Second Impressions

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The snitcher and the weasel

“Good morning,” I muttered coming down to the kitchen.

Vivian was sipping on a bloody mary, looking horribly. She looked like she got beat up at that bar, and her bruise was red and purple with a shade of green to the side.


“You look awful,” I said, sitting in front of Vivian, Alexander, and Sarah. All of them were already having breakfast.

“It hurts like a bitch” Vivian said, taking another sip.

“Well, good morning to you too, Olivia,” Alexander said, biting a piece of toast. “There is a video of you rolling around.”

“What video?” I asked curiously.

Sarah covered her laugh by taking a sip of her coffee. Alexander pulled his phone out, and my voice started in syntony with the beat.

“The one that you called me dumb. It has a million views already.” Alexander placed the phone in the middle so everyone could look at it.

I was good; I almost looked like a legit performer. I blushed.

They listened together to the part where I called Sarah a blonde, not dumb, gold digger with a purpose.

“Don’t be dramatic; she called me a phony. How did you know I was a virgin, Ollie?” Vivian said sarcastically, adding salt and pepper to her eggs.

I looked at Sarah, who looked normal, with no sign of rage or discomfort.

Isn’t she mad?

“At least you gave me a purpose, and I am not just some dumb random gold digger.”

Oh, no, wait, she is.

“The best part is coming!” Vivian exclaimed.

“What are all of you watching?” Darius appeared in the kitchen, and my head burst ten times more red than ever. “And what happened to you?”

Vivian covered her bruise in shame.

“No!” I reached to snatch the phone, but Alexander was faster and took the phone away from my reach before I could grab it.

“Is that Olivia?” Darius asked in surprise.

“Mean rapper Olivia,” Vivian said to him while watching the video. “She is bullying the poor kid.”

“So, this is how your mind works all the time. No filter, huh?” Darius said, watching the video.

“Okay, guys, I know you are all mad, but I saved the car,” I said, raising my hands. “Who was the one afraid of having her head cut? You are welcome.”

I turned my head to look at Darius directly.” Yes, Vivian bet your car to a teenager, and she lost it.”

“You took my car, which one!?” Darius said in controlled anger.

Oh, shit! She is in trouble.

“Just the Mayback,” Vivian said avoiding his eyes and concentrating on her drink.

“Just the Mayback? It is a Maybach-Exelero. Last time I checked, it went from eight to ten million in worth, and you bet that….in a karaoke, against what?” Alexander said, relaxing in his chair, enjoying everything too much.

I swallowed hard.

Fucking ten million? Ten million on the line for fun?

“You snitcher!” Vivian fired.

“Me a snitcher? Oh, please, save your words. That is so much better than being a weasel, Vivian!”

“A weasel!? Did you just call me a weasel?!” Vivian exclaimed.

“Have a sense of humor. She is just a mean rapper, and she meant no harm.” Sarah explained.

“Give me my keys,” Darius commanded.

“Olivia took them; she said I shouldn’t be allowed to take them anymore” Poor Vivian sipped on her bloody Mary, closing her eyes.

“She is probably right,” Darius said, extending his arm at me and opening his palm; he wanted his key back. Immediately.

Darius watched me intensely.

“Only when you bring me my meds,” I said to him, raising my chin.

“I don’t have any patience left.”

“Me neither,” I fired back.

“Okay, let’s not fight, please?” Sarah said, grabbing Alexander’s hand on top of the table. “Can we have breakfast as a family first?”

“Yes, we can have breakfast,” Darius said, sitting right next to me. He placed his left hand on my thigh, squeezing it lightly, sending electricity through my body.

“Anything else I should know about, you? Any other secret talent?”

“No,” I muttered back, shaking his hand away, but he squeezed harder, keeping it in place on my leg. No one noticed as they were already talking about the next topic: New Year’s Eve.

“Eat, then we will talk,” He said, giving two little taps on my leg before taking his hand out.

Did he just pet me like a dog?

I ate in silence, watching them, and Darius started serving me more food.

What is he doing?

Vivian gave me an amused look as she watched him add another piece of toast to my plate.

“You can not take your meds on an empty stomach,” he warned me. “Eat,” he encouraged me.

I frowned, feeling confused but ignored him as I continued eating.

“You don’t do that for me anymore, babe,” Sarah complained, watching at Alexander.

Darius looked at me and gave me a secretive look with a closed-mouth smile.

I blushed red-pink.

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