Second Impressions

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Change of plans

“I need to pack my bags for tomorrow,” Sarah said standing up with Alexander. They were both walking to the exit.

“You are leaving tomorrow already?” My question made her stop.

“Didn’t you hear the whole conversation? That’s literally what I said five minutes ago. ”

“But, I thought we had two more days before I had to get back to the city. ” I hid my puppy face, it was hard to admit how much I wanted to be near her, not how we usually behaved as sisters.

“There has been some change of plans. I am sure you can stay that extra day with Darius.” She glanced at him with a smile, there was something they were not sharing.

“I’ll see you when I get back from Australia, in January. We’ll hang out in your new apartment, don’t be sad.” I heard her while I was lost in my thoughts. I was feeling strange since I woke up today, my heart was speeding.

“Why are you so distracted?” Sarah said waving her hand breaking my trance.

“It is because they were playing their dirty business under the table” Vivian arched her eyebrows looking at Darius.

“That’s not true!” I exclaimed, a soft blush passing through my cheeks.

To make it worse, Darius placed his hand on top of mine, and I stiffen under his touch. Everybody saw our hands together on the table and decided to remain quiet, all except Vivian.

“Okay this is getting gross, you two need a bedroom” Vivian stood up and left the kitchen with Alexander and Sarah.

“Why are you so eager to touch me and feed me?” I exclaimed annoyed. I put a hand on my chest, the pounding was starting to become uncomfortable.

“Because I like you,” he said watching at my eyes.

Did Robert Darius Rothschild say that he likes me?

I got nervous, and I took a deep breath in. The percussion in my heart was becoming worst than a Stomp concert.

Damn! What the fuck is wrong with me?

“Are you okay?” He asked frowning.

“I don’t know my heart, I ...” I opened my eyes in fear. I was starting to feel shortness of breath and lightheadedness. My heart was beating too fast; I could even feel my heartbeat in my mouth.

What is happening?

He placed a hand over my chest inspecting me with his eyes. “Yes, you are starting to have an episode.”

“Dr. Kumar told me what to do, don’t get scared,” he said watching me calmly. “It will only last a couple of minutes, try to relax.”

“Okay,” I watched him, breathing in shakily grabbing his arm.

“I am not going anywhere,” he said, holding me in his arms and I hid my face on his chest, while he caressed me with his hands in a soothing way.

“I am going to bring your meds, I’ll be right back,”

“No, Don’t leave,” I held his hands scared.

“Then we will go together,” he carried me in his arms bridal style, and as he walked outside. Vivian watched us through the foyer.

“Here they go, not wasting any time.” She said with her eyebrows up in amusement.

“Shut up” Darius snapped back at her while he walked the stairs fast.

We reached the third floor quickly, and once we entered his bedroom, he placed me in his bed. I closed my eyes feeling dizzy, ready to faint at any moment, even heard how he moved quickly to open a drawer to take my meds out. Thirty seconds later he popped some pills in my tongue; I was too weak to fight, so I comply.

“Swallow,” he ordered while he pressed a glass of water to my lips.

I did swallow and I felt my eyelids heavy, and before I could mutter anything, I fall into a peaceful sleep, black as the night and deeper than the ocean.

I must have slept a lot because when I opened my eyes I could tell it was already night. Hopefully, I was feeling better with my heart back to normal.

“You are awake,” I heard his low husky voice.

I cuddled in his bed, pressing the pillow closer to my face, not ready to fully wake up, and felt how something similar to a metal grazed my cheek.

I opened my eyes, finding my mother’s gold bracelet on my wrist. Its green square emerald with small diamonds reminded me of her, of my beautiful momma’s face. It wasn’t expensive, the opposite, it was pretty humble, like her, as her heart. I breathed in, feeling overwhelmed with a sudden urge to cry.

But I sold it. I lost it forever. How is it possible?

Tears were beginning to well up in my eyes as I turned my head to find Darius giving me his back, while he was seated at the corner of the bed.

“You bought it back for me?” I said, not able to hide the emotion in my voice.

“Of course,” he said still facing the door.

“I thought you might want it back; you seemed so unhappy when you returned without it” I heard his voice wanting to see his face, but it was impossible.

From where I was, I could only manage to see his strong back, marking his broad shoulders under his shirt. His body language showed how much he wanted to get out of this room.

My heart melted, and I couldn’t help it. I was crawling on top of the bed finding my way to him, looking for a way to stop him from leaving. I hugged him from behind, touching his chest, breathing him in, feeling the comfort of his body.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much,” I said, pressing my cheek to his back, about to break.

“Don’t hug me if you don’t mean it, Olivia,” he muttered without moving. He was tense.

“I mean it,” I said, crossing my arms in his body. He took the wrist that had the bracelet on and kissed it, but it was different. He wasn’t trying to seduce me. I swallowed hard, nervously, feeling shy and vulnerable.

“If you don’t stop touching me,” he muttered lowly with my wrist on his lips. “I won’t be able to stop.”

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