gasped already wet as he brought his hand to the back of my neck unzipping my dress slowly.

“Remember what I said about taking my time?” he was now moving his mouth to my shoulder and then to my back.

Oh, no… He is planning on doing this for a while.

“Yes,” I moaned arching my back and grazing his erection with my ass.

“So impatient,” he said placing my hips steady as he continued taking my dress off while he kissed my skin.

Torture! He is torturing me.

“Do you want me to take my time, Olivia?” He peeled the dress off my body revealing only a black thong.

“No!” I cried as he touched my naked body with his bare hands.

I can’t take it anymore.

“No?” he asked pinching my nipples under his fingers.

“Just fuck me already!” I said losing my cool.

“Yes, what?” He asked and even though I could not see his face I knew he was smirking and I wanted to punch his stupid face so badly,

I breathed in, moving my pride to a side as the need burning inside was becoming unbearable.

“Yes please, fuck me!” I put my hands on the desk arching my back, ready, waiting for him. I felt how he took my panties and grazed my buttcheeks with his palms.

Finally! Finally, it’s going to happen.

I closed my eyes waiting for the sweet pleasure, intoxicated by his dominance.

“and what makes you think there is going to be the next time?” He said repeating exactly what I said to him in the hospital and then he broke contact with my skin.

It was almost painful not feeling his touch on me and a deep laugh erupted from his lips, mocking me as he stepped away.

Mother fucker! This mother fucker! I should have let Bieber take his car.

“Good night, Olivia,” he said watching at my naked body for the last time. “I am taking this with me” He closed my panties on his fist, and didn’t turn around as walked out of the room.

“But my meds!” I yelled naked and frustrated while I closed my eyes in anger.

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