Second Impressions

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I heard a knock on the door, and before I could reach it, Darius entered the room bare-chested.

I gasped and instantly froze, admiring his greek god figure.

Feeling electricity all over my body, I could hear my fainted voice asking him what he was doing in my room.

“You desire me; that’s the only reason I am here,” Darius said, sitting on a lounge chair in front of the bed.

“Ollie, don’t listen to him,” Archibald appeared from behind, placing a soft kiss on my shoulder. “Are you here to watch?” Archibald asked harshly.

“Yes, I think that is what Olivia wants,” Darius said, bringing two fingers to his mouth in a pensive posture.

“Watch what?” I asked, turning my head to both sides.

“Well, you and I,” Archibald said, placing his head right on top of my shoulder, making us both stand in front of Darius, with our bodies touching. I noticed I was naked, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable or the need to cover myself up.

“Well, it’s getting boring. Are you going to start?” Darius asked, annoyed. “I don’t have all day.”

“Olivia is sensitive; she is not a piece of meat. I can’t just take her like that.” Archibald argued, hugging me from behind and I felt so cozy in the warmth of his chest.

Darius smirked, watching me.“You have no idea, do you? She is very impatient.”

“It’s alright, Ollie, I won’t be as barbaric as Darius,” Archibald said, placing a soft kiss on my neck, making me shiver.

Darius grinned. “Oh cousin, I believe she likes it rough.”

“You don’t know how to pleasure women, Darius. You only think about your own pleasure.” Archer scoffed before sending his attention to me.

“I’ll be gentle Ollie,″ He started touching my body, discovering the curves of my breast delicately.

“Remember our deal” Darius sent him a death glare. “Only your hands, nothing more.”

“But I can do so much with my hands,” Archie whispered while he touched my hips, and I closed my eyes, enjoying it. “Ollie, kiss me. If you kiss me, I can use more than my hands.”

I turned my head to look at his green eyes and couldn’t resist reaching closer. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to curl my hands in his golden locks.

“Don’t you dare kiss him,” Darius’ threat was more than a warning, and I instantly froze, closing my mouth just an inch from Archer’s lips.

“Let her do whatever she wants.” Archibald fired back. ”What do you want, Ollie?” He grabbed my chin, and I felt the warmth of his hand.

“I want to have control of my dream,” I mutter shyly.

“No,” Darius said with his eyes turning dark. I could see his muscles bulging over his crossed arms and his self-confidence and strength overflowed in his posture, with his legs slightly apart. “I wanna see how far you will go with Archibald.”

“I think she will go the whole way,” Archibald laughed as Darius clenched his fists. Somehow he fought the urge and remained seated with his face cold as a stone, watching me intensely.

“Are you suffering, Darius? Knowing that I can take her from you? That she desires me too?” Archer’s hand reached my core, massaging me slowly.

“Ah,” a soft moan escaped my lips as Archibald held me tighter with one hand and applied more pressure as he massaged my clitoris with the other one. I felt him hard against my back and a smile appeared on my lips.

It’s way bigger than a pickle!

“If you are going to do it, do it now,” He said as he stood up. His prominent figure made me lookup.

Darius walked to where we were standing. “I am the one she desires the most. Right, Olivia?” he cupped my face with force, watching at my eyes while Archibald did magic with his fingers.

I was between both of them, one giving me pleasure and the other one applying his dominance. I couldn’t answer as I felt Archibald’s fingers entering my core for the first time.

I reached to Darius for balance, but he didn’t allow it; he rejected my touch and held my arms immobile to my sides.

“No, you can’t have us both,” Darius said, gripping me harder.

“But I want more,” I muttered.

“Let’s give her more. What do you say, cousin?” Archie said.

“No, mine,” Darius said, grabbing my neck. “You are mine.”

“Please,” I beg as he choked me.

“You are hurting her!” Archibald exclaimed, stopping his touch on me.

“Relax, she is begging for me, not begging for me to stop choking her,” Darius fired back. “She likes it.”

He passed a finger on my cheek, softening his eyes for a second.“I will allow it, but Olivia… only in your dreams. Promise me you won’t kiss Archibald once you wake up.”

“I promise,” I said.

He gave me a beautiful smile, so beautiful that my heart stopped. He closed the gap between us, crashing his lips in mine, and I welcomed him. I welcomed his power, his strength, as he claimed me with his mouth.

He broke the kiss, and soon both of them were touching me, and I didn’t know if I was experiencing heaven or hell, but I could feel every touch, every sensation. I was losing myself in lust and desire. I craved this; I wanted this.

Archer grabbed me again from behind and continued introducing his finger to me while Darius spoke to me.

“So, tell me, what do you want? Do you want us both? Are you sure you can take us at the same time?” His husky voice was filled with excitement.

“Both? At the same time?” I muttered shyly.

“She is too innocent for that,” Archibald chuckled, still doing circles with his fingers bringing me almost to closure.

“You are right; we should take it slow,” Darius agreed as he fell to his knees to grab one of my breasts in his mouth, and Archibald stood up to turn my head, taking my mouth in a savage kiss.

“Ahh” I gasped for air as I opened my eyes all sweaty and hot from the dream. I wasn’t wearing any clothes, this dream was so hot that I must have taken them off while sleeping.

Oh, not again!

I grabbed my face as I watched the roof thinking about Darius. Just knowing that he was sleeping right above me made me want to scream my lungs out. I did that, I yelled my heart out while I covered my face with a pillow to silenced my frustration.

Fuck! I definitely need therapy.

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